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Special March 2023 Intake Available Now. Limited Seats

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Kharkiv Institute of Medicine

Kharkiv Institute of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Located in: Ukraine

Established in 2018, Kharkiv Institute of Medicine and Biomedical Science is a branch of PHEE "KMU," which has a successful quarter-century track record.

KHIM is a new modern higher educational institution that has achieved collaboration with leading and core Clinical Centres. The university employs highly trained academic and instructional staff and has high-quality facilities and resources, including a laboratory and a practical base.

Quick Facts

Kharkiv, Ukraine
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£ 5000
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Graduate Entry
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Entrance Exam
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Living Costs
€ 400/month
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Recognised by:

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The curricula for the academic year
2022/2023 are now available.

Kharkiv Institute of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Kharkiv Institute of Medicine (KHIM) was founded to provide high-quality theoretical and practical training for purposeful professionals in the medical and biomedical fields. The Institute offers opportunities for undergraduate degrees in Medicine, clinical residency, and scientific research. Moreover, its educational programme unites the scientifically-proven methods of modern medicine with the wise approach of folk and non-traditional medicine.

KHIM was established as a geographically separate branch of Kiev Medical University, and as such, they share accreditations, traditions, and standards. On the other hand, the Institute benefits from the unique spirit of Kharkiv, the “Smart City”. Thus, KHIM is an attractive destination for studying in Ukraine.  

Kharkiv Institute of Medicine has invested in outstanding facilities, providing maximum freedom for students to perform duties in their own way. Classrooms have all the required modern equipment for medical training and practise. In addition, the Institute has state-of-the-art labs for teaching and research purposes. Finally, the Center for Simulation Training and Assessment empowers students to practise over 50 simulation scenarios for various procedures and situations.

Within walking distance of the campus, future physicians will learn the ropes of clinical work at Kharkiv Regional Clinical Hospital - the largest hospital in the city. There, students will experience practical sessions, clinical practices, and clerkship in various fields, such as Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, and Radiology.

Kharkiv Institute of Medicine is located at 11, Sadova St., Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61002.

Note: Due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the university has temporarily relocated to Rivne, a safer city in the Western part of the country.


The medicine course's curriculum is 5,555 clock hours. This study plan will be taught over the span of 4 years. All lectures will be conducted online.

Extracurricular and Leisure Activities

⚠️ All present activities are temporarily unavailable

Medical students are encouraged to participate in scientific research at the Institute. Moreover, KHIM’s calendar includes Medical Motivation Meetings, open lectures by guest professors, and science conferences. The academic hunger of medical scholars would be more than satisfied at the Institute's halls and auditoriums.

In addition, KHIM’s campus features plenty of athletic facilities for recreational opportunities. There is a gym with fitness equipment, an outdoor tennis court, a football field, and a volleyball playground. The Institute fully believes in the Latin motto “Mens sana in corpore sano”, and it provides the necessary opportunities for healthy minds to keep their bodies healthy.

Finally, the future of medicine is encouraged to mix and mingle at the numerous social and cultural activities at KHIM. From official ceremonies to casual picnics, the grounds of the Institute could be the birthplace of many lasting relationships extending across time, borders, and cultures.


Kharkiv Institute of Medicine’s Tuition Fees

First-year entry

The courses are ONLINE ONLY for years 1-3.

From years 4 to 6, you can do clinical rotations in the UK (or your home country).

The tuition fee for first year and transfer students is £ 5000/year for the 6-year medical programme.

Thus, KHIM can be considered among the more affordable medical universities in Europe thanks to the quality of its education. The Institute offers great value for its price.

Kharkiv Auditorium

Kharkiv Institute of Medicine’s Admissions and Entry Requirements

The Institute’s admissions office requires applicants to take 3 entrance exams: English, Medicine, and Biology. Travelling to a foreign country can be exciting enough on its own, so Medlink Students provides timely solutions for the admissions process.  The comprehensive service includes:

  • Preparation of all the required application documents.
  • Creation of a student profile fitting the University’s standards
  • Delivery of selected study materials for the exam.
  • Assistance with any questions along the process.
KHIM football field

Living Costs for Students at Kharkiv Institute of Medicine

Expenses in Ukraine fall on the affordable end of the spectrum. Monthly costs for a single person are estimated at €380 on average without rent. This number includes food, utilities, and leisure activities. 

The rent for a single-bedroom apartment ranges between €220 and €350, depending on the location. Apartments downtown are more expensive, but they are closer to the Institute. On the other hand, accommodations outside the downtown area are less expensive, and public transportation is very affordable at only €0.26 per ticket.

Furthermore, there is a student dormitory for medical students eager and willing to experience the complete student life package. The dorm is 20 minutes away (public transport) from the main campus, and it offers decent accommodations for an additional €800 - €980 per year, depending on the type of room. Signing up for the dormitory is optional, however.

International students should anticipate additional costs in the first month, depending on their needs and preferences. These expenses include bed sheets, coffee makers, and other items usually not featured at a dorm or apartment.

Kharkiv Institute of Medicine’s Accreditation

KHIM is internationally recognised by numerous licensing bodies worldwide.

In addition, Kharkiv Institute of Medicine is recognised by the World Health Organisation. Last but not least, graduates from KHIM are eligible to take the US Medical Licensing Examinations for certification in the United States and Canada.

The university has also received a confirmation from the Accreditation Agency in Health and Social Sciences for the successful completion of the accreditation procedure of its study program "Medicine" with the degree "Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)".

Kharkiv Institute of Medicine faculty

Life in Kharkiv, Ukraine

KHIM’s campus is located on a quiet downtown street, not far from the scenic Kharkiv river to the south. International students will undoubtedly be smitten by the stern splendour of Soviet-style architecture and the vibrant Ukrainian city life surrounding them.

Kharkiv is known as the Student’s City due to the many educational institutions in the city. Sharp minds from all over the world have chosen to study at this learning hub, and internationals will benefit from plenty of networking opportunities in a rich cultural environment.

As a four-season country, Ukraine shines in all the colours of temperate continental climate. Cold, snowy winters contrast with the warm, dry summers. Adventurers, wanderers, and international students are advised to prepare a balanced wardrobe for their stay.

Term Dates

The academic year begins with the autumn semester, which lasts from September 1 to January 20. However, the duration of January is dedicated to course exams. Afterwards, students can enjoy a well-earned Christmas break until the beginning of February.

The spring semester begins in February and lasts until the first week of June. There is another examination period immediately after it, which takes about two weeks unless the dean prolongs it. Eventually, the Summer vacation begins, and future doctors can pursue their own endeavours.

Accommodation Costs

Our experience throughout the years has provided us with valuable insight in the real estate field with which we will help you find the best accommodation for you.
~€ 300/Mo
~€ 100/Mo
~€ 15/Mo
~€ 130/Mo
~€ 80/Mo

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Living & Studying In Kharkiv Institute of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Kharkiv Institute of Medicine Recognised?

Kharkiv Institute of Medicine is a branch of Kiev Medical University. As such, the Institute is internationally recognised just like its main counterpart in Kiev. The Institute's medical degree will be recognised all over the world.

Is Kharkiv Institute of Medicine Private?

Kharkiv Institute of Medicine is a private educational institution. Furthermore, it is a branch of the private Kiev Medical University.

Are There Any Summer Practices at the Institute?

Students at the Institute can participate in a summer internship at the hospital of Knurow. The programme is free of charge, and students need only pay for the trip.

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