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University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

Located in: Poland

  • Offers an affordable and globally recognised Medicine course, costing about per year
  • The campus is surrounded by forests and four lakes, offering a perfect atmosphere for education
  • The university is affiliated with renowned international programmes, showing its commitment to global collaboration and academic excellence

Quick Facts

Olsztyn, Poland
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Medicine, Pre-med
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Graduate Entry
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Recognised by:

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The curricula for the academic year
2022/2023 are now available.

About University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

The University of Warmia and Mazury is a public higher education institution established in 1999. It is located in Olsztyn and has the right to operate as an autonomous unit. Olsztyn is situated in Northeastern Poland on the Lyna river. It has a population of over 170,000 residents.

If you decide to study medicine in Europe in English, this medical school is one of the best places to do it. Here, you can enroll in a 6-year medical programme taught entirely in English. If you prefer to refresh your knowledge before starting the medicine course, you can enrol in a 3-week preparatory course offered by this medical school.

The university takes part in a lot of research activities and scientific projects. Being a student there will also make you part of them. Nowadays, there are 193 active research projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the National Science Centre, and the National Centre for Research and Development.

University of Warmia and Mazury is not only one of Poland’s best universities, but it’s the most beautiful one. The campus is surrounded by a forest and 4 lakes, making it an excellent place for study and leisure. The university took great care to provide everything needed for their students to feel at home. 

Courses Offered at The University of Warmia and Mazury

The University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn School of Medicine offers a pre-medical foundation program designed for high-quality students (IELTS 5.5 or higher) who need higher English language proficiency for academic success and solid preparation in English for main subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, Histology, and Physiology.

This medical school doesn’t offer graduate entry, and student transfers are accepted here.

The university is located at Michała Oczapowskiego 2, Olsztyn, Poland.

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Extracurricular and Leisure Activities

The University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn organises many conferences, symposiums, and lectures. The crowning event is the Olsztyn Days of Science and Art. For 3 days in September, students can witness science in an accessible and enjoyable fashion. The event features experiments, shows, lectures, and various performances.

In addition, there are 188 scientific societies and student organisations on campus. Notable mentions are the Student Society of Chiropterologists, Academic Society of Porcine Breeding, and AIESEC.

University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn Tuition fees

The M.D. programme at this university will cost you around for the 1st year, 10,100 for the 2nd, and approximately for the 4 remaining years. 

The cost of the prep course is as one time payment.

University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn School of Medicine

University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn Admission & Entry Requirements

If you have just finished high school and want to apply to this university, you will need good grades on your diploma and an English proficiency certificate. Also, you must sit an entrance exam in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Gaining admission to the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn can be fiercely competitive, and the application process can be complex and exhausting. The university sets a detailed list of application prerequisites and legal procedures to be adhered to, including the submission of specific documents that need to be translated, legalised, and notarised. Failing to comply with these will result in your application being rejected. However, our admissions experts, renowned as one of Europe's best, can handle your application process from start to finish, including all the legal details. On top of that, we have a firm relationship with the university and a deep understanding of their application process and entrance exam. By choosing Medlink Students, your application will be meticulously handled, which will significantly increase your odds of getting accepted. Additionally, we will also provide you with top-notch study resources that will help you prepare for the rigorous entrance exam. With us by your side, you can skip the confusing and exhausting part of applying abroad and focus on preparing for your entrance exam.


University of Warmia and Mazury is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools and is recognised by the World Health Organisation. All students who graduate from this medical school are eligible to apply for ECFMG certification. 

Receiving a diploma after successful graduation from this university will give you the right to practise in your dream country since it’s globally recognised.


If you prefer to live in the university’s hostels, you can choose between 2 dormitories that offer fully furnished rooms with private bathrooms and refrigerators. The dorms include a shared kitchen, laundry, and TV rooms. Every year, the university invests in improving living standards, so some dorms have gyms and sports halls. 

Nearby, there are student canteens and restaurants at the marina on the lake. Also, there is a wide variety of fast-food bars, and many of them are open even on the weekends. You will be able to taste delicious Polish cuisine at a low cost.

What is more, in this area you will never be bored. Several activity clubs around have something to offer for every kind of person. There, you can try scuba diving or horse riding, as well as sailing or swimming in the lake. 

Having such a high standard and well-developed area with all the needed facilities around and even more, you may think that the monthly rent will be very high. But the truth is, the price is pretty much low, around per month.

If you still prefer to live on your own, you can rent a one-bedroom flat for between and monthly. Including living expenses and utilities, you will need around per month.

Medicine in English University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

Life as a Medical Student in Olsztyn, Poland

Olsztyn was founded by the Teutonic Order of Knights to serve as a bastion against pagans. What began as a castle quickly grew into a town. Its original name was Allestein, but the local Polish population changed the pronunciation to Holstyn and eventually Olsztyn.

The Olsztyn Castle was built between 1246 and 1353, and during its early history, it alternated ownership between Polish and Teutonic forces. In the sixteenth century, Nicolaus Copernicus himself administered the castle’s defenses against a siege by the monastic order.

Today Olsztyn Castle is a majestic landmark and museum in the Old Town part of the city center. The area contains many other centuries-old buildings, such as the Old Town Hall, St. James Cathedral, the town walls, and the High Gate. Aspiring doctors love to spend their time in this part of the city since it offers many opportunities to grab a bite, coffee, or a beer.

However, this is not the only recreational area in Olsztyn. The city is very green, with 20% of the area occupied by forests. Moreover, there are several big lakes and many small ones within and around the town. You can even fish with a permit in some of them.

Olsztyn is a wonderful mixture of civilised and natural amenities, and international students enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the city.

Term Dates

The academic year starts with the winter semester on 05th October and lasts until 31st January, followed by a 3-week examination session. 

The second part of the year - the summer semester, starts on 22nd February and lasts until 13th June. It ends with a 2-week examination session.

The period from 28th June until 29th August is meant for summer vacation and practicals.

Accommodation Costs

Our experience throughout the years has provided us with valuable insight in the real estate field with which we will help you find the best accommodation for you.

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Living & Studying In University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the University Of Warmia And Mazury In Olsztyn?

The university is located in Olsztyn, Poland. The city lies in the Thousand Lakes region of the country. The school’s address is Michała Oczapowskiego 2, Olsztyn, Poland.

Can you transfer to the University Of Warmia And Mazury In Olsztyn?

Yes. Transfers are possible for medical students.

Can you study graduate entry medicine at the University Of Warmia And Mazury In Olsztyn?

This pathway is not available here.

How much do tuition fees cost at the University Of Warmia And Mazury In Olsztyn?

How much do tuition fees cost at the University Of Warmia And Mazury In Olsztyn?

Where is the University Of Warmia And Mazury In Olsztyn recognised?

The university's medical graduates get international recognition of their degrees. The World Health Organisation recognises it through its World Directory of Medical Schools. In addition, the UK General Medical Council also recognises the university.

Can you study medicine in English at the University Of Warmia And Mazury In Olsztyn?

Yes. You can study general medicine in English.

Does the University Of Warmia And Mazury In Olsztyn have graduates registered with the GMC?

Yes. As of 2022, the university has a few graduates registered with the UK General Medical Council.

Is there an entrance examination for the University Of Warmia And Mazury In Olsztyn?

Yes. There is an entry exam in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

What are the entry requirements for the University Of Warmia And Mazury In Olsztyn?

Student rankings take into consideration the entrance exam score and the high school diploma grades.

When does the semester begin?

The school year starts on the 5th of October.

When is the application deadline for the University Of Warmia And Mazury In Olsztyn?

The application deadline is on the 13th of May.

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