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Medlink Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Medlink Students?

Every Medlink Students advisor has years of experience in guiding international students on the best university options abroad. We consult more than 10,000 students every year.

We know exactly what students need because we were once medical and dental students ourselves, and we’ll be by your side. We'll help you every step of the way, from our initial consultation to the moment you set foot on campus and during your entire course duration.

Is my acceptance in a medical university guaranteed ?

Yes, we guarantee your acceptance into a European medical university. We are a team of professional doctors and medical students who have been through the same process many times with many international students. We will register you at the university of your choice. Our medical students and our team of professionals will provide you with ongoing support for 6 years.

We create a strong and competitive file for you that puts you ahead of others. We also provide you with the necessary material for the entrance exam, which gives you a huge advantage compared to other applicants.

Why choose Europe?

Because studying in Europe is a very enriching and eye-opening experience. Europe is the path considered by many students who dream of becoming doctors. Universities in Europe are very similar to universities in other countries, with many international students from all over the world, including the UK.

This will be an exciting adventure for you. Maybe your parents will be a little worried about you going abroad so the best way to address their concerns is to call one of our representatives and we will answer all the questions they have.

When is the deadline for entry?

Studying in Europe has become the road that many students are taking from all over the world. You don’t want to wait long, especially when those seats get full very quickly. You have a higher chance of getting accepted at the university you choose if you apply sooner rather than later.

This is why you should APPLY as soon as possible because seats for international students are limited. MedlinkStudents accepts late applications.

Is this one of my UCAS choices?

We are not part of UCAS. Medlink Students is a British agency helping international students get accepted into European medical universities. You can apply through UCAS and Medlink Students at the same time. This option is separate from UCAS.

Can graduates apply?

Yes. Some health-related bachelor's degree holders decide to switch careers and become doctors and dentists. We offer entry into the 2nd or 3rd year of the 6-year undergraduate medicine or dentistry course under certain conditions. Fill in an application on our website, and we will have an expert student advisor take a look at your application and call you to discuss your options with you.

Where do I do the Interview/Exam?

You may be provided with the opportunity to take the exam in your country (online) or at the university, you wish to study at. Ask your advisor about this for more details.

I don't speak the country's language. Can I still apply?

Yes! Usually, international students don’t speak the local language of Eastern European countries. Our students from all over the world get accepted without needing to know the local language of the destination country before arrival.

The University will allocate a couple of hours where you learn the basic language as part of the curriculum to help you adapt to the culture, integrate, and enjoy your stay. A lot of young people in Eastern Europe speak English so generally you may be able to communicate in English.

Is the whole course in English?

Yes! All lessons, all midterms, all exams will be in English.

Do I need visa to travel?

EU students do not need a visa to travel to EU countries. UK students need a visa to travel to EU countries. Students who would like to study in non-EEA countries may require a study visa. You will get full support from us in order for you to make the process very easy and straightforward.

Non-EU/non-EEA students will need a visa to enter Europe, and we will help you apply for it.

Do I need an IELTS / TOFEL certificate to apply?

No, you do not need English language certificates to apply. Some universities require this from students who do not come from English-speaking countries or if students did not learn English at school.

Can I apply to specialise, study for a masters or doctorate, in Europe?

Yes, after graduating from medical school, the specialisation must be done in the local language. We will usually get you accepted into a language course at the university for 10 months, which you must pass, and then you’re guaranteed entry into your desired medical speciality.

If you specialise in the UK, you do not have to study a year of language as long as you know English. Our institute of Medical Sciences in Canterbury offers courses designed to challenge you academically and provide you with enhanced skills and knowledge. We provide courses in MSc, Physician Associate Studies, MCh in Surgery– Otorhinolaryngology, MCh in Surgery – Orthopaedics and Regenerative Medicine, MCh in Surgery – Urology, MCh in Surgery – Ophthalmology.

Can I live in student dorms?

We can help you get to rent a private room or apartment upon availability. University dorms are amazingly cheap and shared with other students! However, due to the low prices of renting in Europe, international students tend to rent their private flats as it’s more comfortable.

Can you help me study something other than medicine or dentistry in Europe?

Yes, get in touch and tell us what you’d like to study. We can certainly help you!

Can I study medicine or dentistry with a BTEC Diploma?

Yes, absolutely! Read more about your options for studying medicine or dentistry with BTECs.

Why study Medicine in Europe?

Medical universities are expensive and accept a small and limited number of students in your home country. We want to give students like yourself the opportunity to pursue their dreams and study medicine in good quality, safe and affordable universities for you in Europe.

Will my degree be accepted all over the world?

The World Directory of Medical Schools recognises all the universities that we work with. We always encourage you to check for yourself with the General Medical Council or whichever organisation regulates doctors in your country for your peace of mind.

When I complete my degree I want to work in the UK, will I need to take the PLAB/UKMLA exam or any other tests?

Before 2024, all international medical graduates have to pass the PLAB exam to gain a UK doctor's licence. After 2024, the PLAB will be replaced by the UKMLA, which will be sat by all medical graduates no matter if they studied in the UK or abroad.

Can mature students apply?

Yes, many mature students are studying medicine in Europe. After all, it’s never too late to study and start to pursue your dream! Fill in an application on our website, and we will have an expert advisor take a look at your application and call you to discuss your options with you. Read in detail about why age is not a problem at all at most universities.

I took a gap year. Can I still apply?

Yes, fill in an application on our website, and we will have an expert advisor take a look at your application and call you to discuss your options with you.

I already have a place at a UK Medical School but I am excited about this opportunity, so can I still apply through Medlink Students?

Yes, just send us your application, and we will assess it for you for FREE.

Is there an entrance exam?

Some universities require an entrance exam to test your English language skills because the whole course is in English. This exam is done for Non-EU students or students that have not studied English in school. Some universities may ask you to demonstrate your English language skills, so you may be asked to sit an exam.

Certain universities require you to sit a competitive entrance exam in Biology and Chemistry. We will provide you with ALL the necessary material to easily ACE the exam and beat the competition.

Some universities don’t require an exam. They accept you based on the file you submit, so you must have a very competitive record. We make sure of this by putting together a solid file using our experienced team and knowledge of what the admission team is looking for.

Do I take the entrance exam in my country or in the university?

We highly recommend that you sit the exam with us at the university itself. Otherwise, we can arrange for you to sit in your home country. This is the perfect opportunity to get a good idea of the university, atmosphere, and the city where you will spend 6 years of your life.

After your entrance test, you’ll get to meet our team of medical and dental students on the campus who will tour you around. You’ll get to chat with them and get a REAL-feel of what day-to-day life is like as a student on that campus. We’re sure that a telephone secretary in the UK who’s never set foot on a medical campus can even begin to fathom what the hectic student life is like – because they’re a secretary, not a medical student!

Can I study Medicine/Dentistry in Europe if I have a criminal record or health issues?

Yes, we can help you get accepted into Medicine/Dentistry courses even if you have a criminal record.

Medlink Students do not discriminate against you based on old mistakes. Your health is not an issue as long as you are healthy to study medicine.

Will the clinical rotations be in English?

A lot of young people know English, but the older population is not as fluent. For this reason, you’ll be taught the basics of the local language for a few hours a week during the first three years of your degree. In addition to this, your professor or assistant will be helping you by translating what the patient says into English so you fully understand what’s going on.

Do you offer scholarships?

It isn’t easy to get a scholarship, but we do help you study at an affordable university.

Can you help me transfer from one university to another?

Medlink students specialises in medical school transfers in Europe, and medical students know us for helping them transfer to another medical university. We have helped medical students who have been kicked out of their medical schools secure a place elsewhere very quickly. We’ve helped students transfer between universities in their own country or transfer from one country to another. We guarantee to transfer you to the highest possible year we can. We’re here to help you maximise your potential and get the most out of your medical education!

Do you help with the visa process?

Medlink Students has previously brought many students to Europe, so we are experienced in working with many consulates and embassies. As part of our services, we will help you with the visa application.

Is it easy to get an apartment?

Yes, we have a list of highly respected and decent letting agencies and landlords that are on the ground, ready to help you upon your arrival. Most of our UK students usually live in private apartments shared with their fellow course mates. Flats are at a very affordable price and located in the heart of the city centre or very close to the university.

What if I get accepted in the UK and decide to abandon my application in Europe?

That’s fine. We’re happy that you’re able to pursue your dream of studying medicine or dentistry. As a goodwill gesture, we will wave the second instalment. Hence, this is why we encourage students to apply with us as a plan B. Please remember that you must agree on this option, so it is added to your contract before signing it.

Is Medlink Students legit?

We are a legitimate agency that has been operating for several years. Any services offered by Medlink Students will be written on a legally binding contract under UK law, meaning that those promises will be met or you get a refund back. Medlink Students has official signed contractual agreements with many of our universities around Europe. You are welcome to ask to see our authorisation certificate for the university you’ll be applying to. The UK government’s Companies House verifies us as a legitimate company. Our team has hundreds of testimonials from students who we’ve worked with from all over the world. You can find testimonials of our services on Facebook, TrustPilot, and Google and other platforms used by students. We have helped thousands of students on a global scale. We are very likely to have worked with a student who lives in the same city as you, so we can put you in touch with them (with their permission) or their parents who can vouch for our professional service. Medlink students is affiliated with HSBC UK, a globally established and reputable bank. Your payments are safe with us. Medlink Students have been featured in the news numerous times, in the Young Dentist UK magazine, in, and The University of Huddersfield.

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