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Study Dentistry in Belarus in English

In Belarus, you can study dentistry in English, with tuition fees ranging from to €4500.

Study Medicine in Belarus in English

Living & Studying In Belarus

Study medicine in belarus

About Studying Dentistry in Belarus

The Republic of Belarus is an Eastern European country with a rich historical heritage that spans over a thousand years. The region has been home to many various ethnic groups, which have each contributed towards the prosperity of the area.

The country has a long history of using medicinal herbs, with records dating back to the 10th century. Traditional herbal remedies were used to treat various ailments, many of which are still used in modern medicine today.

During the 16th century, the first hospitals were established in major cities in the region, and medical knowledge was passed down through a network of universities and monasteries. Neighboring countries such as Poland, Germany, and Russia also contributed to developing medicinal practices. 

In recent years, Belarus has invested heavily in updating its infrastructure by establishing modern facilities and amenities throughout the country. This has made the republic a popular destination for international students and medical tourism. 

Why Study Dentistry in Belarus?

  • High-quality education
  • Internationally recognised degrees
  • Accredited universities
  • Affordable tuition fees and living costs
  • Access to modern equipment and research facilities
  • Experienced faculty and staff
  • Valuable practical experience in clinics
  • Rich historical heritage and culture
Study Medicine in Belarus in English

The Best Universities Offering Dentistry Courses in English in Belarus

Check out our price breakdown of medical schools in Belarus that offer dentistry courses in English.



Tuition fee

Tuition fee


  • Medicine (95)
  • Dentistry (50)
  • Pre-Med (34)
  • Pharmacy (29)
  • Veterinary (10)


  • September / October (77)
  • December / January (2)
  • February / March (13)
  • April / May / June (4)
Sorry, no universities found.

Quick Facts

Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Pre-Medical
Graduate Entry
Entrance Exam
Living Costs

Tuition Fees In Belarus

Average cost per year per course in Belarus

Medical Schools With Dentistry Courses in Belarus for International Students

The universities in Belarus are accredited and follow the strict requirements set by European and international standards for medical schools. The English-taught dentistry programmes last for 5 years, and the academic year generally starts in September. The curricula are designed to provide students with all the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills in order to become successful dental practitioners. Additionally, students studying in Belarus are given plenty of opportunities to develop confidence in their skills either through the use of modern training equipment or via hands-on clinical experience.

Here are the top 2 universities in Belarus with dentistry courses in English:

1. Belarusian State Medical University (BSMU)

Belarusian State Medical University

This academic establishment is located in the country’s capital Minsk, and has a history dating back to 1921, when it was established as a part of the Belarusian State University. It became an independent institution in 1930 and has established itself as a leader in medical education in the country. It is the oldest medical school in Belarus and is known for its high-quality education, varied research programmes, experienced faculty, and long history of excellence.

It is listed on the World Directory of Medical Schools and is recognised by the Medical Council of India (MBI), and the Medical Board of California (MBC). By enrolling in BSMU's dental programme in English, you can expect to receive an excellent education and an internationally recognised dentistry diploma that will allow you to become a professional dentist in many countries around the world.

The tuition fee for dentistry at the Belarusian State Medical University is €4500 per year. To get admitted, prospective students need to verify that they have graduated from high school by submitting their diplomas. Additionally, candidates have to participate in an entrance examination, which will evaluate each student’s knowledge of Biology, Chemistry, as well as their English proficiency. 

If you believe that BMSU is the right choice for you, our expert advisors at Medlink Students can significantly increase your chances of entry into year 1. Contact us for a free consultation to get any and all of your questions answered. We will tell you everything you need to know to get admitted to Belarusian State Medical University's dental course in English.

2. Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU)

Study Dentistry in Belarus in english - Vitebsk State Medical University

The VSMU is an excellent higher education institution located in Vitebsk, often called the most charismatic city in Belarus. VSMU was established in 1934 and has a long and rich history of providing high-quality education with a proven track record of having trained thousands of successful healthcare professionals.

The dental medicine school listed on the World Directory of Medical Schools, and is recognised by the Medical Council of India, the BelGISS accreditation body, and the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH. It is also a member of several prestigious international associations and organisations from all around the globe. Students at Vitebsk State Medical University can expect to go through an excellent education system and receive an internationally recognised dentistry diploma upon graduation.

The annual tuition fee for the dental programme in English is €4400. The admission process to get accepted at VMSU asks students to submit their high school diploma, participate in an interview in English, and take exams in Chemistry and Biology. 

If you want to be one of the successful students that get accepted to VMSU, our expert advisors at Medlink Students can help you with your application and significantly increase your chances of admittance.

Admission Requirements To Study Dentistry in Belarus

The admission process is similar between the two medical, and dental schools in Belarus. Applicants are asked to submit their high school diploma and participate in an entrance examination, which tests for Biology and Chemistry. Additionally, you may be invited to an interview in English.

Contact us through the form below to schedule a free call and estimate your chances for admission. We will tell you everything you need to know about Vitebsk State Medical University:

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How Much Does it Cost to Study Dentistry in Belarus?

One of the most attractive benefits of studying dentistry abroad in Belarus is that students receive a high-quality education while paying very little in terms of tuition fees and living expenses.

Tuition Fees to Study Dentistry in Belarus

The annual tuition fees for Belarusian dentistry programmes in English are among the cheapest on the continent while still providing fantastic education. The prices range from €4400 to €4500, making the country one of the most affordable places to study dentistry in Europe.

Living Costs in Belarus for International Students

The living expenses are also among the most affordable in Europe, allowing students to maintain a high standard of life without having to pay huge sums of money. Naturally, the living costs depend on each respective student’s lifestyle, as well as the city they’re studying in, but generally, you can expect your monthly expenses to be around:


Please keep in mind that the average rent price is based on living in a studio/apartment and that there are cheaper options available, such as student dormitories, shared rooms or hostels.

Graduate Entry Dentistry in Belarus

At the moment, no universities in Belarus offer graduate entry admission to dentistry programmes in English. However, if you are interested in studying via graduate entry, contact our expert advisors at Medlink Students to get help in finding the right dental course for you.

Why Study Dentistry in Belarus in English?

Studying dentistry abroad in Belarus is an excellent way to receive a high-quality European education without having to pay a large amount of money. Students can expect to receive all the necessary theoretical knowledge and essential practical skills in order to become successful dentists. The universities are accredited and have many international partners, which allows students to develop their personal network and secure their professional prospects from early on. 

Practical Reasons to Study Dentistry in Belarus

  • Excellent education in accredited universities
  • High quality of life with affordable living costs
  • Some of the most affordable tuition fees in Europe
  • Internationally recognised degrees
  • Experienced faculty and staff
  • Opportunities to develop practical skills through modern equipment and clinical work
  • Excellent internship and career prospects

Lifestyle Reasons to Study Dentistry Abroad in Belarus

To complement the excellent practical benefits of studying in Belarus, there are a significant number of lifestyle reasons to choose the country as your destination to receive your dental degree.

  1. The natural scenery in the republic is beautiful and diverse. Students that love the great outdoors can enjoy the local lush forests, pristine lakes, well-kept natural parks, and calming plains.
  2. The country has a rich cultural heritage with many museums, galleries and historical sites to visit, where you can learn about the country’s past.
  3. Belarus has a vibrant nightlife and entertainment scene with many bars, restaurants, theatres, music venues and cultural festivals.
  4. The cuisine in Belarus is simple but delicious and hearty. The local food is heavily influenced by the country’s agricultural heritage and focuses on regionally grown ingredients like potatoes, grains, dairy, and meat.
  5. The local people are known to be modest, kind, and hospitable. You can expect to be welcomed warmly and develop lifelong friendships. 

Final Thoughts on Studying Dentistry in Belarus in English

The decision to study dentistry in Belarus in English comes with many benefits, making it an excellent choice for international students. With the country’s internationally recognised degrees, affordable tuition fees, and wonderful prospects, students can expect to build a successful and rewarding career in the field of dental medicine.

Belarusian universities are accredited and have many international partnerships with prestigious establishments, giving undergraduates the opportunity to develop their own personal networks. Additionally, the country’s dental courses in English place emphasis on practical training, giving students the opportunity to gain confidence in their skills by participating in hands-on clinical work. When combined with the solid theoretical foundation of each university’s respective curriculum, students can expect to become successful and sought-after dental practitioners.

If you want to take your first step toward earning your dental degree and kickstarting your successful career in dentistry, sign up for a free consultation with one of our expert advisers via the form below. Medlink Students specialise in guiding students and helping them find the best university that meets their needs. We excel at providing assistance during the admission process and beyond. This includes giving support and guidance in any way or form while you are studying at your respective higher education institution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to study dentistry in Belarus?

The dental course in Belarus continues for 5 years.

How much does it cost to study dentistry in Belarus?

Belarusian universities offer affordable tuition fees starting at .

What is the cost of living in Belarus?

Living costs in Belarus are about €500-700 per month. However, they depend on the city, accommodation (apartment, dorms, etc) and the students’ own personal needs and expenses.

How long does it take to study dentistry in Belarus?

It takes 5 years to complete a dental programme in Belarus. 

Can you study dentistry in Belarus in English?

Yes, absolutely! All medical universities in Belarus that we work with offer their dental programmes entirely in English.

What is the best dental university in Belarus?

Belarusian State Medical University and Vitebsk State Medical University are considered the best medical schools in Belarus.

Is graduate entry allowed in dental universities in Belarus?

No, graduate entry is not accepted in any medical universities in Belarus. However, transfers are accepted in some.

Are entrance exams mandatory for studying dentistry in Belarus?

Yes, every medical exam in Belarus requires entrance exams in chemistry, biology and/or physics. Students attending its English language programmes must also pass an exam or interview in English.

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