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Study Medicine in Turkey in English

Turkey is an exotic choice for international students looking to study medicine in English. Tuition fees are affordable and the quality of education is excellent.

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Living & Studying In Turkey

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About Studying Medicine in Turkey

Have you ever wondered which country has the most medical universities? Well, Turkey is one of the contenders for sure. There are around 90 medical universities. More than 10 of them are teaching medicine in English. Day by day, Turkey is becoming one of the most wanted countries for students wishing to study medicine abroad.  The country is very popular with its high-developed medical treatment and one of the best practitioners in the world work here.

Having one of the most perfect locations, between Europe and the Middle East, the country is often called “Bridge to the World.”. Their education has been well-developed through the years, and no matter which medical school you choose, you won’t make a mistake.

Istanbul is the largest city here and the country’s cultural, economic and historic centre. A lot of the high educational institutions are located here. Istanbul is not only a popular international student’s destination, but it also ranks as the world’s fifth most popular tourist destination.

Considering the modern infrastructure, world-class education and the low costs of studying, it’s not a surprise that Turkey is one of the best places to study medicine abroad.

Unfortunately, the country is not part of the European Union, but it’s on the candidates’ list. This is not something to worry about, because Medlink Students will help you prepare all the needed documentation.

Why Study Medicine in Turkey?

  1. One of the best-developed countries in medicine.
  2. You won’t just receive a diploma, but real knowledge and experience in this area.
  3. Graduating there means you will be free to practise worldwide.
  4. You will attend hospitals and clinics and work with patients while being advised by experts.
  5. Average living expenses in Istanbul are like most EU countries.
  6. You will meet a whole new different culture which has a lot to fascinate you with.
  7. Education system approved by the European countries.
  8. In the 6th year, you will be an intern in a hospital.
  9. An abundance of UNESCO Cultural Heritages to visit.
  10. Opportunity for scholarships and fee discounts.
graduation from turkey medicine

The Best Medical Universities in Turkey

Check out our price breakdown of medical schools in Turkey

Medical University
Annual Tuition Fee
English Courses
Acibadem University in Istanbul
€ 17500
Medicine, Pharmacy
Altinbas University
€ 21000
Medicine, Pharmacy
Bahcesehir University
€ 21000
Medicine, Dentistry

Quick Facts

Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy
€ 10500-21000
Graduate Entry
Entrance Exam
Depends on university
Living Costs
€ 700-1000

Tuition Fees In Turkey

Average cost per year per course in Turkey
~€ 20000
~€ 16500
~€ 11500

Universities that study medicine in English in Turkey

1. Acibadem University in Istanbul was established in 2007. But despite its short history, it is in every way equal to the older universities’ education level. In no time, the school reached excellence in education.

Here, you can take a 6-year medicine course and a 5-year pharmacy programme. The medicine tuition fee is € 24600, and the pharmacy costs €10,500. During your studies, you will be involved in different training programmes in hospitals and clinics.

This university doesn’t require you to pass any entrance exam. All you need is high scores on your high-school diploma and an English language certificate.

The university offers accommodation with a capacity of 260 beds. The rooms are fully furnished with all of your essential needs. Also, it includes a breakfast served in the cafeteria. The rent is between €150 and €300, according to the room you will occupy.

acibadem medicine tuition fees

2. Altinbas University was established in 2008 in Istanbul. It is among the 3 most preferable universities for international students in Turkey. Nowadays, the university hosts more than 3,700 international students from 84 countries.

The medicine programme here lasts 6 years, costing €21,000 per year. Pharmacy costs €12,500 annually. The duration is 5 years. The university has an affiliation agreement with the Medical Park Bahcelievler Hospital, where the students can practise during their studies.

There are separate dormitories for girls and boys. The buildings have single, triple, and quadruple room types. The annual fee depends on what type of room you choose and vary from €2,100 to €3,750, including electricity, heating, water, Wi-Fi, cleaning and laundry services, and a gym.

altinbas university medicine

3. Bahcesehir University is a private high educational institution established in 1998. Its main campus is situated on the edge of the Bosphorus in Besiktas. This medical school offers medicine and dentistry courses in English.

Every year, BAU admits 72 international students for their 6-year course in medicine. Annually this programme costs €21,000. Dentistry continues for 5 years and costs €16,500 per year. Both courses offer you to practise in the best clinics during your studies and work as a professional after graduation.

University dormitories are separated into single, double, and triple rooms. The monthly rent is between €450 and €700, including water, gas, electricity, and Wi-Fi. For rent and living expenses, you will need between €650-€1,150 monthly, according to your chosen flat and personal needs.

Bahcesehir University

Tuition Fees for Medical Universities in Turkey

Tuition fees in Turkey for medicine and dentistry are usually between €16,500 and€ 24600, depending on your university choice. The pharmacy courses’ prices are rarely higher than €12,500 per year.

Entry Requirements to Study Medicine in Turkey

Fortunately, most universities don’t require entrance exams. Students need to present their diplomas or transcripts for secondary education. There is a minimum grade requirement, but it is not subject-specific. Furthermore, non-native speakers should present an English proficiency certificate.

Fees and Expenses to Study Medicine in Turkey in English

In financial regard, studying Medicine in Turkey has its advantages and disadvantages. Tuition fees fall in the upper midrange for some universities, while others are on the expensive spectrum. In contrast, the cost of living is quite affordable in Turkey

Tuition Fees in Turkey for International Students

Tuition fees in Turkey for medicine and dentistry are usually between €16,500 and € 24600, depending on your university choice. The pharmacy courses’ prices are rarely higher than €12,500 per year. The fees to study medicine in Turkey in English are somewhat high, especially for Southeastern Europe.

Living Costs in Istanbul

Life is quite affordable in Turkey, even in its most expensive city. Living in Istanbul costs around €320 monthly, not including rent. A single bedroom apartment is between €150 and €300 based on how close to the city centre you prefer to live in.

Graduate Entry Medicine in Turkey

Unfortunately, currently in Turkey, there are no accelerated medical options for BSc graduates. We advise you to look for one in Poland. Contact us and schedule a FREE consultation with one of our expert advisors.

Is Turkey a Good Country to Study in?

Turkey is a unique mixture of traditional Islamic values and European modernity. It is a glorious meeting place for the Orient and the West, and an excellent opportunity for students to experience the opposite culture in a mild manner. Furthermore, established universities offer competitive education with worldwide recognition for academic degrees.

Most of all, Turkey is a good place to study because of its hospitable people. Anatolia has been the centre of the world since Byzantine times, and this reputation has been fortified during the height of the Ottomans. The local people are accustomed to welcoming guests from all corners of the world, and they consider it a virtue.

Finally, there is a very particular reason for future doctors to choose Turkey. The country is a Top 10 destination for medical tourism. Turkey is a very popular place to get plastic and corrective surgery. That’s why the country is attractive to students who plan to specialise in these areas.

Practical Benefits of Studying in Turkey

These are the undisputed objective advantages of studying in Turkey:

  • Worldwide recognition of the degree
  • Affordable living costs
  • Some universities offer pre-medical courses
  • Available student dormitories
  • Top 10 medical tourism destinations in the world
  • Hospitable Turkish people

Lifestyle Reasons to Study in Turkey

Turkey is a Top 10 tourist destination in the world. The country is home to a multitude of historical landmarks from Roman times, early Christianity, and early Islam. A history aficionado can visit iconic places like Hadrian’s Wall, Mevlana Museum, and Sumela Monastery, and these are just a drop of everything to discover.

Furthermore, Turkey hosts some of the best beaches the Mediterranean can offer. The Southwestern coast of the country is known as the Turkish Riviera. The West coast offers excellent locations for kitesurfing, especially in Alacati.

Study Medicine in Turkey in English

The M.D. programme in Turkey takes 6 years in total. The course is perfectly organised and balanced to perfection between theory and practice. The first two to three years are pre-clinical. This is the time when you will be preparing for the last years to be able to practise in hospitals and clinics. The same schedule for dentistry except that the course’s duration is 5 years. Pharmacy lasts 5 years as well.

Students who choose Turkish universities will graduate with a diploma recognised everywhere in the world.

Submit a free application to hear more about your options in Turkey and Europe via Medlink Students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my degree be recognised?

Your degree will be accepted anywhere in the world. We also encourage you to double-check with your local medical council.

What are the entry requirements for medicine in Turkey?

It depends on which university you choose. Some have entrance exams, others don't. Some take your high-school diploma into consideration, others don't.

How long does it take to study medicine in Turkey?

The medicine course takes 6 years to complete. Dentistry and pharmacy last 5 years.

Can I study medicine in English in Turkey?

Yes. Every medical university in Turkey that we work with offers a programme in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and/or veterinary medicine entirely in English.

How much does it cost to study medicine in Turkey?

It costs around €21,000 per year to study medicine in Turkey.

Is Turkey good for studying medicine?

Yes. Turkish medical schools are internationally recognised in the World Directory of Medical School. Any diploma issued by them will be accepted around the world, allowing graduates to work in any country they wish.

How long is med school in Turkey?

Medical school in Turkey lasts for six years. The first two are pre-med, theoretical years. The next three are clinical, and finally, there is an internship during the last year.

Can I work while studying in Turkey?

No, it is not possible to work with just a student visa in Turkey. A separate work permit for students needs to be obtained, and even with it, it’s very difficult to find a part-time job while studying medicine in Turkey.

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