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McDaniel College Budapest

Located in: Hungary

  • Affordable pre-med courses for Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Veterinary programmes taught in English
  • Undecided students can explore courses before selecting a major and change majors without losing credits
  • Over 9,000 students have completed the program since 1990 with a 90% success rate in university acceptance

Quick Facts

Budapest, Hungary
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About McDaniel College Budapest

The college has more than 30 years of experience preparing students for university programs, and it takes pride in the high number of students who gain admission to the desired University programs in Hungary or elsewhere.

Courses Offered at The McDaniel College

Since 1990, McDaniel College Budapest has offered pre-medical programs to help students who require additional instruction or review in the required subjects and in the English language to prepare them to take the entrance examinations for the regular Degree Programs of medical universities.

McDaniel College Budapest doesn't offer a graduate entry programme.

McDaniel College Budapest’s address is Bethlen Gábor tér 2.,1071 Budapest, Hungary.

Why Study at McDaniel College?

McDaniel College is an American private college with a campus in Budapest. This institution specialises in preparing students who are determined to apply for a full-time medical course. The preparatory courses are not obligatory, but they are strongly recommended. Below we will list some of the benefits of choosing the college for your premed studies:

  • Reputation and high success rate
  • 30 years of experience in preparing students for university studies
  • More than 9000 students have completed the program since 1990
  • Credit-bearing pre-professional training of the U.S. accredited
  • Teaching in small groups in a friendly environment
  • Program contents are based on university entrance exams
  • Academic support, student counseling, peer mentoring

Why should you take a preparatory course?

During the preparatory course, you will acquire knowledge in the basic science subjects necessary to apply for medical school. It prepares you for the entrance exams. Your high motivation to study and these world-class courses will grant you a competitive score.

As an EU member state, automatic recognition based on coordinated training requirements for sectoral professions is provided. Students completing the premedical programs can continue their studies worldwide, but most of them aim at the following programs in Hungary:

Extracurricular and Leisure Activities at McDaniel College Budapest

Diverse cultures and multicultural student body (over 40 nationalities). A vibrant and colorful campus in the heart of Budapest, one of Europe’s most popular and safest cities. Extracurricular activities (sightseeing, hiking, local & international trips). Vibrant student life (international dinner party, art night, etc.)

McDaniel College Budapest Tuition Fees

McDaniel College offers pre-medical courses for Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Veterinary programmes taught in English. There is a two-semester course and an intense course. Taking any college courses doesn’t exempt you from the entrance exams but gives you a competitive advantage over the other candidates. The general application fee is .

The programme fees are as follows: 

  • Two-semester pre-medical/veterinary track course: First installment - ; Second installment -
  • Spring Semester intense course: one-time payment
  • Summer semester in English pre-medical/veterinary track course: one-time payment;
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McDaniel College's Entry Requirements

Applying for a pre-medical course requires no entrance exam or so. The only requirement is a successfully finished High School studies and no failed results in the transcripts. Even though a certain level of English language is required (B1/B2), the only other thing you will need is a will to study and succeed in the medical field.

However, the admission process to apply to McDaniel College can be confusing, with strict prerequisites and legal procedures to follow, including translating, notarising, and legalising specific documents. Failure to meet these requirements will result in rejection. Don't worry though. Our esteemed admissions experts are known for their excellence throughout Europe and can handle your entire application process, including all the necessary legalities. Moreover, we have a strong partnership with the McDaniel's Collge and we understand the application process in its entirety. By choosing Medlink Students, you can rest assured that you will sumbit an excellent application that will guarantee that you get accepted. With our support, you can avoid the strenuous aspects of applying to a medical school abroad and focus on what truly matters – your future medical studies at McDaniel College Budapest.

Cultural Fusion: Thriving in a Multicultural Campus Setting In Budapest

Discover a world of multicultural wonders in the captivating city of Budapest, where diversity and inclusion flourish. McDaniel College takes great pride in catering to the unique needs of its diverse community, embracing students from various ethnicities, religions, and cultures.

Mosques, churches, and synagogues stand as testaments to the city's commitment to fostering unity and spiritual growth. As you explore the city, an array of gastronomic delights beckons, with vegan, kosher, and halal restaurants serving delectable dishes from around the world.

Hungarian culture promotes a safe and respectful environment, ensuring the well-being and empowerment of students from diverse backgrounds, including hijabi women. Within the campus and throughout the city, the faculty of medicine actively cultivates an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, celebrating the kaleidoscope of diversity and embracing cultural backgrounds with open arms.

Terms Dates

The extended Pre-Medical Track starts in early summer in 2024 and continues to fall [current_year].
The general aim is to improve English language competency and develop the study skills of students who wish to continue their education at our Pre-Medical Track or other medical schools.

Two-semester Pre-Medical Track starts in early fall in 2024 , and continues to spring 2024.
Primarily designed for those who have not studied one or several of the required subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) or whose English is insufficient for academic purposes.

The admission periods for both tracks vary from year to year, and the process can sometimes be complex and lengthy. We advise you to contact us as soon as possible and get the latest information and help from our advisors to have a successful admission process.

Accommodation Costs

Our experience throughout the years has provided us with valuable insight in the real estate field with which we will help you find the best accommodation for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is McDaniel College Budapest?

The university is located in Budapest, Hungary. The city straddles the Danube river, and it is a spectacular cultural centre. McDaniel College Budapest address is Bethlen Gábor tér 2.,1071 Budapest, Hungary.

Is there an entrance exam to the Pre-med programme?

No. There is no entrance examination.

What is the success rate of university admission after completing the Pre-med course?

According to the college last year’s experience, 90% of the students get accepted to one of the desired universities.

Which universities can I apply after the Pre Medical programme?

You can apply to Hungarian medical universities, such as Semmelweis University, University of Szeged, University of Pécs, University of Veterinary Medicine, Budapest, or any other university worldwide.

When does the pre-medical programmes begin?

The one-semester intensive pre-medical program starts on 9th January 2023.
The extended pre-medical Track program starts on 20th June 2023.

What is the difference between the Two-semester and the Intensive Pre-medical programmes?

The two-semester Pre-Medical course is designed for students who have not studied one or some of the required subjects or who lack knowledge of English.
the one-semester Intensive Pre-Medical course is designed for applicants who need to refresh their previous studies and have a good command of English.

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