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University of Debrecen Medical School

University of Debrecen Medical School

Located in: Hungary

The University of Debrecen has been offering its esteemed medical programmes in English since 1987, allowing international students who wish to study medicine in Europe the chance to graduate with degrees in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy. Today, the curriculum is internationally respected, and degrees from Debrecen are recognised in the UK and beyond.

Quick Facts

Debrecen, Hungary
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Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Pre-med
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The curricula for the academic year
2022/2023 are now available.

About the Medical University of Debrecen

The University of Debrecen was founded in 1912. At the time, only four faculties existed. The medical school consists of 22 departments in basic sciences and 25 clinical departments, including the fields of Clinical Chemistry, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Psychiatry, Paediatrics, and more. The Medical University of Debrecen also serves as a city hospital for the city of Debrecen, so students looking for clinical training need not look any further.

The faculty of medicine started M.D. training in English in 1987, with only 49 students. Debrecen is now proud to say its current number of students exceeds 1500. The University of Debrecen is internationally recognised in the fields of both basic and clinical research, which facilitates the support and close cooperation of researchers and interdisciplinary studies. All curricula meet the challenges of modern times and embody basic but comprehensive values regarding the course.

The faculty of medicine is located at 4032 Debrecen, Nagyerdei krt. 94, Hungary. There are no graduate entry routes, but student transfers are welcome.

Extracurricular and Leisure Activities

With 29,000 students at the University of Debrecen, there are plenty of facilities to provide extracurricular and leisure activities for scholars. There are three main categories where the latter can expect excellent quality: research opportunities, university clubs, and sports opportunities.

The University of Debrecen has stable funding for its numerous research programmes. Curious young minds can use 7 libraries and over 500 labs across the campuses. In addition, aspiring doctors can count on the two teaching hospitals with over 3 million patients annually.

Furthermore, 5 dedicated university clubs and student centres offer various events year-round. These spaces serve as places for concerts, lectures, exhibitions, party venues, or just locations for hanging out.

Besides, the International Student Union uses many facilities to set up its popular events. With 6,000 international students in the university and 2000 in the medical faculty alone, the ISU is an exciting opportunity to make friends and network. They host many yearly events, such as the Fresher Ball, the Night of Thousand Lights gala dinner, and International Food Day.

Last but not least, the university encourages students to participate in sports. Tennis courts, running tracks, football fields, and gyms are all free. In addition, future doctors can enjoy various recreational day trips across the country for skiing and rowing.

Debrecen Medical University Tuition Fees

English programmes here include 6-year medicine, 5-year pharmacy, 5-year dentistry and a 6-month foundation medicine course. Tuition fees are:

  • Medicine – around €15,350 per year
  • Dentistry – around €15,888 per year
  • Pharmacy – around €7,264 per year
  • Pre-medical – around €6,500, one time
Study Medicine in Hungary

Debrecen Medical School Admission & Entry Requirements

To gain entry into this prestigious medical university in Hungary, you will need to have English language proficiency, which will be tested in the entrance exam. You will also need a high school certificate. Finally, you will have to pass the written and oral entry exams in biology and chemistry/physics.

The application deadline is 30th June every year.

Alternatively, if you sign up for the foundation year medicine course and complete it successfully, you will be guaranteed entry into the first year of your programme of choice.

Medlink Students specialise in guaranteeing applicants like you admission into a medical university of their choosing. We can help you ace the entrance exams and gain an advantage over your competition for entry.

We have all the necessary means, including study materials and consultation with current students, to secure your seat at Debrecen Medical University. We will simplify your application process, support you throughout your studies, and help you practise as a doctor in Europe or back home.


The medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy degrees are recognised in all European Union states, the European Economic Area, and of course, by the General Medical Council (GMC), the World Health Organization, the State Education Department (NY, USA), and the Medical Board of California. A degree from the University of Debrecen Medical School will allow you to find a job anywhere in the world.

Student Accommodation

The university offers several hostels in proximity to the university’s main campus. Depending on which one you choose, you can rent a single, double, or triple room.

All hostel rooms are properly equipped with air conditioning, wireless internet, TV, bathroom, fridge, etc. (similar to a 3-star hotel). Prices are around €630 per person per semester.

Debrecen is the second-largest city after Budapest in Hungary and is known as the regional centre of the Northern Great Plain region. It is widely classed as a leading global city with its economic hub and close proximity to the capital city (230km).

Great attractions include the Hortobagy National Park, the holiday resort (where the university campus lies), and the Great Forest, also known as Nagyerdo.

The living costs for students who study medicine here are incredibly cheap, with private rent at around €250 per month and utilities averaging roughly €100 per month. You can expect to pay approximately €450 to €550 per month for everything inclusive (without rent), generally while studying in medical universities in Europe.

Life as a Medical Student in Debrecen, Hungary

Debrecen is the second-largest city in Hungary, with 200,000 people. It has been the cultural centre of Eastern Hungary for almost 5 centuries now, and this achievement is due to the Calvinist College founded in 1538. This is the old name of the University of Debrecen, an institution of significant cultural and educational impact.

The university itself is a landmark of its own, with its old campus building, the campus church, and the clock tower next to it. The famous botanical garden is also located there. Moreover, the Great Forest Park and lake Bekas are right next to the university; they are excellent for aspiring doctors to clear their minds and enjoy nature.

Since the University of Debrecen is the largest in Hungary and educates 29,000 students, many compare it to the city's beating heart. Still, Debrecen itself has much to offer in terms of recreation and leisure for international explorers.

First of all, the city is very peaceful and picturesque. International students enjoy the many little markets and the two shopping malls. The town is pedestrian and cyclist-friendly; thus, people can enjoy an active lifestyle in a friendly environment.
International students are also quite fond of the Thermal Baths of Debrecen. The waters are rich in minerals and have proven curative properties. These waters were used for thousands of years, proving miraculous during tough exam weeks.

Finally, aspiring doctors can venture into the wilds when they grow tired of civilised life. Hortobagyi National Park is just a few miles away from Debrecen, and it is a protected area within the country. The park is a part of the Great Hungarian Steppe; it’s why Magyars (as Hungarians call themselves) chose to settle here 12 centuries ago.

Hortobagyi National Park is a sea of grassland with historical and folk importance. It is an excellent place to connect with nature, and visitors gain a new perspective on the horizon and the skies. A day here can be a truly transcendent experience.

Term Dates

The academic year usually begins in early September and ends in mid-December (14 weeks). The first semester’s exam period is between mid-December and late January (7 weeks)

The second semester starts in early February, lasts 14 weeks, and ends in mid-May. The examination session is between May - June.

Accommodation Costs

Our experience throughout the years has provided us with valuable insight in the real estate field with which we will help you find the best accommodation for you.

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Living & Studying In University of Debrecen Medical School

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is the University of Debrecen?

Debrecen University was established in 1912.

Does Debrecen Medical University offer graduate entry programmes?

Unfortunately, no.

Is University of Debrecen accredited?

The university's medical graduates get international recognition of their degrees. The World Health Organisation recognises it through its World Directory of Medical Schools. In addition, the UK General Medical Council also recognises the university.

Can I transfer to Medical University of Debrecen?

Yes. The university welcomes student transfers.

Where is the Medical University of Debrecen?

The university is located in Debrecen, Hungary. The city is situated in the Great Hungarian Plain. The faculty of medicine is located at 4032 Debrecen, Nagyerdei krt. 94, Hungary.

How much do tuition fees cost at the medical school of the University of Debrecen?

General Medicine costs around €15,350 per year. Dentistry is €15888, and Pharmacy costs €7264. The premedical course is €6500.

Does the University of Debrecen teach in English?

Yes. You can study medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy in English. There is also a pre-med course in English.

Does the University have graduates registered with the GMC?

Yes. The university has over 400 graduates registered with the UK General Medical Council.

Is there an entrance examination?

Yes. There are entry exams in Biology and Chemistry or Physics. The exams have written and oral components.

What are the entry requirements for the university?

Applicants need good grades in the exams and high school certificates. Alternatively, aspiring doctors can guarantee their entry by completing the pre-med course at the university.

When does the semester begin?

The first semester begins in early September and lasts until mid-December.

When is the application deadline?

The application deadline is on the 30th of June.

Is the University of Debrecen private?

No. It is a state university.

Is Debrecen University good?

The University of Debrecen has centuries of academic excellence and rich traditions of high-quality education. Moreover, local students benefit from cutting-edge research opportunities, active university clubs, and refreshing sports opportunities. Last but not least, the university itself is a landmark of its own, with its old campus building, the campus church, and the clock tower next to it. The famous botanical garden is also located there.

Is Debrecen good for international students?

The city offers plenty of recreational opportunities to International students. In addition, it has a rich history, plenty of landmarks, and green spaces. Last but not least, there are thousands of international students in the city, and they form a vibrant community with numerous events.

How many international students are in Debrecen University?

There are 6000 international students at the university, and 2000 of them are in the medical faculty.

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