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Study Medicine in Moldova in English

If you are looking for an exciting international opportunity to pursue your medical career, you may want to consider studying medicine in Moldova in English. The country is small, but it has grown in popularity among medical students in recent years. Moldova is considered one of the best places in Europe to study medicine. The courses are taught in English, and graduates are prepared for practise around the world. Furthermore, the diplomas issued by the medical schools in Moldova are recognised internationally.

education in moldova

Living & Studying In Moldova


About Studying Medicine in Moldova

Moldova is a small country located in Eastern Europe. In recent years the country has become more and more attractive for students seeking medical education. Moldova offers a high level of education which puts it among the best places to study medicine in Europe. 

Here, you can study Medicine for 6 years and Dentistry or Pharmacy for 5 years, all fully taught in English. The courses aim to prepare future doctors who will be capable of working in Moldova or anywhere they want in the world. Since diplomas are recognised worldwide, nothing stops you from choosing your dream country to practise in. 

Nowadays, there is only one medical school that offers English courses in Moldova. But since the country is constantly developing and growing in the educational field, it’s very possible to have some more soon. 

Although Moldova is not among the most famous tourist destinations, there is a lot to be seen there. From museums and historical heritage to nightlife in discos or shopping centres. You can never be bored in this country during your free time. 

Among the most important facts about Moldovian university is that it is recognised by most of the world's medical institutes. Graduating here will allow you to start practising everywhere around the world, including in the UK and the USA.

Why Study Medicine in Moldova?

  • A stable country offering a great field to develop a career
  • Low living costs and reasonable tuition fees
  • Globally recognised diplomas
  • World-class level of education
  • Hospitals and clinics equipped with the most modern technologies
  • Delicious cuisine that can be tried for low cost
education in moldova

The Best Medical Universities In Moldova

Check out our price breakdown of medical schools in Moldova



Tuition fee

Tuition fee


  • Pre-Med (6)
  • Dentistry (4)
  • Medicine (4)
  • Pharmacy (3)
  • Veterinary (1)


  • September / October (3)

The State University of Medicine and Pharmacy Nicolae Testemitanu

Located in Moldova's capital, Nicolae Testemitanu was founded in 1945 and currently hosts more than 6000 students, many of which international. Its programmes in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy are available entirely in English, and are considered some of the best in Moldova.

Quick Facts

Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Pre-Medical
Graduate Entry
Entrance Exam
Living Costs

Tuition Fees In Moldova

Average cost per year per course in Moldova

Medical Universities in Moldova That Teach Medicine in English

The only school in Moldova that teaches medicine in English is the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy Nicolae Testemitanu. It offers English-taught courses in Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy. Also, there is a foundation year for prospective students who wish to get extra knowledge before the start of their medical adventure. 

The tuition fee for the courses is per year. The MD degree takes 6 years to complete, and Dentistry and Pharmacy courses are held for 5 years. The fee for the pre-med course is €2,000.

medicine in english at State University of Medicine and Pharmacy Nicolae Testemitanu

Admission & Entry Requirements at Moldovian Medical Universities

To gain admission in Moldova, you will have to pass the entrance exam, which includes questions from high-school level Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Prospective students who successfully finish the foundation medicine course are exempted from the entrance exams. The course prepares the applicants for the main subjects included in the entrance exam mentioned above. After you finish the foundation year, you will be directly enrolled in the first year of your chosen course. 

The pre-medical course is not obligatory, that’s why students who feel prepared enough can sit the entrance exam and apply for the desired course.

Contact Medlink Students now to learn how to gain admission in Moldova.

Tuition Fees in Moldova

At the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy Nicolae Testemitanu, the tuition fees for dentistry, medicine, and pharmacy courses are the same. Per year, you will pay around .

Living Costs in Moldova

One of the main reasons for the attractiveness of Moldova is the fact that the living standard is pretty good, but prices for lifestyle are rather low in contrast to other destinations. Of course, average spend would be in correspondence with your notion of lifestyle, but here are the average living costs in Moldova to study medicine in English in our estimation:


Study Medicine in Moldova in English

The curriculum for all courses is divided into 2 parts. The first part is during years 1-3 for Medicine and 1-2 for Dentistry and Pharmacy. It’s called pre-clinical years. That period of your studies includes mostly theoretical subjects. Although it’s a bit boring to study only from lectures, notes and textbooks, this knowledge is crucial for the clinical practice years that come after. 

The training years are the fun part of your education. During this time you will not only be attending treatments of real patients in teaching hospitals and clinics, but you will also take part in them. Also, it includes mandatory clinical rotations, clerkships, and internships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to study medicine in English in Moldova?

The medical, dentistry and pharmacy courses cost per year.

How much are the living expenses in Moldova?

Living expenses in Moldova are very low, around € 600-700 per month, depending on the student’s needs. 

How long is medical school in Moldova?

Medical school in Moldova takes 6 years, just as it does in every country. The first two are pre-clinical/theoretical, the next three are clinical, and the final one involves an internship.

Can I study veterinary medicine in Moldova?

Unfortunately, no. There is no veterinary course in English in Moldova.

Is Moldova a good place to study medicine?

Yes. The low living expenses and tuition fees, coupled with the high level of medical education, make Moldova a good destination for medical students.

Can I practise medicine back home after graduating in Moldova?

Absolutely! State University of Medicine and Pharmacy Nicolae Testemitanu is accredited and listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools. This means that degrees from it will be recognised by the WHO, GMC, AMA and many other organisations! 

Does Moldova offer graduate entry for medical students?

No, a graduate pathway is not currently offered in any medical school in Moldova.

Is it required to take an exam when studying in Moldova?

Yes, the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy Nicolae Testemitanu requires an entrance exam in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in English at the secondary school leve.

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