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Study Medicine In Bosnia & Herzegovina In English

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can study medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy in English. Tuition fees are between - per year.

education in bosnia and herzegovina

Living & Studying In Bosnia & Herzegovina

bosnia and herzegovina

About Studying Medicine in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia & Herzegovina is a country situated in South and Southeast Europe. Sarajevo is the country’s largest city and capital. Universities here rank as top European medical schools in many aspects from equipment to professionals teaching future physicians. The well-balanced curriculum includes more than enough theoretical lectures and practical lessons. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina is an excellent place to start your medical career with experience in some of the best hospitals around the world. As a student here, you will be attending different teaching clinics where the best practitioners will be teaching you. Also, you will have to attend and take part in treatments under the supervision of doctors.

In Bosnia & Herzegovina, there are 3 universities that welcome international students seeking world-class medical education. Here, you can enrol in a 6-year medical course in English. Also, you can study Dentistry and Pharmacy in English Pharmacy courses span 5 years. Prospective students who don’t feel prepared enough can apply for a 1-year pre-medical course here. 

What you will receive in this country is an excellent education which will make you capable enough to practise on your own. What is more, your diploma will be recognised worldwide and allow you to practise all around the world.

  • Well-developed and stable country 
  • Globally recognised education
  • International experience
  • High level of education
  • Modern medical equipment
  • Teaching in the best hospitals and clinics in Europe
  • Affordable living costs
education in bosnia and herzegovina

Complete List of Medical Universities In Bosnia & Herzegovina

Check out our price breakdown of medical schools in Bosnia & Herzegovina



Tuition fee

Tuition fee


  • Medicine (12)
  • Dentistry (4)
  • Pre-Med (1)


  • September / October (9)
  • December / January (1)
  • February / March (9)
  • April / May / June (2)

University of Mostar

The university of Mostar is the biggest in Bosnia & Herzegovina, with 10 faculties, 9 institutes and 1 academy. First founded in 1977, it currently hosts more than 11,000 students, many of which international. Despite its medical course being considered one of the best in the country, there is no entrance exam required for it.

Sarajevo School of Science and Technology

The Sarajevo School of Science and Technology was founded in 2004 in the capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Despite being very new, it has already earned a prestigious ranking among the top 600 universities in the world. A particular stand-out is its world-class medical programme, which is offered entirely in English and is perfect for students who wish to study medicine in Europe.

Quick Facts

Bosnia & Herzegovina
Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Pre-med
Graduate Entry
Entrance Exam
Depends on university
Living Costs

Tuition Fees In Bosnia & Herzegovina

Average cost per year per course in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Medical Universities That Teach Medicine in English in Bosnia & Herzegovina

1. University Of East Sarajevo Faculty Of Medicine in Foca was established in 1993 and is renowned for its high-quality medical and dentistry programs, offering a comprehensive educational experience in modern facilities spanning 6000 sq. meters.

The university adopts the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), ensuring international recognition and transferability of education, and encourages student participation in international exchange programs like Erasmus+.

UES offers 6-year Medicine and Dentistry programs, each granting 360 ECTS credits, taught entirely in English, with no graduate entry paths but accepting student transfers.

The faculty boasts modern infrastructure, experienced teaching staff, extensive hands-on clinical training with a 500-bed hospital, and a curriculum focused on preparing students for diverse professional scenarios.

The university emphasizes research, recognized as a top scientific research institution, participates in significant projects like Horizon Europe, and publishes the "Biomedical research" journal, contributing to global scientific advancements.

University Of East Sarajevo Faculty Of Medicine Library

2. University of Mostar is a public school founded in 1977. Nowadays, it consists of 10 faculties, 9 institutes and an academy. The medical faculty is located in Mostar and has a partnership with one of the best hospitals in the city.

Here, you can study only medicine in English. The annual tuition fee is . In Mostar, you will have a high living standard at a reasonable amount of around per month.

It is enough to have good grades in your high school leaving certificate to apply to this university. After graduation, you will be allowed to practise everywhere around the country.

univerity of mostar medicine in english

3. Sarajevo School of Science and Technology consists of 6 departments and a medical school. It is located in the city of Sarajevo and offers Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy in English. Also, there is a 1-year pre-medical course.

The Medicine and the Dentistry programmes take 6 years to complete. Pharmacy courses are held for 5 years. All of the courses cost annually. The foundation year price is €6,000 one time payment.

If you want to apply here, you must sit an entrance exam in science subjects and the English language. A diploma issued by this school is recognised worldwide and allows you to practise all around the globe.

If you are considering studying medicine in English in Europe, understanding first-year entry requirements and options is a must. For a comprehensive guide on first-year entry into medical studies, click here.

Sarajevo School of Science and Technology

Admission & Entry Requirements in Bosnia & Herzegovina

In Bosnia & Herzegovina, you can apply for a medical course with no entrance exams at the University of Mostar. But if you prefer to study at Sarajevo School of Science and Technology you must sit an exam. It consists of 2 parts - the first part evaluates your English skills and the second part - your knowledge of science subjects. Yet, students who enrolled in the foundation year are directly accepted in the course with no entrance exam.

How Much Does it Cost to Study Medicine in Bosnia & Herzegovina?

Studying medicine in English in Bosnia & Herzegovina costs between - per academic year. The dentistry course and pharmacy programme in English are at the price of €12,000/year. 

Also, students who prefer to start with a foundation year will pay a one-time fee of €6,000.

Living costs in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Students opt for studying Medicine in English in Bosnia & Herzegovina because of the attractive prices for both academic tuition and living expenses. Every year more and more people choose this country as a place to pursue their Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Medicine, so if you're curious what it would cost you to follow your dream education in Bosnia, here are some approximate calculations of the living costs in Sarajevo:


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the medicine course costs in Bosnia & Herzegovina?

The medicine course here costs between - per year.

Can I start my studies with a pre-medical course in Bosnia & Herzegovina?

Of course, you can. Sarajevo School of Science and Technology offers a foundation year in English.

How long is medical school in Bosnia?

Medical and Dentistry education in Bosnia and Herzegovina is 6 years. Pharmacy courses take 5 years to complete.

What are the living expenses in Bosnia & Herzegovina?

The living costs for students living in Bosnia are about € 500-600 per month, although they vary depending on the student’s needs.

Is Bosnia a good place to study medicine?

Bosnia & Herzegovina is considered a good place to study medicine due to its high level of medical education and low living costs.

Can international students work in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Yes, it is possible for international students to find part-time jobs while studying in Bosnia.

Can I work as a doctor back home after graduating in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Yes, you can. All medical schools in Bosnia that we work with are officially recognised by the GMC, WHO, AMA and many other international medical organisations. Degrees will be recognised anywhere in the world.

Is an entrance exam required to study medicine in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

No. The University Of Mostar accepts medical students without an entrance exam. 

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