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Study Dentistry in Europe in English

Applying for dentistry in your home country can be an arduous process. It’s expensive and the barrier for entry is very high, in some cases, it’s even more difficult to get in than medicine! Even if you have the requirements to enter the course there’s no guarantee you’ll be accepted, there are a lot of students opting for dentistry and many unfortunately don’t get in. There is another option that many prospective students go for and that is to study dentistry in Europe.

Study Dentistry Abroad in English

Applying for a D.M.D degree (Doctor of Dental Medicine) is simple enough in Europe that many people prefer to study dentistry abroad in English rather than in the U.K. or their home countries. More often than not, it’s significantly cheaper as well. Not only that but after 5 years of study you gain your Master’s Degree in dentistry and can work anywhere in the world! A dentistry degree in the EU or the European Economic Area will be automatically accepted in the UK and is accepted in the USA and anywhere else in the world. The boundary for entry is significantly lower so those who have unfortunately failed their exams or have received lower than expected grades due to some unforeseen circumstances can rest easy in knowing that there’s always a way into doing the degree of their dreams.

As mentioned before it is much cheaper to study medicine or dentistry in Europe with the living expenses being significantly lower in Europe than anywhere else. There’s no need to bankrupt yourself with student loans increasing so much that even when you’re working you’re still paying it off until your golden years! Settling into the country of your choice and having a life abroad is an enlightening experience. You’ll gain a lot from meeting new people and sampling different cultures as well as meeting like-minded colleagues who will be more than happy to help out. You’ll end up paying less for rent and other necessities and living a more comfortable life without the stress of looking at your bank account at the end feeling dread and having financial difficulties.

Entrance Requirements for dentistry in Europe

The entrance requirements for dentistry in Europe is at minimum Biology and Chemistry at the high-school level. Many medical and dental universities in Europe also have students sit an English entrance exam to test your proficiency in the language since the course will be taught entirely in English.

There are some universities that have an entrance exam which tends to be multiple choice questions in Biology and Chemistry but if you’ve already done your GCSE’s or A-Levels this isn’t too much of an issue.

Dentistry Courses in Europe

The courses are generally split into pre-clinical and clinical years where the first couple of years of study focus more on fundamental knowledge such as Anatomy and Biochemistry as well as Physiology. The clinical years are more practical based and here is where you’ll gain the experience and try out your technical knowledge you’ve learned throughout your time at the dentistry universities abroad.

After your studies you can work anywhere in the world, even in the U.K.! This is a popular option for students who are looking to follow their dreams of studying dentistry but due to unfortunate luck (or even a large volume of applicants for a small number of places) cannot do so. There’s always a way in the end! Sometimes you might end up in a better place than if you had just let that opportunity pass you by. There are hundreds if not thousands of students who make the jump and aim for their goals with relative ease. That could be you after all.

Best Places to Study Dentistry Abroad

There are some very good dental medicine faculties in Europe. One of the best dental universities in Europe are Bucharest Medical University, Romania, whereas Bulgaria offers a large dental faculty in Sofia Medical University, and Slovakia has a well-resourced dentistry faculty in Pavol Jozef Safárik University in Kosice. Students can become doctors of Dental Medicine in as little as 5 years in Dnipro Medical Institute in Ukraine.

Graduate Entry Dentistry in Europe

Many students have already studied Sciences or Dental Therapy & Hygiene, hence they have the pre-clinical knowledge to skip the pre-clinical years. These students can study dentistry in 4 years in Europe, or sometimes even 3 years. Most universities have dentistry programs that are 5 or 6 years long. The graduate route into Dental Medicine is a fast track accelerated dentistry program allowing students to graduate sooner.

Dentistry University Transfer

Students who attend a specific dental faculty and wish to change universities in Europe can do so via Medlink Students. We have helped students easily transfer between dentistry courses in Europe.

Submit a free non-obligatory consultation with a doctor of dentistry who has been through this route!

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