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Study Medicine In Bulgaria In English

Bulgaria is a popular destination for international medical students. Tuition fees are around per year. English-taught programmes include medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine.

graduation from sofia medical university

Living & Studying In Bulgaria


About Studying Medicine in Bulgaria

There are 6 universities where you can study medicine in Bulgaria. Medical School experiences here are very enriching as all of the universities offer world-renowned courses. The medical schools in Bulgaria offer extra classes during the week in the Bulgarian language to help students integrate into the country better.

Medical education in the country is generally 6-years. Tuition fees for studying medicine in Bulgaria are between and per year. Below is a list of all the universities which teach Medicine and Dentistry in English in Bulgaria.

Why Study Medicine in Bulgaria?

If you hesitate about whether you made the right decision by going to Bulgaria, here are the reason you made a good choice.

  • Globally recognised degrees
  • World-class level of education
  • Low living cost and tuition fees
  • Universities with the latest modern facilities
  • High-developed hospitals and clinics to practice
  • Part of EU, which makes it easy-accessible
  • A wide variety of universities to choose from
graduation from sofia medical university

The Best Medical Universities In Bulgaria

Check out our price breakdown of the top medical schools in Bulgaria



Tuition fee

Tuition fee


  • Medicine (2)
  • Pharmacy (2)
  • Dentistry (1)
  • Pre-Med (1)


  • September / October (2)

Trakia University

Trakia University is located in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, and offers a number of medical and veterinary programmes to both local and international students. Its small medical faculty of about 600 students means that each one of them receives individual attention on their path to becoming a doctor.

Plovdiv Medical University

Plovdiv's Medical University opened in 1945, with schools of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy open to both local and international students. The local library offers more than 170,000 books in English, and any degrees obtained there (either MD or one of the many specialities offered) will be recognised internationally.

Sofia Medical University

Sofia's medical university is located in the capital of Bulgaria. Established in 1917, it's the oldest and most prestigious university of medicine in Bulgaria. It offers four faculties for medical studies: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Public Health, all of which are taught in English for international students.

University of Sofia St Kliment Ohridski

Sofia's "St. Kliment Ohridski" University is Bulgaria's oldest institute of higher learning. The university has about 20,000 students from both Bulgaria and abroad, and offers English-language medical classes. Students from the UK and beyond can study medicine, pre-med and pharmacy from world-class educators.

Varna Medical University

The Medical University of Varna is an award-winning and highly advanced medical institute located in Bulgaria's "sea capital". Founded in 1961, it has since hosted students from over 45 countries in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy classes taught in English.

Pleven Medical University

Medical University - Pleven is the biggest university in Pleven, Bulgaria, founded in 1974 on the site of an 1865 hospital. Those who wish to study medicine in Europe are welcome to enjoy the university's vast collection of medical texts in English and state of the art learning facilities.

Quick Facts

Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary, Pharmacy
Graduate Entry
Entrance Exam
Living Costs

Tuition Fees In Bulgaria

Average cost per year per course in Bulgaria

Medical Universities in Bulgaria that Teach Medicine and Dentistry in English

1. Medical University of Varna. It was founded in 1961 and had been producing high-quality international doctors and dentists since then. The English programme started in 2003. Varna is located on the Black Sea beach and is a vibrant tourist city, especially in the summer.

During the winter, it is calmer, so students can focus on their education without too many distractions. Medlink Students has been operating in Varna for many years and has helped many students get admitted to various medical universities in Bulgaria.
International students studying Medicine in Bulgaria enjoy English-taught courses. Transport within the city is very fluid, with cheap taxis and buses constantly travelling around.

Generally, a flight from London to Varna Airport is 3 hours long only. Varna International Airport is a 15-minute ride via taxi to the medical university.

This is generally the most competitive university in the country to gain admission in. Students should prepare very well for the entrance exam. Tuition fees for Dentistry and Medicine are per year, and for Pharmacy – per year.

Study Medicine in Bulgaria at Medical University Varna

2. Medical University in Sofia. It is located in the capital of Bulgaria in Eastern Europe and is the oldest medical school in the country. The university has a big section for 400 International students hoping to study in the English medical programme.

Foreign students can also study dentistry in Bulgaria on the International programme, with 200 seats. Several flights go directly from London to Sofia International Airport and are usually 2-3 hours long. The airport is usually a 20-minute ride via taxi to the Medical University.

To gain admission, students will have to sit a Science entrance exam at the university. Two multiple-choice entrance exam sessions are held around early September to prove their biology and chemistry knowledge.

This is a very competitive university to get into. Tuition fees for Dentistry and Medicine are per year, and for Pharmacy – per year.

Study Medicine in Bulgaria at Sofia Medical University

3. Plovdiv Medical University. It is located in a small city called Plovdiv. This medical university was founded in 1945. The Medical University of Plovdiv is in a cosy town in Bulgaria, known as the oldest city in the country. Students can study Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy in the English course.

The institute enrols about 300 students per year and is as well established as the above universities. Flights are not as frequent to Plovdiv International Airport, so most students travel to Sofia International Airport and then get a taxi or bus to Plovdiv. The taxi journey is about 45-50 mins and will cost about per journey.

This university requires applicants to sit a competitive entrance exam and score over 70%. The tuition fee is per year.

Study Medicine in Bulgaria at Plovdiv Medical University

4. Trakia Medical University. is located in a small city in the mountains called Stara Zagora. The nearest airport is Sofia International Airport which is a 2-hour taxi ride.

Trakia University teaches Medicine and Veterinary Medicine in English but not dentistry. The course capacity and campus are small and cosy. Tuition fees are per year for Medicine and per year for Veterinary Medicine.

Study Medicine in English at Trakia University

5. Pleven Medical University. It is located in Pleven, Bulgaria. The university only has English-taught medical courses, and there are no dentistry courses for international students.

Pleven Medical University is the only medical school in the country that does not begin in September. The academic year starts in February, and the university requires a Biology and Chemistry entrance exam. The tuition fee is per year.

Study Medicine in English at Pleven Medical University

Entry Requirements to Study Medicine in Bulgaria

Generally, most universities require the student to pass A-level Biology and Chemistry. Do inquire with Medlink Students regarding admission with A-levels, GCSEs, or BTECs.

Furthermore, Bulgarian universities have entrance examinations, usually in Biology and Chemistry. Some schools offer separate exams, while others administer a single composite one. These examinations have the most significant weight in determining entry to the university.

Last but not least, the entry requirements to study medicine in Bulgaria in English may include an English proficiency exam for non-native speakers. Some universities require just a language-level certificate instead.

Check If You Meet The Requirements


How Much Does it Cost to Study Medicine in Bulgaria?

The country is one of the most affordable destinations for medical education within the European Union. Tuition fees in Bulgarian medical universities are between and .

In addition, living costs for international students are another - per month without rent. Single-bedroom apartments cost between and , depending on the city and the location, and dorms are even cheaper.

Tuition Fees to Study Medicine in Bulgaria

Most English medical universities in Bulgaria have a tuition fee of per year. All dentistry courses also cost per year. However, smaller medical schools in Bulgaria charge a tuition fee of per year.

The preparatory courses (medical foundation courses) are usually around half of the annual tuition fee payment.

Bulgarian tuition fees to study medicine in English are among the lowest in the European Union. Romania is the only country that has programmes below .

Living Costs of Studying Medicine in Bulgaria

The living costs in Bulgaria are overall lower than most of the other countries in Europe, but the quality of life is still good around here, giving citizens a lot of liberty. That's the reason a lot of international students opt to study medicine in Bulgaria in English. Of course, the living costs vary from city to city and on the type of lifestyle you want to lead, but we have gone of our way to give you the average expenses you may have if you want to study and live in Bulgaria:


You should keep in mind that these average prices are calculated based on sojourning in a small apartment. In that regard, there are cheaper variants available, like hostels and dormitories. Not only are dormitories cheaper, but they offer the real spirit and experience of student life and help form a bond between the students.

GMC Recognised Medical Schools in Bulgaria

All the universities meet the GMC requirements, as their programmes follow European regulations. Students who study medicine in Bulgaria are awarded 360 credits and 5,500 hours in their final diploma. This allows graduates to work as doctors in the UK.

Best Dental School in Bulgaria

Generally, Bulgaria's best dental school award could go to any university in Varna, Plovdiv, or Sofia. They all offer excellent courses and flourish the labs with excellent dental resources.

Best Medical Schools in Bulgaria

The leading medical universities in Bulgaria generally offer state-of-the-art technology to teach students anatomy in classes in their initial years and offer good clinical experience in the later years. The universities in Sofia, Plovdiv, and Varna offer outstanding medical education in Bulgaria.

See our reference page for all you need to know about the universities in Europe that teach medicine in English or the top dental universities in Europe.

Graduate Entry Medicine in Bulgaria

All Bulgarian programmes are 6-years long. Graduate medicine entry and graduate dentistry entry do not exist in Bulgaria.

The most you can get from your degree is exemptions from subjects you've already studied, as long as your previous university module matches the hours and content taught at the medical university.

Medlink Students can help you with this procedure if you have at least 80% of the subject's total hours. Read more about graduate medicine opportunities here.

Fancy speaking to an advisor about what university is best for you? Just send us a quick free application, and we’ll contact you shortly.

Study Medicine in Bulgaria?

Bulgarian universities offer modern education with international recognition of the degree. The low cost of living and tuition fees make it an attractive destination for international students. However, the natural allure of the country is its magnetic culture, rich heritage, and charming opportunities for recreation.

Bulgaria is the oldest country in Europe, with thirteen hundred years of history.

Bulgaria has well-developed free healthcare facilities (for EU nationals). It is safe, and has wonderful weather, especially during the summer months, which attracts a lot of tourists each year.

Bulgaria as a country offers a variety of opportunities for fun and recreation for tourists and students. During the summer, cities like Varna and Plovdiv draw large numbers of visitors, mostly from other European nations like Germany and the United Kingdom, who come to enjoy the beach, the sightseeing, and the warm weather. 

Is Studying Medicine in Bulgaria Good?

Here are the main reasons that make Bulgaria a great destination to study medicine:

  • Worldwide recognition of the degree
  • World-class level of education
  • Very affordable tuition fees
  • Very affordable living costs
  • Challenging yet rewarding clinical hours
  • Available student dormitories
  • Vibrant international student communities
  • Bulgaria is a member of the European Union
  • Bulgarian culture and hospitality

Lifestyle Reasons to Study Medicine in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, and it would be a very familiar setting for representatives of both continents while remaining somewhat exotic.

The country can boast many ancient landmarks left from Thracian and Roman times. Furthermore, Bulgaria has many ancient churches, monasteries, and mosques, surviving to this day as a testament to local religious tolerance.

However, the most remarkable landmarks in the country are the natural ones. Bulgaria has astonishing geography, including mystic mountains, scenic meadows, and sandy beaches. The Balkans, Rila, and Pirin have excellent hiking, camping, and skiing conditions.

Furthermore, the Bulgarian Black Sea coast hosts some of the most popular beaches in the EU. The local conditions for kitesurfing and paragliding are excellent, while free divers can enjoy easily accessible shipwrecks.

Bulgarian cuisine possesses its own charm with lots of savoury salads, sauces, cold cuts, and pastries. The traditional dishes include Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods with added local flavours.

Study Medicine in Bulgaria in English

Bulgarian medical universities offer excellent education programmes with rewarding clinical hours and exciting opportunities for extracurricular activities. International students will enjoy low tuition and living costs while benefiting from world-renowned training.

Furthermore, living in Bulgaria is a treat to remember for a lifetime. Magnetic culture, glorious food, and a splendid climate are just a few local attractions.

For those interested in exploring more diverse options for studying medicine across Europe, Medlink Students provides insights into various programs, allowing you to compare and choose the best fit for your career goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my degree be recognised?

All around the world! Feel free to choose your next destination after graduating.

Should I pass entrance exams?

Yes, all of the universities require an entrance exam.

Can I study medicine in English in Bulgaria?

Yes, you can! All courses for international students are English-taught.

Is Bulgaria safe for students?

Absolutely yes! Bulgaria is one of the safest countries in Europe. It is a preferred destination for many students and tourists. Locals are very friendly and welcoming.

How much does it cost to study medicine in Bulgaria?

The cost of tuition is about per year, depending on the university. In addition, living costs range between and per month, based on various factors (accommodation, travel costs, entertainment budget, etc).

Is Bulgaria a good place to study medicine?

Bulgaria is considered one of the best European countries to study medicine in due to the low living costs and the high quality of the medical education provided.

How many years is medicine course in Bulgaria?

Bulgarian medical universities offer 6-year medical programmes.

What is the Best medical university in Bulgaria?

The Medical Universities of Sofia, Plovdiv and Stara Zagora (Trakia) are considered the best in the country. But due to the high overall level of education, most medical universities are considered very prestigious.

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