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Academy of Silesia

Located in: Poland

  • A modern and prestigious university with advanced teaching technology and resources
  • The university prides itself on its innovative syllabus and highly qualified academic staff
  • Over 2,000 current students, including a significant number of international students

Quick Facts

Katowice, Poland
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About the Academy of Silesia

The Academy of Silesia (AS), previously known as the Katowice School of Technology, was established in 2003 in Katowice, Poland. The university also has a campus in Zabrze, a charming city close to Katowice.

The mission of the university is to establish a modern system of education which meets and exceeds international standards and requirements. The Academy aims to not only arm students with the necessary knowledge to succeed but also to develop their clinical skills in real-world scenarios.

The university’s top priority is ensuring students are exceptionally well-prepared for their future roles. The syllabus of AS is designed to give students the skills they need to become specialists in their respective fields while teaching them how to overcome any challenges that come with their profession.

The Academy of Silesia uses the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), which ensures a fair and transparent method of student evaluation. Additionally, this system allows students to easily join exchange programmes, such as Erasmus+, letting them gain international experience.

Currently, the university does not have a graduate entry pathway into Medicine but Student transfers are possible.

The Doctor of Medicine (MD) Programme at the Academy of Silesia

The Academy of Silesia offers an accredited and internationally recognised MD programme in English. It meets international standards and ensures that graduates are equipped with the necessary qualifications, knowledge, and practical skills to excel as medical professionals.

The university places a strong emphasis on practical training and instilling an impeccable ethical attitude, empathy, and the skills to develop a deep respect towards patient care.

The course is designed to give 360 ECTS credits and lasts for 6 years, divided into 12 semesters.

The Structure of the Medicine Course in English at the Academy of Silesia

The MD programme is structured as follows:

  • The first 2 years of studies are dedicated to the Basic Sciences, including Anatomy, Physiology, Histology, Molecular Biology, and Biochemistry.
  • The beginning of the 3rd year is dedicated to pre-clinical studies and introduces the subjects of Pharmacology, Pathomorphology, and Microbiology. After completing this phase, students commence working on clinical cases.
  • From the 3rd year until the 6th year, students are dedicated to clinical studies and practical training in hospitals and a variety of clinical settings.

Academy of Silesia Affiliated Hospitals and Clinics

AS is affiliated with and cooperates with 5 different hospitals and clinical centres, where students receive top-tier practical training under the supervision of experienced professionals:

  • The Knurow Hospital 
  • The Regional Specialist Hospital No. 5 in Sosnowiec
  • The City Hospital in Zabrze
  • The Centre of Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery in Bystra
  • The Beskid Oncology Centre in Bielsko-Biala

Student-Centred Projects at AS

The Academy of Silesia implements several clubs and projects aimed at facilitating student growth. These include but are not limited to:

  • Comprehensive Development of the School as a Support of Students and the School” project, which allows students to get free training in their respective fields. This initiative gives students the opportunity to visit prospective employers, explore their facilities and get training with their equipment.
  • Education without Exclusion” project, which helps adapt the Academy according to the needs of disabled students. The project provides students with access to didactic assistants, psychological support, specialised equipment rental, and customised IT systems supporting language education and library usage.
  • Key to Access - Universal Design” project, which makes use of advanced simulation software, VR technology, and physical elements (such as vests with weights, special goggles, etc.) to help students understand the needs of disabled people. This project allows students to experience the perspective of a student with special needs.

Research at the Academy of Silesia

The Academy facilitates research opportunities for its students through the Silesian Academy Student Research Group. This organisation is dedicated to giving students the opportunity to personally contribute to their respective fields by regularly organising didactic field trips, exhibitions, and student-led conferences, which all regularly enjoy high attendance.

The research conducted by the Student Research Group is published in student-authored journals and publications, which greatly contributes to the academic and professional growth of the students of the Academy of Silesia.

Tuition Fees at the Academy of Silesia

The Academy of Silesia uses a semester-based tuition fee structure and the fees start from per year.

SemestersTuition fees per semester
1, 2, 3, 4
5, 6, 7, 8
9, 10, 11, 12

The tuition fees have to be paid before the start of each semester.

Admission Requirements for the Medicine Programme at the Academy of Silesia

The Academy of Silesia assesses prospective students based on:

  • Previous academic record
  • Matriculation exam results
  • English language proficiency

Candidates are required to provide proof of passing a matriculation exam in Biology (compulsory subject) and Chemistry, Physics, or Mathematics (secondary subjects). Therefore, if a candidate has science subjects in high school, he/she does not have to do a science entrance exam.

Students who haven’t passed either of these will be required to sit a university placement examination for Biology and Chemistry. These entrance exams are usually carried out in mid-July.

Similarly, students who don’t have an English language certificate (such as IELTS, Cambridge, etc.) can also sit a test at the B2 level, which is also carried out in mid-July. If a candidate has proof of English knowledge (e.g. they've studied in an English high school), he/she does not have to do an English entrance exam.

Additionally, the Academy of Silesia has an extensive list of documents that need to be prepared in order to be considered for admission. These documents need to be legalised or have an apostille, pass nostrification (if needed) and be translated. Incomplete and incorrectly submitted applications will be rejected. However, there’s no need to worry. The Medlink Students admission team is widely regarded as one of the best in Europe and can take care of your application process in its entirety. We will handle all the exhausting legal procedures so you can concentrate on what’s really important - preparing for your exams and future career in Medicine.

Application Deadlines at the Academy of Silesia

 The university has 2 intakes - one in October and one in March. 

The Academy of Silesia accepts student applications for their winter semester intake from the beginning of May to the middle of July. After which, any necessary examinations are conducted, and the university announces the list of successful applicants around the end of July.

After getting their results, students have until the end of July to confirm their attendance. 

Candidates will still have the opportunity to apply until the end of September by passing through additional procedures. You can contact our team for details.

Academy of Silesia Accreditation and International Recognition

  • The Academy of Silesia has been approved and accredited by the State Accreditation Commission, which is responsible for monitoring and controlling the educational standards in Polish universities
  • The Academy of Silesia academic syllabuses meet all standards and requirements of the Ministry of National Education and Sport and the Central Council of Higher Education
  • The Diploma Supplement facilitates international recognition of completed education and all necessary acquired qualifications
  • The Academy of Silesia is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDMS), and the World Higher Education Database (WHED). In addition, the university is a member of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

Upon completing their studies at AS, students get an internationally recognised diploma and the title of Medical Doctor.

Student Life at the Academy of Silesia

Student life at the Academy of Silesia is a blend of academic growth and vibrant city experiences. Both Katowice and Zabrze offer:

High quality of life with reasonable living costs

One of the best parts about studying in Poland is that you can enjoy a high quality of life without having to break the bank. On average you can expect to spend between , depending on your respective lifestyle.

Stunning natural landscapes

Poland is known for its rich natural beauty, and both Katowice and Zabrze are no exceptions. Katowice is rich in green spaces and parks, while a peaceful and beautiful natural landscape surrounds Zabrze.

Warm and friendly locals

The local communities of Poland are known for their hospitality and welcoming nature. No matter in what part of the country you are, you are sure to feel welcomed by the friendly atmosphere of the locals.

Festivals and events

Poland is a country that loves to celebrate, and both Katowice and Zabrze embrace this spirit with a diverse array of festivals and events. From cultural celebrations to music festivals, there's always something happening in these cities.

Vibrant Nightlife

Both cities offer a wide variety of entertainment options. From lively nightclubs and modern bars in Katowice to cosy pubs in Zabrze, students will have plenty of options to unwind in their free time and meet new people.

A Diverse and Welcoming Learning Experience

Poland and its citizens are globally celebrated for their hospitality, creating an inclusive and diverse learning environment for students. The country enthusiastically welcomes students from across the globe.

Both Katowice and Zabrze provide a large array of culinary options, including:

Apply for the Academy of Silesia Through Medlink Students

Overall, the Academy of Silesia delivers a well-rounded medical education featuring modern facilities, student-centred development projects, and a comprehensive curriculum that meets global standards.

The academy's dedication to student-focused learning and excellence in clinical practice guarantees that graduates are fully equipped to become exceptional doctors who are ready to navigate the demands of the medical field.

If you’re ready to embark on your journey toward becoming a successful healthcare professional, we strongly recommend scheduling a free consultation with one of our expert advisors. We will tell you everything you need to know about studying at the Academy of Silesia and will guarantee that you get accepted to this prestigious university.

Accommodation Costs

Our experience throughout the years has provided us with valuable insight in the real estate field with which we will help you find the best accommodation for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Academy of Silesia located?

The Academy is located in Poland and has two campuses in two cities: Katowice and Zabrze.

How much does it cost to study medicine at the Academy of Silesia?

The Academy has a semester-based tuition fee:

  • Semesters 1, 2, 3, 4 - per semester
  • Semesters 5, 6, 7, 8 - per semester
  • Semesters 9, 10, 11, 12 - per semester


Can you transfer to the Academy of Silesia?

Yes, transfers are possible.

Can you study medicine in English at the Academy of Silesia?

Absolutely. AS offers an accredited and internationally recognised Doctor of Medicine course in English.

What are the application deadlines at the Academy of Silesia?

Students can apply to the university until mid-July, and we recommend starting the application with us as early as possible, as there are many complex procedures that need to be completed before submission, and they all take substantial amounts of time.


Is there an entrance exam to study at the Academy of Silesia?

If your respective matriculation exams were in Biology (mandatory subject) and Chemistry, Physics, or Mathematics (secondary subject), you won’t need to sit an entrance exam.

However, if you don’t have either of these, you will be asked to take part in a university placement examination, which is carried out in mid-July. Additionally, if you don’t have a certificate proving your English proficiency, you will be asked to sit an English test at the B2 level.

Where can I carry out my clinical rotations while studying at AS?

Clinical training at the Academy of Silesia is carried out in the university’s 5 affiliated hospitals and clinical centres.

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