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Study Medicine in Belarus in English

In Belarus, you can study medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy in English, with tuition fees ranging from to .

Study Medicine in Belarus in English

Living & Studying In Belarus

Study medicine in belarus

About Studying Medicine in Belarus

Belarus is a famous destination for future doctors who dream of studying medicine abroad in a reputable university. Today, the country is home to several medical schools that share the same goal - to educate doctors who can work independently after graduation. The first established higher education institution for medical practitioners was founded in 1775 in the city of Grodno.

Belarus is definitely a place where you cannot run out of activities during your breaks. There are always new places for hiking and exploring their large area covered in forests and parks. There are more than 23,000 public sporting venues across the country. Also, the population is famous for being devoted to sports. If you are looking for a second player to play some tennis, you can basically even ask a stranger, there is a high chance that they will accept. 

Although the country is not part of the European Union yet, it follows the European and international standards for medical education. Also, the degree in medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy that you will receive is globally recognised. This ensures your worldwide opportunities to practise as a doctor everywhere in the world, including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and more.

Why Study Medicine in Belarus?

  • Belarus is among the fast-developing countries which offer good living standards
  • Belarusian population is famous for being some of the friendliest and warmest people, so you can always count on them for help
  • Their national library is also known as “The Diamond of Knowledge”. There is no book that you won’t find there
  • Well-developed and centuries-old education system achieved perfection in their teaching methods
  • 40% of the land is covered in green areas with stunning views and national parks
  • Access to the best hospitals and training by the best medical practitioners
  • All of the universities offer a pre-medical course which is a head start for your medical adventure
Study Medicine in Belarus in English

Complete List of Medical Universities In Belarus

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Quick Facts

Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Pre-Medical
Graduate Entry
Entrance Exam
Living Costs

Tuition Fees In Belarus

Average cost per year per course in Belarus

The Best Medical Universities in Belarus

  1. Vitebsk State Medical University is a public higher education institution. It was founded in 1934 starting its path as a hospital-medical institute. But it developed and grew up in no time. Thanks to the effort and hard work, today this school is among the top-ranked medical schools in Belarus. The campus is located in the fourth-largest city Vitebsk which fascinates each one of its visitors.

    Here, you can study an MD programme for 6 years and Dentistry or Pharmacy for 5 years. The university also offers prospective students the opportunity to enrol in a pre-medical course at the price of €1,800, a one-time fee. Tuition fees are for medicine per year, dentistry - €3,900 and pharmacy - €3,100 for 5 years. The diploma you receive after successful graduation is recognised worldwide.

    Applying for this university requires passing entrance exams in Biology and Chemistry. During your studies here, you will meet some of the best medical practitioners as your teachers. In your practical training, you will be able to use the most modern medical equipment and learn how to use it properly.
Vitebsk State Medical University

2. Grodno State Medical University is among the oldest medical schools in Belarus, located in the city of Grodno. Starting in 1775 until now the university has educated hundreds of thousands of physicians. The school has 6 faculties devoted to medical and health-related science.

Here, you can only study medicine in English for 6 years. The tuition fee per year is  . The curriculum includes theoretical classes held in the most modern lecture halls. Also, the practical training you will attend is among the best hospitals in the country which are also affiliated with the school. Grodno State Medical University offers pre-medical courses with intensive learning of Biology and Chemistry.

To apply, each candidate must attend an interview that evaluates their English level, as well as Biology and Chemistry knowledge. After achieving all the needed credits and successfully graduating, you receive an internationally recognised diploma.

Grodno State Medical University

3. Belarusian State Medical University is situated in the capital of Minsk. Despite closing for 2 years because of the obstacles during World War II, the school persevered. Shortly, it opened its doors again and continued educating at a high level as before. The university is now home to more than 6,500 students, a high percentage of which are international.

Here, you can study medicine in English in a 6-year programme at the annual price of . Dentistry and Pharmacy fully taught in English take 5 years to complete. Candidates who feel not prepared enough or want to study Biology and Chemistry in depth before the start of their master’s degree can enrol in a pre-medical course. The price for the foundation year is €2,600.

The admission ranking in this medical school is based on an interview with each invited candidate. The interview’s main goal is to evaluate your English skills, and Biology and Chemistry knowledge. After successful graduation, you receive a globally recognised diploma. This means you will be free to practise in whichever country you wish around the world.

Belarusian State Medical University

How can I get admission to Belarus university?

Good knowledge of Biology and Chemistry, as well as the English language, are required in all of the universities. Usually, you must have science knowledge at a secondary school level.

The admission process for the Grodno State Medical University and Belarusian State Medical University is the same. An interview is held with each applicant to evaluate their knowledge of Biology and Chemistry as well as their English language proficiency. 

The admission exam for the Vitebsk State Medical University is written. But it includes the same subjects as mentioned so far and is held in English.

Contact Medlink Students for a free consultation on your best options to study medicine in Belarus.

Belarusian medical schools

How much does it cost to study medicine in Belarus?

Studying medicine in Belarus is a lot more affordable compared to other European countries. Tuition fees for the English-taught programmes don’t go over €5,000 per year. Here, you can study pharmacy in English for between €3,800/yr and €4,200/yr. Dentistry goes between €3,800 and €4,700, and Medicine is from €3,900 up to €4,200 per year. 

Aside from money, education also costs hard work and effort. If you are willing to devote yourself to the health-related sciences, you must study hard and don’t count only on what you hear in class. Make a schedule for studying outside the school. To graduate successfully, you must make sure to get enough rest but study hard as well.

Living costs in Belarus


Although it's a well-developed country, Belarusian prices are not as high as you probably expect. Flats rents in cities different from the capital, like Vitebsk and Grodno, cost only between €150 and €250 per month. 

Apart from rent, the costs for utilities and food are almost equal everywhere across the country, including the capital Minsk. Basic monthly utilities like electricity, heating/cooling, water and Internet cost less than €100. 

Market prices are literally extremely low. For example, a pack of 12 eggs costs only €1, and a litre of milk is around €0,50. A regular student here spends no more than €150-€200 monthly on food expenses. How much you will spend on leisure time and sports activities is all up to your preferences. But the prices are still low and affordable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to study medicine in Belarus?

The medical course in Belarus continues for 6 years.

How much does it cost to study medicine in Belarus?

Belarusian universities offer affordable tuition fees in the range of between and .

What is the cost of living in Belarus?

Living costs in Belarus are about €500-700 per month. However, they depend on the city, accommodation (apartment, dorms, etc) and the students’ own personal needs and expenses.

How long does it take to study medicine in Belarus?

It takes six years to complete a medical programme in Belarus. The first two are pre-clinical, the next three are clinical, and the final one involves an internship.

Can you study medicine in Belarus in English?

Yes, absolutely! All medical universities in Belarus that we work with offer their medical programmes entirely in English.

What is the best medical university in Belarus?

Belarusian State Medical University, Grodno State Medical University and Vitebsk State Medical University are considered to be the best medical schools in Belarus.

Is graduate entry allowed in medical universities in Belarus?

No, graduate entry is not accepted in any medical universities in Belarus. However, transfers are accepted in some.

Are entrance exams mandatory for studying medicine in Belarus?

Yes, every medical exam in Belarus requires entrance exams in chemistry, biology and/or physics. Students attending its English language programmes must also pass an exam or interview in English.

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