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Comenius University in Bratislava

Located in: Slovakia

  • Founded in 1919, Comenius University is the largest Slovakian university, with over 25,000 students, many of whom are international
  • Consistently recognised as the best university in Slovakia and one of the most prestigious in Europe
  • Partnered with the Bratislava University Hospital (UNB), ensuring top-tier practical training for its medical students

Quick Facts

Bratislava, Martin, Slovakia
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Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy
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About Comenius University in Bratislava

Comenius University is a public higher education institution with its main campus located in Bratislava. The school was founded in 1919 with the first medical faculty. It didn’t take long for the university to expand and found 12 more faculties.

Nowadays, this is the largest Slovakian university with more than 25,000 students. But being the largest in the country is not enough for such a well-developed institution. Comenius University is ranked as one of the most prestigious European universities

This medical school allows its students to be engaged in different research projects and international internships. And for medical students, international experience is crucial when applying for a residency.

Courses Offered at The Comenius University in Bratislava

Here, you can study medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy in English in the cities of Bratislava or Martin. During the academic year, you will study theoretical lectures and participate in practical training in simulators and hospitals. But in the summer, you will be obliged to take part in clerkships, which are mandatory for obtaining your diploma. 

The university has invested many resources to develop well-equipped laboratories and facilities throughout the years. However, modern technology is not enough for proper education. That’s why the university hires the best professors in the area.

The school and its faculties don’t offer a graduate-entry pathway, but student transfers are accepted.

University is located at Šafárikovo námestie 6, 814 99 Bratislava, Slovakia.

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Comenius University Faculty Of Pharmacy

The faculty of Pharmacy was founded in 1962 and is located in Bratislava. Here, you can study Pharmacy in English for 5 years. After your successful graduation, you will be able to work as a pharmacist all around the world. The curriculum includes theoretical lectures starting from the basics of Biology and Chemistry until the interactions between different medicines and the human body.

Comenius-University medicine

Comenius University Medicine And Dentistry Faculties

There are 2 medical faculties at Comenius University located in Bratislava and Martin. Both offer medicine and dentistry courses wholly taught in English. Bratislava’s faculty is over a century old, established in 1919. Those years of experience helped the university develop a perfect curriculum and ensure an excellent education.

In addition, the Department of Simulation and Virtual Medical Education offers patient simulators for future doctors. There are two adult simulators, one pediatric and one newborn. These simulators are a method to train future physicians for actual field experience.

Comenius University Extracurricular and Leisure Activities

The research programmes at Comenius University in Bratislava are quite thorough in the Medical Faculty. It covers four main areas: neuroscience, cardiovascular diseases, oncological diseases, metabolic, endocrine, and inflammatory diseases. Naturally, the research leads to many scientific publications, and ambitious medical students have much to learn and gain by participating.

The Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies for Foreigners and Compatriots offers language courses. International students could benefit from an evening course since clinical years will deal mostly with local Slovakian patients.

Finally, don't miss the many interest clubs and student communities on campus. These include athletics and cultural and scientific activities. Of particular note are the Druzhba 17 Boxing Club, the Gymnic Folk Ensemble, the Cinema Club, and the Bratislava Association of Medical Students.

Comenius University in Bratislava Tuition Fees

Tuition fees at Comenius University are as follows:

  • Medicine, 6-year course: per year
  • Dentistry, 6-year course: per year
  • Pharmacy, 5-year course: per year

Comenius University in Bratislava Admission & Entry Requirements

The admission ranking in all the 3 courses is based on your entrance exam results and the strength of your application. The exam is held online for 80 minutes. The subjects included in the Comenius University entrance exam are Biology and Chemistry at a high school level.

admission process infographic

As Comenius University accepts students based only on application strength and exam results, it is absolutely necessary to perform well in both areas. The competition to get into this university gets more intense each year, and only the best get admitted. With Medlink Students, we can help you become one of the best by giving you the perfect exam prep materials and taking care of your application in its entirety. We know what Comenius University looks for in the perfect candidate, and we will make sure that you submit an extraordinary application that will set you apart from the competition. We will handle all the necessary confusing legalities associated with applying to study medicine abroad, such as the translation, legislation and notarisation of all needed documents. Additionally, we possess a deep understanding of the entrance exam format for this medical school, and we will provide you with everything you need to learn in order to ace the test. With our support, you can guarantee that you’ll get accepted at this prestigious medical university. You’ll be able to avoid the annoying parts of applying abroad and concentrate on what’s important - getting ready for the entrance exam and your future career in medicine.


Comenius University is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools and is recognised by the World Health Organisation. The medical faculties meet all the GMC, European, and international criteria for medical education.

A diploma from CU is internationally recognised. Graduating from this school gives you the opportunity to continue studying or start practising everywhere around the globe.

Comenius University Accommodations and Living Costs for Students

Students of the faculties in Bratislava can live in a student dormitory. There are 4 buildings consisting of single, double, and triple rooms at an affordable cost. The accommodation is constantly monitored, and university-issued cards regulate entry.

The rooms are modernly furnished with beds, desks, chairs, central heating, and an Internet connection. Other facilities such as bicycle storage, parking, laundry services and study rooms are available for all the residents. The dorms offer common kitchens where you can cook your own food. Alternatively, you can eat in the cafeterias. The monthly rent is between and based on the room type.

Students who choose to study in the city of Martin must rent their own accommodation. A 1-bedroom apartment costs around per month. Other monthly expenses are based on your living standards, but on average, you will need around . Living in Martin, you will spend about per month.

Since the dorms in Bratislava are not mandatory, you can choose to live in your own apartment. Rent for 1-bedroom apartments ranges from to , depending on the location. Furthermore, living costs in Bratislava are estimated to average per month.

cominus university medicine in bratislava

Life as a Medical Student in Bratislava, Slovakia

To live in Bratislava is to embrace both cultural sophistication and sincere cordiality. The city was once the capital of the Hungarian Empire, and later, it was a coronation centre for the Hapsburg Empire. During those times, giants such as Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven gave concerts within the many palaces that still stand today.

Straddling the Danube, Bratislava is the second European capital along the river. The first one, Vienna, is only 60 km away, and it is worth a weekend trip to visit. Thanks to its economy, location and history, Bratislava’s region was considered among the top 3 wealthiest areas in Europe for 2017. Thankfully, living in the city is quite affordable.

Since Bratislava is in the Slovakian lowlands, temperatures are slightly warmer than in the mountains. The average temperature in the coldest month is -1 Celsius, and in the warmest one, it’s 21 Celsius. However, the flatlands come with their own challenge in the form of wind. Thus, international students should bring a balanced wardrobe with adequate wind protection.

Harmony in Diversity: Building a Vibrant Multicultural Campus in Bratislava

Prepare to be enchanted by the city of Bratislava, where diversity and inclusion intertwine seamlessly. This cosmopolitan hub beckons students from around the globe, extending a warm embrace to all who seek knowledge within its walls. The Comenius University in Bratislava stands firm in its commitment to addressing the unique needs of its diverse community, valuing the richness that different ethnicities, religions, and cultures bring.

Mosques, churches, and synagogues gracefully grace the cityscape, symbolizing unity and serving as sacred spaces for worship. The city's culinary offerings are a testament to its multicultural essence, with a delightful array of vegan, kosher, and halal restaurants catering to discerning palates. Slovakian culture radiates an unwavering commitment to safety and respect, ensuring that hijabi women and students from all backgrounds are embraced and protected.

Throughout the campus and the city, the faculty of medicine actively cultivates an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, celebrating the kaleidoscope of diversity and embracing cultural backgrounds with open arms.

Term Dates

For first-year students, the university organises an orientation week between the 13th and 17th of September. The academic year is divided into 2 semesters, each consisting of 14 weeks. The first term will start on the 20th of September and end on the 17th of December. The examination period is held in January. 

On the 14th of February, the second semester starts and finishes on the 13th of May. The examination period is from mid-May until the end of June.

Accommodation Costs

Our experience throughout the years has provided us with valuable insight in the real estate field with which we will help you find the best accommodation for you.

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Living & Studying In Comenius University in Bratislava

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Comenius University?

The university is located in Bratislava, Slovakia. The city straddles the Danube next to the border with Austria. The university’s address in Bratislava is Šafárikovo námestie 6, 814 99 Bratislava, Slovakia.

There is also a campus in Martin, Slovakia. Martin is settled between the Mala Fatra and Velka Fatra mountains. The address of the campus is Mala hora 4C, 036 01 Martin, Slovakia.

Can you transfer to Comenius University?

Yes. Transfers are possible for medical students.

Can you study graduate entry medicine at Comenius University?

No. Fast track medicine is not possible at this medical school.

How much do tuition fees for medicine cost at Comenius University in Bratislava?

Medicine (6-year): per year
Dentistry (6-year): per year
Pharmacy (5-year): per year

Where is Comenius University in Bratislava recognised?

The school's medical graduates get international recognition of their degrees. The World Health Organisation recognises it through its World Directory of Medical Schools. In addition, the UK General Medical Council also recognises the university.

Can you study medicine in English at Comenius University in Bratislava?

Yes. You can study general medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy in English.

Does the University have graduates registered with the GMC?

Yes. The school has over 250 graduates registered with the UK General Medical Council.

Is there an entrance examination for medicine at Comenius University in Bratislava?

Yes, there is an online entrance exam that tests Biology and Chemistry.

What are the entry requirements for Comenius University?

The admission is entirely based on the entrance exam results.

When does the semester begin?

The school year starts on the 20th of september. First-year students start a 7 days early with an orientation week on campus.

When is the application deadline?

The application deadline is on the 8th of July.

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