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Head Office:
The switchboard number for the head office of Medlink Students is:

02039 813 913

or if dialling from overseas:

+44 (0) 2039 813 913

Please email us regarding admission or customer service queries, unless it’s for an urgent matter.

Student Support

For any queries including admission related queries, please email admissions@medlinkstudents.com and an admissions expert will get back to you within 24h.

Please address written correspondence to:

Medlink Students Team

45 Twemlow Avenue
Poole, Dorset
United Kingdom

How to contact various departments and desks

Please send queries to the correct destination as there is no guarantee that messages will be forwarded.

Contact the Admissions Team:
Accounting, Payments and Refunds Enquiries:
For any questions or clarifications contact accounting@medlinkstudents.com
Legal queries:
Legal queries or complaints should be addressed to our Legal Services department via legal@medlinkstudents.com
Editorial Team:
You can contact our team of writers and researchers at editorial@medlinkstudents.com
Employment, Work Experience or Volunteering: