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Wroclaw Medical University

Located in: Poland

  • Offers an internationally recognised 6-year Medicine programme and a 5-year Dentistry course
  • Emphasises practical training, allowing students to work alongside professionals from an early stage in their education
  • Located in Wroclaw, a city with a long medical history and home to several Nobel prize winners

Quick Facts

Wrolcaw, Poland
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Medicine, Dentistry
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About Wroclaw Medical University

Wroclaw Medical University is a public higher educational institution established in 1950. The university is located in Wroclaw - a city with a long medical history. The university has 5 faculties with more than 6,000 students.

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Wroclaw’s medical record can be traced back to the 13th century when the first hospital was founded. You may not know its name, but we are sure you know the name of Alois Alzheimer, who lived and worked in this town. He was a neurologist and psychiatrist who presented his finding on the degeneration of the brain cortex, also known as Alzheimer’s disease nowadays. The city was home to two more famous scientists who even won Nobel prizes, Robert Koch - the creator of modern bacteriology, and Paul Ehrlich - a pioneer of present chemotherapy.

From Wroclaw’s history, we can conclude that it was fated to be a medical town and is one of the best places to study medicine in English in Poland

The oldest faculty at Wroclaw Medical University is the faculty of medicine over 70 years old. Here, you can enrol in a 6-year M.D. programme. It is divided into two parts. The first part is theoretical, studied during years 1 and 2. From year 3 until the 6th year is the second part. It includes seminars, clinical demonstrations, rounds, and other hospital activities.

The DMD programme takes 5 years to complete. Just like the medical course, it’s divided into theoretical and clinical parts. For the summer vacations, you will be obliged to take a 4-week full-time ambulatory training. Your successful graduation will lead to receiving a globally recognised diploma titled Doctor of Dental Medicine. 

This medical school doesn’t offer graduate entry but accepts student transfers.

The location of the university is Rektorat, wybrzeże Ludwika Pasteura 1, 50-367 Wrocław, Poland.

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Wroclaw Medical University Tuition fees

The tuition fees at Wroclaw Medical University are as follows:

  • Medicine: per year
  • Dentistry: per year
Wroclaw Medical University

Wroclaw Medical University Admission & Entry Requirements

Wroclaw Medical University offers you an open competition. If you want to apply to this university, you are not required to sit any entrance exams or interviews. The score and ranking will be based only on the grades in your high school diploma for the following subjects: Chemistry, Biology-mandatory, and Physics or Mathematics. Students whose native language is not English must prove their English proficiency with a certificate of at least B2 level.

admission process infographic

If you choose to apply to Wroclaw Medical University, be prepared for a highly competitive and complex process. The university has a detailed set of requirements and legal procedures that must be followed, including the submission of specific documents that need to be translated, notarised, and legalised. Failing to comply with these requirements will result in your application being rejected. However, our admissions experts, who are widely recognised as some of the best in Europe, can handle your entire application process, including all the legal details, on your behalf. We have a strong relationship with the university and a thorough understanding of their application process. By choosing Medlink Students, your application will be managed with the utmost attention to detail, significantly increasing your chances of being accepted. With our assistance, you can avoid the exhausting aspects of applying to a medical school abroad and focus on what truly matters - your future medical studies.


This medical school is listed in the World Directory of Medical schools and is recognised by the World Health Organisation. Graduating from this university means you can apply for residency in every country globally and have the opportunity to practise.


Wroclaw Medical University has 2 dormitories with double and triple rooms. The rooms are fully equipped with everything you need - bed, bookshelf, chairs, wardrobe, desk, refrigerator, and bedcovers. Every floor has a shared bathroom and kitchen with a gas cooker and a sink. You should provide your utensils. A laundry room is also available for all the students in the dorm.

The “Jubilatka” dorm offers only double rooms at per person. The ”Blizniak” building offers double rooms with a monthly cost of , and triple rooms cost around per month per person.

If you choose to go for your flat, the monthly rent will be between and based on how far from the city center you are. In Wroclaw, the average cost of monthly utilities is around . Living expenses are up to your living standards, but the monthly cost is, on average .

Life as a Medical Student in Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw must be doing a great job of attracting and keeping 135,000 students. The city has a rich and diverse history that is part of its unique charm. Wroclaw has been a Czech, Polish, and German city throughout its thousand years of history, and it was also known as Vratislavia and Breslau.

The city was named after Duke Vratislav I of Bohemia, and the current name is simply the Polish equivalent of the name. Wroclaw grew around the local fortifications, and its strategic position on the river Oder further aided its growth.

Today, Old Town Wroclaw is an eclectic marvel of architecture surviving on the Western bank of the Oder. It has a moat remaining from the walled days of the city and a green belt promenade lining its inner side. What remains within is a gathering of landmarks such as churches, monastic complexes, palaces, and the renowned Wroclaw Market Square.

The latter contains many popular pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs, so it’s understandable why students love it so much. There is also an opera house and a theatre for connoisseurs of costume couture.

In addition, there are several annual festivals in Wroclaw that attract the continuous interest of aspiring doctors. The Stay Wild Festival is for local and international performers from various mainstream styles. In contrast, the Church of Doom festival focuses on the doom metal style and counterculture.

Term Dates

The first part of the academic year, the Winter semester, starts on the 1st of October and lasts until the 7th of February. The period from 23.12 to 06.01 is the Christmas break that is free of classes. The examination period is between 25.01 and 31.01

The summer semester starts on 22.02 and continues until 16.06, with a one-week Easter break from 01.04 to 07.04. The examination session for this semester is from 17.06 to 01.07.

Accommodation Costs

Our experience throughout the years has provided us with valuable insight in the real estate field with which we will help you find the best accommodation for you.

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Living & Studying In Wroclaw Medical University

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