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Special April 2023 Intake Available Now. Limited Seats

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ceu san pablo university dentistry in english

CEU San Pablo University

Located in: Spain

CEU San Pablo University is a private university in Madrid, Spain. It was founded in 1933 and is part of the CEU (Catholic University of the East) network of universities. The university offers a 5-year dentistry Bachelor’s degree taught in English.

Quick Facts

Madrid, Spain
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€ 20700
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Graduate Entry
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Entrance Exam
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Living Costs
€ 2000/month
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Recognised by:

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About CEU San Pablo University

San Pablo University is part of Spain's largest private education institution and is known for its pioneering teaching quality. The medical school is internationally oriented, with students from over 50 countries. Students are at the heart of everything CEU does, and the university is committed to helping students grow professionally and personally.

San Pablo University also has a vocation to serve society and conducts research and teaching innovation projects to contribute to making the world a better place. The university is committed to guiding and helping students make the most of their opportunities and education.

CEU San Pablo University has two campuses, Moncloa and Montepríncipe, located in the North-Western areas of Madrid. Both campuses provide students with an international and modern environment with state-of-the-art facilities and services for academic activities and practical work.

These include laboratories, research centres, and computer rooms. Additionally, CEU operates a Polyclinic in the city centre, which specialises in dental, physiotherapy, psychology, and nutrition services. Students receive hands-on training by treating patients under the supervision of faculty professors.

The university accepts student transfers, but we don’t recommend transferring from a Master’s degree programme into a Bachelor’s.

CEU San Pablo University Entry Requirements

San Pablo University only offers a Bachelor’s degree in dentistry, which lasts 5 years and is taught in English. There are 130 places available per year.

To be eligible for a place here, you will have to:

  • Complete your secondary education and provide an academic transcript
  • Pass the Biology and Chemistry entrance exams and a personal skills test
  • Perform well in the personal interview about your motivation to study dentistry
  • English language test (for non-native speakers)

CEU San Pablo University Tuition Fees

The yearly tuition fees for dentistry in English are €20,700, or €2,300 per month for 9 months per year. Additionally, there is a reservation fee of €750 and an enrolment fee of €1,350.

CEU San Pablo University Accreditation

The degree from San Pablo University is internationally recognised as the medical school is included in the World Directory of Medical Schools, created by the World Health Organisation.

Bear in mind, however, that the degree obtained here is Bachelor’s, and in some countries like the UK, it might not be sufficient to practise dentistry on your own.

The UK requires 1600 hours of clinical training before it can issue a dentist license, and CEU San Pablo University only offers 1000. This means that students have to either pay for extra courses to make up for the missing 600 hours or apply for a Master’s degree elsewhere.

Student Accommodation

The university offers several accommodation options, such as university residences and properties to rent through third-party agencies. All of the 20+ available options provide fully equipped rooms and extra amenities such as sports facilities, gyms, swimming pools, and more.

Life in Madrid is expensive for the most part; for example, renting a single-bedroom apartment costs between €800 - €1,300 per month. Couple that with other average expenses such as utilities and leisure activities, and you may need a budget of at least €2,000 per month.

Life as a medical student in Madrid, Spain

Student life in Madrid is vibrant and exciting. The city is known for its rich culture, history, and lively nightlife. Students can explore the city's many museums, art galleries, and historical sites, such as the Prado Museum and the Retiro Park. Additionally, Madrid is home to a variety of universities, making it a diverse and multicultural place to study.

The city also has an excellent public transportation system, making it easy for students to get around and explore the different neighbourhoods. Outside of academic pursuits, students can enjoy delicious Spanish cuisine, catch a football match at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, or dance the night away at one of Madrid's famous clubs.

Term Dates

The academic year usually begins in mid-September, and the Fall term ends in early December. Then the second term starts in early January and ends in late March. Finally, the Spring term starts around early April and ends in mid-June.

Accommodation Costs

Our experience throughout the years has provided us with valuable insight in the real estate field with which we will help you find the best accommodation for you.
~€ 1000/Mo
~€ 200/Mo
~€ 150/Mo
~€ 400/Mo
~€ 300/Mo

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the entry requirements for studying dentistry at CEU San Pablo University?

Students must have completed their secondary education and provided an academic transcript. They will also have to pass entrance exams in Biology and Chemistry.

What are the tuition fees for dentistry at CEU San Pablo University?

The yearly tuition fees for dentistry in English at CEU San Pablo University are €20,700.

Is the dentistry degree from CEU San Pablo University internationally recognised?

Yes, the degree from CEU San Pablo University is internationally recognised, as the medical school is included in the World Directory of Medical Schools created by the World Health Organisation.

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