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Varna Medical University

Located in: Bulgaria

  • The university was established in 1961 and has since become a leader in medical education in Bulgaria
  • Varna MU has state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring students have access to the best resources during their academic journey
  • Collaborates with multiple European universities, providing students with global exposure and international experience
  • VMU implements advanced 3D software in medical training

Quick Facts

Varna, Bulgaria
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Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Pre-med
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Recognised by:

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The curricula for the academic year
2022/2023 are now available.

About Varna Medical University, Bulgaria

Medical University of Varna (MUV) is an award-winning, technologically advanced, and widely renowned university ideal for students wishing to study medicine in Europe. Varna Medical University is located in Varna, Bulgaria, and is famous for its beautiful beaches.

Varna Medical University has always strived to implement modern and advanced medical technologies. Students use the Blackboard Supplementary e-Learning Platform, a rich content platform of electronic tools that students can access through their computers and mobile devices. 3D technologies such as 3D software, 3D scanning and printing, and holograms are widely used in Anatomy training. Virtual microscopy allows students to observe microscopic preparations at high resolution. It’s an excellent opportunity to study medicine in Europe in a technologically advanced environment such as MU-Varna.

Varna is a very safe city and has a high safety index score. The campus is very safe, and the Medical University of Varna looks after its international students.

Courses Offered at Varna University

The MD Program at Varna Medical University consists of six-year medical studies in English (10 semesters and one year of state clinical internships). 

The Dentistry Programme is full-time only and includes three stages (6 years): the main course of study (ten semesters), the pre-graduation practice after the 10th semester (135 working days) and two training practices with 30 calendar days duration after the sixth and the eighth semester.

The Pharmacy Course is full-time only and lasts 5 years. It includes the course of study together with two training practices with 6 calendar days duration each after the fourth and the sixth semester, followed by a pre-graduation internship in a pharmacy after the 9th semester.

There is no graduate entry medicine at MU-Varna, and student transfer is not accepted. If you are interested in an accelerated medical or dental course in Europe, contact us, and we will give you a free consultation on your best options.

A 9-month long pre-med course in English is available for international students, studied in two stages: General English language (580 hrs) and English for Health Sciences (94 hrs).

The university is located at 55 “Marin Drinov Street”, 9002 Varna, Bulgaria​.

Extracurricular and Leisure Activities

International students have an exciting time at the Medical University of Varna from their first day. They begin with an orientation week that includes many events and activities. Aspiring doctors will have a chance to make new friends while engaging in games and discussions.

However, one week is not enough, and the university keeps organising exciting events throughout the school year. Students can attend guest professors’ lectures, visit various conferences, and listen to medical symposiums.

Furthermore, there is a separate student organisation for the three programmes: medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy. They plan academic and leisure events, and membership is generally a good idea.

The Medical University of Varna is also very serious about sports training. Athletically gifted students can participate in the basketball, football, volleyball, and tennis teams. The university has a sailing club participating in the local Varna Channel Cup Regatta. The teams have won multiple awards in various competitions. There is also a fair number of annual tournaments organized that Varna University students can take part in, including "Universiade", "Rector's Cup", "Summer University" and "Winter Universiade".

A theatre group and a rock band have become the favourite pursuits for the artistically inclined students on campus, frequently featuring in special 'Talents' Nights'. In truth, the constant stream of leisure events and initiatives at Varna Medical University ensures there's no time for idleness post-study: International Culinary Parties, charitable drives such as The Christmas, March and Easter Bazaars, scholarly conferences like the International Symposium of Young Scientists (BSYSB) and more. They all contribute to an engaging and rewarding experience within this close-knit community of future medical professionals.

Speaking of awards, the Medical University of Varna holds the Guinness Record for the largest human DNA helix. That’s right! A total of 4,000 participants formed a DNA helix on the Varna Southern Beach to set the record. Who knows what they’ll organise next?!

Medical University of Varna Tuition Fees

Here you can study medicine in a 6-year course, dentistry in a 6-year course, and a 5-year pharmacy course, all of which are taught in English.

The annual tuition fees for Medicine and Dental Medicine in English are for first-year students and per year for second to sixth-year students. The tuition fee for Pharmacy in English is per year.

Varna Medical University

Medical University of Varna Admission & Entry Requirements

To score a spot in the medical university of Varna, you’ll have to pass the entrance exams successfully. You must have good grades in Biology and Chemistry in high school.

The entry test is based on High School knowledge of Biology and Chemistry (for EU applicants only). Non-native English speakers will have to sit an English test too.

This year, the entrance exam will be online. The entry test will consist of 5 sections:

  • Multiple-choice questions – your standard MCQ with 4 available answers, 1 of which is correct
  • Gap-filling questions – filling in the appropriate missing words in a text
  • Matching questions – 2 columns where you have to match each item from column 1 to column 2
  • True/false – standard true/false statements
  • Definitions – where you explain what specific chemical and biological terms mean

The application deadline is 15 September for EU citizens and 15 July for non-EU nationals. If you haven’t received your high school diploma, you can still apply for MU-Varna and take the test.

admission process infographic

Applying to Varna Medical University can be a highly competitive process, with the application journey often feeling overwhelming and challenging to navigate alone. The university has a comprehensive list of application requirements and legal procedures that must be fulfilled, including the submission of specific documents that need to be translated, notarised, and legalised. Failing to fulfil these requirements will lead to your application getting rejected. However, you don't have to face this task alone. Our team of admissions experts, renowned for their expertise across Europe, specialises in handling all legal aspects to the smallest detail. Moreover, we have a well-established connection with Varna Medical University and possess detailed knowledge of the entire application process and entrance exam. Throughout the process, we will diligently manage your application, ensuring it meets the highest standards and significantly improves your chances of acceptance to this prestigious medical institution. Additionally, we will provide you with exceptional study materials that comprehensively prepare you for the demanding entrance exam, making it much more manageable to overcome. By choosing Medlink Students, you can avoid the stress of applying abroad and focus on preparing for the entry examination.

At Medlink Students, we can help you get an advantage over the other candidates. We can also support you throughout your education, and help you practise as a doctor in the UK.

University Accreditation

You will get an international degree in medicine when you complete your studies successfully.

Varna Medical University is a state medical university. It is accredited by the National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation at the Council of Ministers in the execution of the Law on Higher Education in the Republic of Bulgaria.

All degrees from the Medical University of Varna are recognised and accredited by the General Medical Council and the Australian Medical Council. This means you can continue your career in Medicine or Dentistry anywhere in the European Union, the European Economic Area, Australia, and beyond.

Student Accommodation

The Medical University of Varna offers two student hostels with a total capacity of 750 beds. For international students, the monthly rent is around and does not include electricity bills and subsistence.

Usually, students prefer private accommodation as it is more convenient in terms of privacy and proximity to the university. Monthly rent for an apartment in Varna will cost you between per month, depending on how close you are to the city center.

Living costs in Varna are generally low compared to the average European standard. You can expect to spend around per month on bills, food, and leisure activities.

Speaking about spending free time, you can never get bored here. The city hosts numerous historical museums, monuments, art galleries, theatres, and more. We recommend you take a walk in the city’s vast sea garden (park) and enjoy the sound of the sea waves while eyeing the amazing view.

Varna has a vibrant nightlife with an abundance of clubs and restaurants in the city center, which is next to the beach.

Life in Varna, Bulgaria, as a Medical Student

Varna has been a major cultural center for three thousand years. Once the ancient Greeks built a port at the Gulf of Varna, the city grew in sophistication with each new empire that occupied it. That’s why the city's streets feel much like a walk through European history with Thracian, Roman, Bulgarian, and Ottoman remnants to see.

Explorers of the city can witness remnants of all these periods, such as the oldest gold treasure in the world, the Roman baths, and the medieval churches and monasteries.

However, history is the least the city offers, especially to the 37,000 students studying at local universities. Varna has international fame as a tourist destination, and the sand beaches are a vital ingredient of the local allure. The gulf winds create excellent conditions for paragliding and kitesurfing, and there is a solid local scene for the latter.

In addition, the seaside clubs offer music styles for all tastes, and people can enjoy the performances of local and international stars at the local festivals.

Speaking of festivals, Varna goes the extra mile in cultural events by creating stages for cinema, art, ballet, opera, and over 20 other festivals. The local concert halls, theatres, and youth centers are booming with outstanding performances.

Another undeniable attraction of the city is the Sea Garden, the largest city park in the Balkans. It is a masterpiece of landscape architecture that blends nature with civilised accomplishments such as an open-air theatre, a zoo, an aquarium, a dolphinarium, and multiple museums. It is a truly refreshing way to enjoy the seaside of the city.

Last but not least, Varna is the third biggest city in Bulgaria, and it has a notable presence of young people on its territory. The city is buzzing with local events, and international students will always have plenty of opportunities for networking and adventure.

Term Dates

The first semester usually starts around mid-September, lasts 15 weeks, and ends at the end of the calendar year (27th December). Then you have your examination period in the entire month of January.

The second semester starts on the 10th of February, lasts 15 weeks, and ends at the end of May. The examination session is throughout the month of June and early July.

Accommodation Costs

Our experience throughout the years has provided us with valuable insight in the real estate field with which we will help you find the best accommodation for you.

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Living & Studying In Varna Medical University

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Medical University of Varna?

The university is located in Varna, Bulgaria. The city is located on the Eastern Black Sea coast. The university’s address is 55 “Marin Drinov Street”, 9002 Varna, Bulgaria​.

Can you transfer to the Medical University of Varna?

No. Transfers are not possible for medical students.

Can you study graduate entry medicine at the university?

No. Fast track medicine is not possible at the medical school.

How much do the tuition fees cost at the Medical University of Varna?

The annual fees for Medicine and Dentistry are for first-year students and per year for second to sixth-year students. The tuition fees for Pharmacy are .

Where is the Medical University of Varna recognised?

The university's medical graduates get international recognition of their degrees. The World Health Organisation recognises it through its World Directory of Medical Schools. In addition, the UK General Medical Council also recognises the university.

Can you study medicine in English at the university?

Yes. You can study medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy in English.

Does the University have graduates registered with the GMC?

Yes. The university has almost 300 graduates registered with the UK General Medical Council.

Is there an entrance examination?

Yes. There is an exam in Biology and Chemistry. There is also an English-proficiency exam for non-natives.

What are the entry requirements for the university?

Applicants need good secondary school grades in Biology and Chemistry. In addition, there is an entrance exam covering the same subjects.

When does the semester begin?

The first semester starts around mid-September and lasts around 15 weeks. The second one begins on the 10th of February and ends in May.

When is the application deadline?

The application deadline is on the 15th of September for EU residents and 15th of July for non-EU residents.

Is the Medical University of Varna good?

The Medical University of Varna combines proven medical education with advanced teaching technologies. In addition, aspiring doctors benefit from the vibrant student life, rich in extracurricular and leisure activities. The affordable tuition fees and living costs are also advantageous to international students.

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