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European University of Madrid

Located in: Spain

  • Founded in 1989, it is one of the most prestigious and modern universities in Spain
  • It is equipped with a high-tech Simulated Hospital with facilities that allow students to undergo clinical training using advanced simulation methodology
  • The university is accredited, listed in WDOMS and offers an internationally recognised Dentistry Course in English

Quick Facts

Madrid or Valencia, Spain
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Recognised by:

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About European University of Madrid

The European University of Madrid (UEM) is a private university located in Madrid, Spain. Founded in 1989, it is one of the most prestigious and well-respected universities in Spain, offering a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programmes.

UEM offers undergraduate and graduate programmes in a wide range of fields, including business, engineering, law, medicine, and more. The university also has a strong focus on research, with a number of research centres and institutes dedicated to advancing knowledge in various fields.

Courses Offered at The European University of Madrid

UEM has a total of 4 campuses across Spain, 2 of which, in Madrid and Valencia, offer English-taught dentistry courses. This makes it an excellent choice for international students who want to study in Spain but may not be fluent in Spanish.

The European University of Madrid also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities and sports events, providing students with opportunities to get involved in a variety of activities outside of the classroom. The university is also well-equipped with modern dental facilities and technology, including computer labs, libraries, and sports facilities.

The European University of Madrid doesn’t offer graduate entry pathway

The university address in Madrid is C/ Tajo, s/n. Urb. El Bosque 28670 Villaviciosa de Odón, and in Valencia - Paseo de la Alameda, 7 46010 Valencia.

European University of Madrid Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for the 5-year dentistry programme in English are 10 monthly fees of , or in total per year.

European University of Madrid Entry Requirements

As part of its application process and ranking candidates, UEM takes into account the following:

  • High school grades (or equivalent), preferably good Biology and Chemistry grades
  • An online aptitude test plus a written interview
  • English test (Minimum B2 knowledge) for non-native speakers

Note: you can only apply to one of the campuses in either Madrid or Valencia.

The academic year usually starts in October.

Due to the excellent dental education offered at the European University of Madrid, the competition to apply there is absolutely fierce. Additionally, the university has a long list of requirements and legal steps that must be followed in order to get accepted. This includes submitting specific documents that need to be translated, notarised, and officially legalised. If you don’t follow these steps and requirements, your application will be rejected. That’s where we step in. Our admissions experts, widely recognised as some of the best in Europe, can handle your application in its entirety, including all the necessary legal details. We've established a strong collaboration with the European University of Madrid and have a comprehensive understanding of what they’re looking for in an ideal candidate and their exam format. By choosing Medlink Students, we guarantee that you will get accepted to this prestigious university. We'll provide you with exceptional study materials to help you pass both the entrance exam and the interview.  Additionally, we'll make sure that you submit an S-tier application that will make you stand out among your peers.  With us by your side, you can skip the exhausting parts of applying to an international university and focus on what truly matters – preparing for the entry test and interview.

Transfers to UEM

European University of Madrid accepts students who wish to transfer from another university. Contact our expert advisors to learn if you are eligible and how you can transfer here.

European University of Madrid Accreditation

UEM is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools, meaning that its degrees are recognised by medical councils worldwide. Students who graduate from UEM will be eligible to practise dentistry anywhere in the world.

Note: since the degree you obtain from European Univesity in Madrid is Bachelor’s, some medical councils, such as the UK’s General Dental Council, may require more clinical practice in order to accept the degree.

For example, GDC’s requirement is 1600 practical hours, while UEM offers only 1000. Graduates will have to work extra hours at clinics or apply for a Master’s degree elsewhere.


To accommodate students, the university offers on-campus residence options with a total capacity of 510 places. They provide spacious and comfortable rooms, proximity to the university, safety, a sense of community, and access to good food and quality service. All rooms are equipped with everything to make your stay a fantastic student life experience.

Living in Madrid, however, is not cheap. If you prefer private accommodation, renting a single-bedroom apartment costs between - per month. Couple that with monthly living expenses of around , and you’ll need a monthly budget of around .

And if you choose to study at the Valencia campus, prices won’t be that much different.

Life as a Dental Student in Madrid, Spain

Madrid is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city that attracts international students from all over the world. It offers a rich cultural experience with its historic architecture, world-class museums, and famous landmarks such as the Prado Museum and the Royal Palace. The city is also known for its lively nightlife, delicious cuisine, and friendly locals.

The university campus life in Madrid is also lively, with many clubs and organizations to join. Participating in extracurricular activities can be a great way to meet other students, improve language skills, and make lasting memories.

In summary, Madrid is an excellent choice for international students, offering a diverse and inclusive environment, rich cultural experience, and affordable living costs. The support services provided by universities and the lively campus life make it easy for students to adjust to life in the city and make the most of their study abroad experience.

Accommodation Costs

Our experience throughout the years has provided us with valuable insight in the real estate field with which we will help you find the best accommodation for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the Bachelor of Dentistry programme at European University of Madrid?

The Bachelor of Dentistry programme at European University of Madrid is a 5-year course.

What is the tuition fee for the Bachelor of Dentistry programme in English at European University of Madrid?

The tuition fee for the Bachelor of Dentistry programme in English at European University of Madrid is 10 monthly fees of €2,010 or €20,100 in total per year.

Are there any entry requirements for the Bachelor of Dentistry programme at European University of Madrid?

As part of the application process for the Bachelor of Dentistry program at European University of Madrid, candidates are required to have good high school grades, particularly in Biology and Chemistry. Additionally, candidates will need to take an online aptitude test, have a written interview, and take an English test (minimum B2 level) for non-native speakers.

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