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Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome

Located in: Italy

  • Located in Italy's capital city, Rome, the university provides students with a vibrant student life in one of Europe's most beautiful cities
  • Collaborates with the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital to provide its students with exceptional clinical training
  • The university offers a top-tier Medicine course in English, designed to give a global perspective on medical education

Quick Facts

Rome, Italy
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Medicine, Pre-med
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About Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome

Campus Bio-Medico University is a private university established in 1991. It is located in the most populated city in Italy, Rome, with more than 2,000,000 inhabitants. There are 2 faculties here - Medicine and Engineering.

Rome is situated along the shores of Tiber. What makes this city one of the most special is that within its boundaries, there is Vatican City - the smallest country in the world. Rome is not only visited for its beauty and remarkable attributes. Many students who decided to study medicine in Italy are led here because of the several universities around the city.

Courses Offered at Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome

Currently, Campus Bio-Medico University offers only a 6-year medical course taught in English. The curriculum consists of pre-clinical and clinical years. The purpose of the pre-clinical years is to educate you on the basic knowledge of medicine.

When it comes to the clinical years, there’s not much theory involved. Most of the subjects are devoted to acquiring practical skills. For this purpose, you will be granted access to the teaching hospital, simulators, and training that can help you grow your medical mind.

Currently, the school offers a foundation year in English and Italian. The total cost of the Foundation Year programme is € 6,000, paid in two installments.

The university doesn’t offer graduate entry, but you can apply for a student transfer if you meet the requirements.

Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome is located at Via Álvaro del Portillo, 21, 00128 Roma RM, Italy.

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Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome Tuition fees

The annual cost of the 6-year medical programme here is paid in 3 instalments throughout the academic year.

Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome medicine

Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome Admission & Entry Requirements

Applying for this university doesn’t require the usual IMAT examination. The university organises its own exam, which consists of 100 multiple-choice questions. They include logical thinking, basic science knowledge in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, and some general knowledge questions. The duration of the exam is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

If your native language is not English, you will need a proficiency certificate that proves your level of knowledge.

admission process infographic

Getting accepted into the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome is highly competitive, and navigating the application process can confusing and exhausting to handle on your own. The university has a lengthy list of application requirements and legal procedures that must be completed, including submitting specific documents that need to be translated, notarised, and legalised by an official authority. Failing to meet these requirements will result in your application being rejected. But you don't have to tackle this challenge alone. We have one of the best admissions teams in Europe, specialising in taking care of student applications from beginning to end, including all the legal details. Moreover, we have established a strong collaboration with the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome and possess extensive knowledge of their entire application process and entrance exam. We will ensure that your application meets the highest standards and makes you stand out amidst the competition. Additionally, we will provide you with outstanding study materials that will thoroughly prepare you for the demanding entrance exam, making it much more manageable for you to ace it. By choosing Medlink Students, you can guarantee getting accepted into this reputable medical school. With our support, you can avoid the stress of applying abroad on your own and focus your energy on preparing for the entrance examination and your future career in medicine.


Receiving a diploma from Campus Bio-Medico University gives you the right to apply for residency, continue studies for a PhD or start practising right after graduation.

The university is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools. It is recognised by the World Health Organisation and many local medical and educational institutions around the globe.


The university cooperates with 4 student housing options. There are women’s and men’s residence buildings. There are private and shared rooms with bathrooms and furniture for your best comfort. 

There are shared facilities like study and laundry rooms, gyms, canteens and kitchens. The prices vary depending on the chosen dormitory and type of room.

Living on your own in Rome will cost you around €1,800 per month, about €800 of which is the rent for a one-bedroom flat and €300 for utilities. The cost of your living expenses and leisure time is only up to you and your standards.

Leisure time activities

The university offers a huge variety of social and sports activities throughout the campus. There are voluntary activities that include helping patients in the university hospital, the elderly, victims of natural disasters, and children. Not only the students but also the lecturers are engaged in voluntary campaigns.

Other on-site activities include the choir and chamber ensemble, theatre workshop, photography course and film club. University offers sports like basketball, soccer, volleyball, rugby, skiing and sailing. 

More unusual activities for a European Medical School are offered here. Campus Bio-Medico University annually organises the Campus’ Got Talent show. Students, as well as administrative staff and teachers, can take part individually or in small groups.

Term Dates

The academic year consists of two semesters with Christmas and Easter breaks. There is an exam session after every semester.

Accommodation Costs

Our experience throughout the years has provided us with valuable insight in the real estate field with which we will help you find the best accommodation for you.

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Living & Studying In Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome

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