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University of Nis Faculty of Medicine

Located in: Serbia

  • Offers a world-class Medicine programme in English with affordable tuition fees - per year
  • The medical curriculum is accredited and meets all the international, European, and GMC standards for medical education
  • The university has a strong international network, which includes cooperation agreements with many top European universities

Quick Facts

Nis, Serbia
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Recognised by:

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The curricula for the academic year
2022/2023 are now available.

About the University of Nis in Serbia

The University of Nis was established in 1965, and it quickly turned into the beating heart of the city. For half a century, the institution has been an educational beacon for generations. Today, the public university consists of 13 faculties with more than 20,000 Serbian and international students. The university’s main building and the Faculty of Medicine are located in the Nishava River Valley next to the scenic Suva Mountain.

Nis is the third-largest city in Serbia, with over 260,000 inhabitants. It dates back to the 3rd century BC. The city used to be home to many Roman emperors, such as Constantine the Great, Constantius III, and Julian. Nowadays, visitors can traverse both the remnants of the ancient world and all the trappings of modern civilisation in the streets of Nis. Thus, the local student experience resembles an exciting time-travel story with you in the lead role.

Courses Offered at University of Nis

At the University of Nis’ Faculty of Medicine, you can enrol in a Medicine programme taught in English. The curriculum is well-balanced between theoretical lectures and practical training. During your studies, you will acquire deep knowledge about the human body and what it is made of. Clinical rotation, summer clerkships, and internships are also included, and they are obligatory to graduate. Thus, this medical school is an excellent choice to study Medicine in Europe in English.

The university doesn’t offer a graduate entry route into Medicine, but University of Nis transfers are possible and accepted.

University of Nis in Serbia is located at Univerzitetski trg 2, Niš 18000, Serbia.

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University of Nis main campus river view

Extracurricular and Leisure Activities

Aspiring doctors can enrol in a language course to get a basic command of Serbian. These courses pay off during the clinical years when medical students have to converse with local patients to diagnose and treat them. Still, the university is among the medical schools in Europe with English-taught programmes, and they don’t require you to take Serbian language classes.

Furthermore, the University of Nis encourages academically gifted scholars to participate in research projects. The Medical Faculty publishes its own scientific journal, and students have a chance to publish their work in it.

Moreover, the local research centre organises scientific congresses and conferences for aspiring medics. They can even present their work at prestigious international conferences and events at other medical schools in Europe. Publishing exciting research in other prestigious journals is also an option for visionary students.

In addition, several student organisations on campus promote social and networking events. For example, the Committee for International Cooperation for Medical Students provides aspiring doctors with many educational and professional opportunities. They organise internships, research exchange programmes, and various humanitarian activities. They host the popular Sweet Parties - Sweets for a Smile.

Last but not least, the University of Nis organises career fairs, seminars, conferences, and celebrations. The quality of said events makes the institution one of the most attractive places to study medicine in Europe.

University of Nis science conference

University of Nis Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for the Medical Doctor degree are per year.

In addition, Serbian language courses cost another per semester. The A1 and A2 introductory levels last a semester each, and they consist of 15 classes per week (45 min per class). All subsequent proficiency levels are only 9 classes per week.

University of Nis Admission & Entry Requirements

The ranking score for medical applicants to the University of Nis is based on the Biology and Chemistry entrance exams.

While your diploma score is not included in the ranking results, you must have high grades in the science subjects to be considered as an applicant to the university.

In addition, after successfully passing the written exams, you must attend an oral interview that evaluates your English speaking skills. It might seem like an easy step in the admission process, but with only 50 seats per year in the programme, every point counts.

The University of Nis offers an excellent and reasonably priced medical education, but getting accepted there is highly competitive. The application process is complex and demands strict adherence to specific prerequisites and legal formalities. These involve submitting specific documents that require translation, notarisation, and legalisation. Failing to meet these requirements can result in rejection. However, you need not worry. Our admissions experts, who are renowned across Europe, can handle your entire application process, including all the necessary legalities. We have a strong partnership with the University of Nis and a deep understanding of their application system and entrance exam format. When you choose Medlink Students, you can be confident that your application will stand out among others, significantly improving your chances of acceptance. Moreover, we provide exceptional study materials to help you excel in the entrance examination. With our support, you can avoid the confusing aspects of applying to a medical school abroad and focus on what truly matters – preparing for the entrance exam and your future career in medicine.

Medlink Students is the exclusive UK representative for the University in Nis, Serbia, and the only student support agency that can facilitate official admission to the university.


By graduating from the medical faculty at the University of Nis, you earn worldwide recognition of the degree and the choice to continue your studies or start practicing anywhere. The University has the highest recognition status of H+, which means that it's recognised in Germany.

This school is recognised by the World Health Organisation and is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools. Moreover, the medical curriculum meets all the international, European, and GMC standards for proper education.

University of Nis sports


The University of Nis does not offer dormitories for international students. However, the city offers many affordable options for life there. Medlink Students will help you find and rent the most suitable accommodation for your needs according to your standards and budget.

Here you can rent a 1-bedroom apartment in the range of to per month, depending on the location. Utilities can cost another to per month. Other expenses like food, transportation, and entertainment can cost an average of .

Another option you can have in mind is living in a hostel. The price per day is between and .

Furthermore, the University of Nis canteens offers students very affordable meal plans. Three meals per day cost around , which is quite literally and figuratively a treat.

The local public transport network offers good accessibility and regular timetables at very low prices. If you are looking for a faster mode of transportation, cabs are a good alternative. Most rides don’t cost more than .

Last but not least, the city has very good international accessibility. The local Nis Constantine the Great Airport has direct flights to several European capitals, and most destinations are one connection away. The city is also well connected by an international railway and highway, so buses and trains are also a valid mode of transportation.

University of Nis library

Life as a Medical Student in Nis, Serbia

According to legend, the local Celtic population encountered a water fairy in the river, and her name was Naisa. She was pretty naughty, as fairy folk usually are, and people made a bargain to appease her. The deal stated that they would name their city and river after her, and she would dial down the shenanigans. Thus were named the city of Naissus and the river Navissos. Today, they are known as Nis and Nishava.

It is unclear whether Emperor Constantine made any deals with the fairy (or nymph as the Greeks and Romans called the fairy folk). However, he never forgot his birthplace and constructed an imperial palace at Mediana, a district of Naissus, close to the river and the nymph’s domains. Students can visit the remains of the complex, and while the masonry is far from its former glory, the air and view are still suitable for emperors.

Another glorious landmark near the Nishava River is the Nis Fortress. Its current form boasts mostly Ottoman architecture with its Beli-Bey Mosque and the Hammam (Turkish baths). The historical complex is relatively well preserved, and it serves as a museum, park, and cultural center. For example, the Arsenal Building houses art galleries. And the summer stage amphitheatre hosts events such as the Nis Film Festival.

However, the Roman ruins within the fortress are among the more popular locations for medical students. It could be the layers of history and culture that still exist within those walls or the fact that the ruins serve as a bar nowadays. Aspiring doctors seem to appreciate both historic landmarks and good company. Besides, the fortress is next to the University of Nis main campus. The school’s building is another architectural treasure and landmark of international significance, sitting on the river's north bank.

While Nis has plenty of history and legends, many students from abroad appreciate the more modern trappings of culture, such as the local music scene. The city is the birthplace and home of several successful Serbian bands of local and international fame, such as Eyot, Novembar, and Trivalia. Nis is also a host of the Nishville International Jazz Festival - an event of titanic cultural value.

Another popular location in the city is the Tinkers’ Alley. It’s a historical location from the 18th century that originated as a place for tinkerers and other artisans. Now, it is renowned for its old buildings, cafes, and restaurants - an excellent place to start or finish a get-together with friends. You can enjoy the excellent Serbian cuisine here - a delicious mix of Mediterranean, Oriental, and Hungarian cuisines.

And if you grow weary from all the trappings of civilisation, heed the call of the great outdoors represented by the city's many green areas. Nis is actually a very clean and green city, and there are three parks around the Faculty of Medicine.

The biggest one is the university hospital, where medical students do their clinical hours. The Cair Park has a cozy feel that perfectly complements the academic life of aspiring doctors. Moreover, the city is so safe that some students feel safe going through the parks at night on their way home. In fact, Nis is on par with Copenhagen in terms of safety, and the latter is the safest capital in Europe.

However, you can escape the calm environment of the city entirely and hit the open road with the Sultans Trail. It’s a cultural route from Vienna to Istanbul that passes through Nis and offers many hiking and cycling trails to explore. All it needs is an adventurer’s soul.

Nis indeed sounds and looks like a lifetime experience. Fortunately, you can learn even more about it from the students there in this Q&A session.

University of Nis park cair color bridge

Multicultural Campus Experience at the University of Nis

The city of Nis celebrates diversity and inclusion, welcoming students from around the globe. The university prioritises the unique needs of its diverse community, including the accommodations required by students from various ethnicities, religions and cultures.

The city hosts mosqueschurches and synagogues nearby. Students can experience a multicultural environment that fosters understanding, inclusion and diversity.

Various cuisines and food options are available in and around the city of Nis including HalalKosher and Vegetarian restaurants. Serbian culture promotes a safe and respectful environment, ensuring the well-being of all students from various backgrounds and ethnicities including hijabi women. On campus and throughout the city, the faculty of medicine actively promotes an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, celebrating diversity and embracing all cultural backgrounds.

Term Dates

The academic year at the University of Nis’ medical school starts on the 1st of October for first-year students, while transfer students start around the middle of the month. The year is divided into two terms. Each semester has weeks of classes and examination periods at the end of each.

Accommodation Costs

Our experience throughout the years has provided us with valuable insight in the real estate field with which we will help you find the best accommodation for you.

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Living & Studying In University of Nis Faculty of Medicine

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the University of Nis?

The university is located in Serbia. The city of Nis is situated in the southeastern part of the country, and it straddles the Nishava river. The university’s main campus building is located on the northern bank of the river, right next to the Nis Fortress landmark.

Can you transfer to the University of Nis?

Yes. The university is very flexible in terms of transferring students. It accepts transfers even for the 4th and 5th years.

Can you study graduate entry medicine at the University of Nis?

No. The university does not offer such an option yet.

How much does it cost to study medicine at the University of Nis?
  • The tuition fees are per year. In addition, living costs for international students are another - per month without rent and a 1-bedroom apartment rents for another - .
Where is the University of Nis recognised?

The University of Nis has worldwide recognition from the World Health Organisation through the World Directory of Medical Schools. In addition, the school has existed for more than 50 years, and it is licensed by the Commission for Accreditation and Quality Assurance of the Republic of Serbia.

Can you study medicine in English at the University of Nis?

Yes. The English-taught medical programme has worldwide recognition, and the curriculum covers the international standards for medical education.

Does the University of Nis have graduates registered with the GMC?

Yes. International graduates from the University of Nis have successfully registered with the United Kingdom’s General Medical Council.

Is there an entrance examination?

Yes. There are exams in Biology and Chemistry.

What are the entry requirements for the University of Nis?

The exams in Biology and Chemistry have the greatest weight in deciding admission. In addition, students must have good grades in these subjects from their secondary school. Last but not least, there is an interview to determine whether the student’s command of English is satisfactory.

When does the semester begin for first-year students?

The semester starts on the 1st of October.

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