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University of Siena

Located in: Italy

  • The university was established in 1240, making it one of the oldest universities in Europe
  • Offers an affordable and internationally recognised Dentistry course in English, costing up to per year
  • More than 15,500 students attend this prestigious university, including many international students from around the globe

Quick Facts

Siena, Italy
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The curricula for the academic year
2022/2023 are now available.

About University of Siena In Italy

The University of Siena is one of the first and oldest publicly funded universities in Italy. It was founded in 1240 and is now best known for its Schools of Medicine, Law, and Economics. The university houses over 20,000 students, and as recently as 2017, it opened up Dentistry in the English language. The university's motto is to establish a new international community with international students from all parts of the world, not just from Europe. The university already has high regard for research and teaching in the scientific community worldwide. Newly available technologies and advances in clinical research help to create dental graduates that excel above all others. The university adheres strictly to European standards of education, which ensures that the students are always privy to the highest standard of professional training.

Siena is a province situated in the central region of Italy called Tuscany, one of the more popular cities in Italy. The hills surrounding the area, as well as the ancient walls and landscapes, give this city a magnificent feel. On the Porta Camollia, which is the entrance to the center, the inscription ‘Cor Magis Tibi Saena Pandit’ greets its visitors. Siena opens its heart to you wider than this gate! The center of Siena was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Siena is one of the main cultural centers in Italy. It made its mark in history, going as far back as the Renaissance. The influence over the world in terms of literature, art, music, and landmarks shows just how well this city thrives culturally. In terms of architecture and monuments, the city boasts some of the most famous buildings in the world. You will always find something to do in this city! Centuries of tradition and history put this city on the map in terms of artistic legacy and significant cultural influence. The Italian Renaissance was born here, after all. There’s also the cuisine with an assortment of famous Italian and Tuscan dishes and foods. If ever you want to find a place to go to and have an exceptional dining experience, you can’t go wrong with Italy!

University of Siena’s address is Banchi di Sotto, 55, 53100 Siena, Italy.

Extracurricular and Leisure Activities

The University of Siena offers Italian language courses to interested international students. Students usually appreciate the opportunity to learn a foreign language, and knowledge of Italian becomes very useful once the clinical years begin.

In addition, the university promotes sports training in football, basketball, volleyball, fencing, tennis, and weightlifting. Students can participate in competitive teams or just exercise for fun and good health.

University of Siena Tuition Fees

The university offers a 6-year dentistry course in English. The tuition fee is up to per year. The tuition fees vary in accordance with your family’s economic status as well as the credits you’ve earned in the 12 months before 10th August; the tuition fee can change from the above values. Please ask for more information.

University of Siena

University of Siena Admission & Entry Requirements

As with all Italian medical and dental schools, applicants are evaluated primarily on their high school diplomas, especially their grades in biology and chemistry. Additionally, they are required to take the IMAT test. There is also an English test given at the university to test applicants on their proficiency in the English language. The degree is taught entirely in English. Students must have 3 Science A-Levels to apply, BTECs are not accepted here.

The IMAT consists of 60 multiple-choice questions with four multiple-choice options, and candidates have a maximum of 120 minutes to complete it.

The test is divided into two sections: scientific thinking and academic literacy/critical thinking, each containing 30 questions. The first section assesses mathematical, procedural, and visual thinking skills, while the second section evaluates analytical thinking and logical reasoning abilities.

admission process infographic

Applying to the University of Siena can be a tough and confusing process. The university has a long list of requirements and legal steps that must be followed, including sending in specific documents that need translation, notarisation, and official legalisation. If you don't follow these rules, your application will be rejected. But don't worry; our admissions experts, known as some of the best in Europe, can handle your entire application process for you, legal intricacies included. We've built a collaboration with the university and thoroughly understand how their application process works. When you choose Medlink Students, we guarantee your acceptance. Not only will we make sure that you submit an S-tier application, but we will also provide you with all the necessary learning materials to completely ace the entrance exams. With our help, you can ignore the confusing parts of applying to a medical school abroad and focus on what's most important - preparing for your exams and future studies.

We can also make your study endeavor hassle-free by providing full ongoing support throughout your journey to becoming a full-time doctor.

Seats Available at University of Siena for EU & non-EU candidates

For Candidates from the EU

Seats 20221st round 2022Seats 2023

For Candidates from non-EU

Seats 2022Cut-off 2022Seats 2023

Courses Offered at Siena University

The first three years are pre-clinical with a heavy emphasis on the fundamental subjects and stomatological disciplines; Anatomy, Pathology, Histology, Pharmacology, Dental Materials, Physiology, and Biochemistry, for example.
The next two years are more focused on medical, surgical, and fundamental disciplines, which are clinical. Preventative medicine, elective courses, and practical training are all offered at this stage of the course. Examples are Gnathology, Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics, Implantology, Periodontology, and Legal Medicine.
The last year has more of an emphasis on practical work such as oral and dental therapy and a final exam.

As with all Universities offered by Medlink, the University of Siena is recognised worldwide for its DMD degree: by UNESCO, the World Health Organisation, the General Medical Council in the UK, the Medical Council of Canada, as well as the United States Medical Licensing Board.

Thousands of international students apply from hundreds of countries around the world to study at the University of Siena. The excellent standard of education and long clinical experience that the students are subject to are but a few of the reasons why so many students choose to study here. With a large international community and Italy being responsible for a long history of training and influence over the future physicians of the world, the University of Siena is the place to go if you’re thinking about Dentistry!

The University of Siena doesn’t offer graduate entry


Siena University Accreditation

The GMC recognises the University of Siena. To be accepted, the GMC’s requirements are: you will need to have graduated successfully in a course that contained at least 5,500 hours and lasted at least three years.

Accommodation at the University of Siena

If you are looking for private accommodation, the University’s PR Office will provide you with a list of options. The latter include apartments, rooms, and a bed in a shared room. It’s best to consult with the Public Relations Office as they update the available accommodations regularly. Students looking for accommodation can also check the accommodation bulletin board on the university’s website. It’s quite an extensive list.

As for the living costs, you can expect to pay roughly €600 – €900 per month for everything inclusive. The main expense is the accommodation which will cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of €350

The University of Siena has a special agreement with The Tuscany Agency for University Services (DSU-Toscana). As a student here, you get a wide variety of perks. For example:

  • The university canteen offers students a menu of full meals and drinks at low cost;
  • Free or reasonably priced sports courses in football, basketball, volleyball, martial arts, and more;
  • A plethora of cultural and recreational activities for university students, such as theatres, cinemas, and museums.

Life as a Medical Student in Siena, Italy

According to legends, Siena was founded by Senius and Aschius, sons of Remus and nephews of Romulus - the founders of Rome. After Romulus murdered his brother, his nephews fled and founded Siena. They stole the statue of the Capitoline She-wolf for payback as well.

While Siena has spent the majority of its over 2500 years of existence in the shadows of Rome or Florence, it was its own republic for a good 400 years. Mentioning this fact will always warm the hearts of the locals, and it might even earn you a discount if you can say it in Italian.

Speaking of discounts, students at the university get plenty of these, and the local cafes and bakeries are excellent places to use them. In fact, Siana is famous for its confectionery products. The city is renowned for its Panforte, a chewy dessert that is an ancestor to fruitcakes. Other local delights are the Ricciarelli biscuits. If you have a sweet tooth, then Siena is the place to be. Or it would be best if you shunned it like kryptonite.

Another Sienese peculiarity is the ward culture of the city. Each neighborhood has its own animal mascot, boundary, and distinct identity. The wards' rivalry is most distinct during the biannual horse races known as Palio di Siena. Contestants compete for a banner bearing the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The event is very popular, and it draws big crowds.

In addition, Siena has countless landmarks, priceless pieces of art, history, and historical art. The city oozes culture, and students tend to soak up general sophistication and taste after six years of medical studies.

Term Dates

Didactic activities usually take place between mid-October and mid-January. The examination period follows right after, until the end of February. The second semester starts from the beginning of March to mid-June, followed by the exams until the end of July.

Siena CityUniversity of Siena Faculty of Medicine GraduationUniversity of Siena Faculty of Medicine InsideUniversity of Siena Faculty of Medicine Graduation Drone View

Accommodation Costs

Our experience throughout the years has provided us with valuable insight in the real estate field with which we will help you find the best accommodation for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the University of Siena?

The University of Siena is in Siena, Italy. The city is located in the hills of Tuscany. The school’s address is Banchi di Sotto, 55, 53100 Siena, Italy.

Can you study graduate entry medicine at the university?

No. Fast track medicine is not possible at this medical school.

What are the tuition fees for international students at the University of Siena?

Tuition fees cost around per year for the dental programme (6 years).

Where is the University of Siena recognised?

The university's medical graduates get international recognition of their degrees. The World Health Organisation recognises it through its World Directory of Medical Schools. In addition, the UK General Medical Council also recognises the university.

Can you study dentistry in English at the university?

Yes. You can study dental medicine in English.

Does the University have graduates registered with the GMC?

Yes. As of 2022, the university has over 50 graduates registered with the UK General Medical Council.

Is there an entrance examination for the University of Siena?

Yes, there is. Students should take the IMAT exam.

What are the entry requirements for the University of Siena?

Students should have 3 A-Level sciences. In addition, they should take the IMAT exam. There is also an English-proficiency test for applicants.

When does the semester begin?

The school year starts in mid-October.

What makes Siena a unique location for studying medicine?

Siena, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a rich educational environment that blends historical traditions in medicine with medieval architecture and art, providing a culturally enriching experience for medical students.

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