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Study Medicine In Ukraine In English

Ukraine, alongside Georgia, hold the title of the best country to study medicine and dentistry abroad in English. Tuition fees here range between €3,000 - €5,500 per year.

medical education in ukraine

Living & Studying In Ukraine

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About Studying Medicine in Ukraine

In the past few years, there’s been an influx of international students in Ukraine. What is the reason behind this?

Studying medicine in Ukraine is an excellent option for students who dream of becoming doctors but want the most affordable option abroad without compromising quality.

There’s an English programme in most medical schools here. Ukraine offers the same quality of education as countries like Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and most Eastern European countries for a lower tuition fee.

The cost of living in Ukraine is also more affordable than states from the European Union.

Why Choose to Study Medicine in Ukraine?

The demand for English-taught medical education in Ukraine grows larger and larger with each passing year. The top 3 reasons for studying medicine in Ukraine are:

  • The biggest reason is the degree you get from a Ukrainian university. Graduating from Ukraine enables you to apply for a medical practitioner anywhere in the world.
  • Reason number two is the fact that the better part of medical universities in Ukraine don’t require you pass an entry exam for admission.
  • Last but not least, the tuition fees can be as low as €3000 per year, and living costs are around €300 per month
medical education in ukraine

The Best Medical Universities In Ukraine

Check out our price breakdown of medical schools in Ukraine

Medical University
Annual Tuition Fee
English Courses
Kharkiv National Medical University
€ 4200
Medicine, Dentistry
V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University
€ 4000
Medicine, Dentistry
Kiev Medical University
€ 3000
Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy
Uzhhorod National University
€ 3200
Medicine, Dentistry
Sumy State University
€ 2500

Quick Facts

Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy
€ 3100-5300
Graduate Entry
Entrance Exam
Depends on university
Living Costs
€ 200-300

Tuition Fees In Ukraine

Average cost per year per course in Ukraine
~€ 4000
~€ 4000

The Best Medical Universities in Ukraine

There’s a total of 18 medical schools here, but we will spare you the time to review them all. We will give you the current top 3 medical universities in Ukraine.

1. Kharkiv Institute of Medicine offers high-quality education in the medical and biomedical fields. The university offers an excellent mix of theoretical studies and clinical hours at a nearby hospital. Moreover, the educational pursuits are in excellent balance with the opportunities for social events at the university.

Kharkiv is the second-largest city in Ukraine, and it hosts around 300,000 students at the local higher education institutions. The city is buzzing with constant opportunities for socialising and offers an abundance of academic, cultural, and leisure activities.
Kharkiv Institute of Medicine offers a six-year programme in Medicine. It costs €4,450 per year, and education here is an excellent deal considering the local living costs.

The Kharkiv Institute of Medicine students can participate in research projects, science conferences, and guest lectures. In addition, they can opt-in for a summer practice at the Polish hospital in Knurow.

International students at Kharkiv enjoy various social activities throughout the academic year. They can participate in official ceremonies, casual picnics and barbecues, and exciting get-togethers.

karazin kharkiv university

2. V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University is also one of the oldest universities in Ukraine. It is named after famous inventor Vasily Karazin, and the campus is located in Kharkiv. Well-known physicians and scientists have taught at the faculty of medicine and have made significant scientific discoveries.

Currently, the university is host to many international students and teachers, with the number of associate professors being high too. It has 21 schools and 124 departments that provide training for specialists in 61 majors.

An admissions exam is given in Biology and English before entry into the university. The degree is recognised in the European Union, European Economic Area, and, of course, in the UK.

V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University currently teaches medical students in English at 14 departments. The university is a popular choice for students from Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.

The low costs and the standard of education and clinical experience that the students are subject to are but a few of the reasons why many students choose to study here.

The living costs are extremely low, with rent ranging from €300-400 per month. You can expect to pay roughly €700 per month for everything inclusive. Tuition fees for the 6-year medicine course are around €4,000 per year and about €4,300 per year for dental medicine.

Karazin University is recognised worldwide for its MD degree: UNESCO, the World Health Organisation, in the UK, the Medical Council of Canada, and the United States Medical Licensing Board.

medical schools ukraine

3. Kharkiv National Medical University is situated in Kharkiv and is one of the oldest higher educational establishments in Ukraine. Founded in 1805 by the Russian Tsar Alexander I, the university has a long and varied history spanning over 200 years.

Many well-known physicians and scientists have taught at the Faculty of Medicine, performed operations, and have made significant scientific discoveries. The university is host to many international students and teachers in present days.

The first three years are pre-clinical, emphasising fundamental subjects such as Anatomy, History of Medicine, Histology, Embryology, Psychology, Bio-organic Chemistry, and Biophysics.

The next three years are clinical, focusing on surgery and preventative medicine with elective courses and practical training offered. The last year has more of an emphasis on practical work, and sub-internships are offered in hospitals and clinics.

The living costs in Kharkiv are lower than those of the western countries. You can expect to pay roughly €700 per month for everything inclusive. As for tuition fees, medicine will cost you around €4,200 per year for 6 years and dentistry – around €4,700 per year for 5 years.

Entry Requirements to Study Medicine in Ukraine

Entry requirements for international students are different for each university. The common denominators are a diploma for secondary education and an English proficiency certificate for non-native speakers.

Some universities, such as Bogomolets, and Sumy State, do not require entrance exams. However, seats for these schools are limited, and they tend to fill quickly.

Other institutions like Kiev Medical University and Kharkiv Institute of Medicine hold examinations in Chemistry and English. The exams are administered at the university, and the scores are important for admission.

How Much Does It Cost to Study Medicine in Ukraine?

Tuition prices for medical schools range from €3100 to €5300 per year. Living costs average between €300 and €420 for different cities, and another €220 to €560 for a single bedroom apartment rent (dorms are cheaper). Such costs are among the lowest in European countries. Thanks to the low fees and excellent education, studying in Ukraine is definitely worth it.

Tuition Fees to Study Medicine in Ukraine

Tuition fees for medical courses in Ukraine can cost anywhere between €3100 and €5300 per year. Upon graduation, you will receive a world-recognised diploma, and you will be eligible to work as a medical practitioner anywhere in the world. The low tuition fees don’t compromise the quality of education in any way.

Living Costs to Study in Ukraine

The living costs in Ukraine are among the lowest in Europe. Living expenses in Kiev are about €420 per month, and a single bedroom apartment is another €350 to €550 depending on the location. The capital is the most expensive city, and prices elsewhere in Ukraine are much lower.

Average living costs in Kharkiv, for example, are €370 per month, and rent ranges from €220 to €350. Rent in a smaller city like Sumy is €120 to €190.

Prices for dormitory rooms are even more affordable, but students usually share rooms and bathrooms in dorms. Although living in a dorm is still a part of the authentic student experience, many people choose to strike out independently.

Is Ukraine a Good Place to Study Medicine?

Medical education in Ukraine has earned worldwide recognition thanks to its quality and affordability. Foreign students enjoy an excellent academic environment and vibrant international communities. Last but not least, Ukrainian universities offer comprehensive medical programmes, excellent conditions for clinical hours, and exciting extracurricular opportunities.

However, none of the above would matter much without the freedom-loving Ukrainian people and the boundless Ukrainian sky. Since the country consists almost entirely of vast plains, people begin to appreciate the horizon there. They get this light-headed feeling that makes them feel anything is possible. And when it comes to leisure and recreation, it certainly seems so in Ukraine.

The people have plenty of festivals and holidays during the year where they love to enjoy life in traditional ways. International students relish the various folk festivals that represent the authentic Ukrainian spirit. The latter, by the way, is symbolised by the kobza - a lute-like musical instrument. And we all know that music is the medicine for the soul.

Practical Reasons to Study in Ukraine for International Students

Here are the undisputed reasons to choose Ukraine as a destination to study abroad:

  • Worldwide recognition of the degree
  • Very affordable tuition fees
  • Very affordable living costs
  • No entry exams for some universities
  • Available student dormitories
  • Vibrant international student communities
  • Ukrainian hospitality

Lifestyle Reasons to Study Abroad in Ukraine

Ukraine is the second-largest country in Europe, and there is always something to do in it. People have plenty of traditional options for recreation, such as hiking, skiing, and cycling. With its many rivers and the Black Sea, the country has excellent opportunities for water sports as well.

However, Ukraine is easily one of the most exciting destinations for urban exploration in Europe or “urbexing” as popularly known. As an ex-Soviet country, plenty of abandoned facilities are waiting to be rediscovered. Urban explorers can roam remnants of the past, such as tank cemeteries, radar stations, underground cities, and catacombs.

However, Ukraine still has plenty to offer for those who prefer less excitement. Local cuisine, for example, has already made its mark on the world. While it is famous for its soups (borscht, kapusniak, and solyanka), Ukraine can offer varenyky (meat dumplings), pyrizhky (buns stuffed with various fillings), and holubtsi (cabbage or vine leaves rolled around fillings), to name a few. Local cuisine will supply plenty of good yet longing memories to international visitors. Enough for a lifetime.

How to Apply to Study Medicine in Ukraine

The application deadlines are usually early September. Choose to use our help, and we will guarantee you entry into the medical school of your choice without you lifting a finger. Even more, we will do all the paperwork for you, prepare you for any entrance exams, help you find a place to live, show you around the city, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I practise as a professional after my graduation?

Ukrainian medical universities are recognised worldwide, so you can choose where you want to practise.

What are the requirements for entry in medicine or dentistry?

Some of the universities require an entrance exam. However, there are universities that rank you based on your diploma. Contact our advisors for further information.

Is it expensive to live in Ukraine?

No. The living costs in Ukraine are between €200 and €300.

Where will my degree be recognised?

All around the world!

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