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European University Cyprus

Located in: Cyprus

  • Offers Medicine, Dentistry and Pre-med courses in English that are recognised throughout the world for high-quality education
  • Recognised by the GMC and accredited by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME)
  • Part of Galileo Global Education, Europe’s largest higher education group, with over 170,000 enrolled students across 54 institutions

Quick Facts

Nicosia, Cyprus
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Medicine, Dentistry, Pre-med
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Recognised by:

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About the European University Cyprus in Nicosia, Cyprus

The roots of European University Cyprus can be traced back to 1961, 60 years ago. Before it even became what it is today, EUC was the first business college in Cyprus. Its founder was Ioannis Gregoriou under the name Cyprus College.

A lot has changed since European University Cyprus’ inception. In 1983 Cyprus College was officially registered with the Ministry of Education and Culture, with 1000 students and 26 programmes of study. The College’s Diplomas, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees were accredited by the Cyprus Council of Educational Accreditation in 2000. Seven years later, Cyprus College gained University status from the Republic of Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture.

In 2014, the faculty of medicine, also known as the School of Medicine, won 2 first prizes for “Best Medical Installation” and “Best Education Solution” in the Crestron International Awards Competition 2009 Nobel laureate in Chemistry, Biochemist Ada E. Yonath is awarded Honorary Professorship by the School of Medicine 1988 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Biochemist Robert Huber is awarded Honorary Professorship by the School of Medicine and joins faculty as Visiting Professor.

In 2015, European University Cyprus was granted the highest distinction of 5 stars in Teaching, Facilities, Inclusiveness, Student Support, Social Responsibility and Internationalisation by QS Top Universities. 2 years later, EUC launched the first dentistry programme in Cyprus.

In 2020, European University Cyprus was ranked among the world’s top 101+ universities in the Times Higher Education University Impact Rankings in two key sectors: Innovation, Industry and Infrastructure and Actions on Climate Change. The programme “Doctor of Medicine” of the School of Medicine was fully accredited through the process of the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME).

Courses Offered at The European University Cyprus

You can apply for a 6-year Medicine of 5-year Dentistry Programme at the European University in Cyprus.

The Medicine programme stands out with highly engaged Nobel laureates and clinical practice since year one. Graduates of the Dentistry program automatically meet the requirements to work as general practitioners in all 32 member states of the European Union and the European Free Trade Association.

There’s no graduate entry here, but student transfers are accepted.

The university address is Diogenis Str 6 Nicosia CY, 2404, Cyprus.

Extracurricular and Leisure Activities

European University Cyprus has 2 medical research centres on campus. One deals with cancer, and the other focuses on general biomedical science. Students can participate in various projects to get experience in scientific work.

In addition, the university organises daily activities, such as exhibitions, conferences, job fairs, guest lecturers, and various social events. Besides, 28 interest clubs and student organisations set up their own events and leisure activities.

Last but not least, the local athletic programme encourages students to engage in everyday sports. The university has competitive teams in football, futsal, volleyball, basketball, track & field, and other sports.

European University Cyprus Medicine Tuition Fees

EUC offers international students a 6-year medical course and a 5-year dentistry course, both in English. Tuition fees are per year for both specialities. At the moment, the university offers a 5% discount to students who pay the whole amount of fees before the commencement of the programme.

European University Cyprus

Admission & Entry Requirements for European University of Cyprus

The general admission requirement for the programme is the successful completion of secondary education, GCE A’ Level, IB etc., with an average grade of 18 or above (90% grade or its equivalent). In addition, you need to have passed Biology plus one more course: Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics. Plus, an English language certificate (e.g. GCSE or IGCSE in English or IELTS or TOEFL or other equivalent English examination). You can apply online or in the university’s admissions office. The application fee is .

The European University of Cyprus is known for providing exceptional medical education. However, since there’s no entrance examination, the competition to get accepted is absolutely fierce. Your success largely depends on your grades from your secondary education and how strong of an application you submit. Additionally, the admission process can be confusing to navigate, with strict requirements and legal procedures that must be followed. This includes submitting specific documents that need to be translated, notarised, and legalised. Not meeting these requirements will result in your application getting rejected. However, there’s a way to avoid the application process entirely - by letting Medlink Students help you. Our admissions experts are considered the best in Europe and can manage your entire application in its entirety, including all the legal prerequisites. We will guarantee that you get accepted to the European University of Cyprus by making sure that you submit an S-tier application. We have created a strong relationship with this prestigious medical university, which has given us in-depth knowledge of their application system. With our support, you can avoid the difficult process of applying to a medical school abroad and focus on what truly matters – preparing and your future medical studies.

We also provide services to help you get accustomed to Cyprus, while providing full ongoing support during your entire education period. We go even further beyond can help you find work as a doctor in Europe or the UK after you graduate.

School of Medicine Curriculum & Syllabus

The early exposure of students to clinical experiences emphasizes the importance of the basic sciences to their clinical application and serves to stimulate students’ interests in medicine. No ‘premedical’ coursework is required as the programme of study provides an all-inclusive, full basic sciences thematic unit.

University Accreditation

Graduates of European University Cyprus School of Medicine can exercise their profession in any country of the European Union and other international health care systems. Also, the programme is taught on Campus, where the language of instruction is English.

The European University of Cyprus is recognised by the GMC. To be accepted, the GMC’s requirements are: you will need to have graduated successfully in a course which contained at least 5,500 hours and lasted at least three years.

Accreditation by WFME

By ensuring the highest scientific and ethical standards in medical education, EUC School of Medicine was accredited through the rigorous standards and procedures of the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME).

Student Accommodation

The university offers student accommodation in its “Unihalls Trinity” dormitories, located not far from the campus. The complex has a total capacity of 228 beds in modern and properly equipped studios and one-bedroom flats. Rooms are fully furnished with large wardrobes, kitchens, en-suite bathrooms and balconies to enjoy the fascinating city view. The weekly rent ranges from to (utilities included) depending on the type of flat.

For different social and sports activities, European University Cyprus offers a cafeteria and a fitness centre. Other convenient services include laundry rooms with washing machines and dryers, high-speed internet, car parking, bike storage, and an arrival package with essential housewares.

If, in any case, you can’t secure a room in the dormitories, you can either get assistance from the university in finding a place to live, or Medlink Students can take care of this for you. Monthly rent in Nicosia averages between for a single-bedroom apartment. Other living expenses like utilities, food, and free time activities will cost you around per month.

Life as a Medical Student in Nicosia, Cyprus

According to the legend, Nicosia was a siren, a mythical creature that lured sailors with enchanting music. The name translates to White Estate, and perhaps Nicosia lured sailors to fulfilling lives on the shore away from the demands of seamanship.

However, Nicosia is also known as the “Walled City” due to its 16th-century fortifications built by the Venetians. Naturally, the walls are a popular tourist attraction.

Speaking of attractions, Nicosia has plenty to offer in terms of landmarks. The city is famous for its many temples of various faiths and denominations. There are many majestic mosques, synagogues, and churches in the Walled City. The latter include an Armenian Apostolic, a Maronite Catholic, a Russian Orthodox, an Anglican, and a Greek Evangelical Churches, all displaying unique architectural and art styles.

In addition, Nicosia has several museums, operas, theatres, and art galleries to nourish the cultural hunger of medical students. They all complement perfectly with a casual stroll through the city centre.

Term Dates

  • The fall semester starts in late September and ends in late January (including the 2-week examination session.
  • Spring semester starts at the beginning of February and ends at the beginning of June (including the 2-week exam session)

Accommodation Costs

Our experience throughout the years has provided us with valuable insight in the real estate field with which we will help you find the best accommodation for you.

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Living & Studying In European University Cyprus

Frequently Asked Questions

Is European University Cyprus accredited?

The Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture has given full accreditation to European University Cyprus' School of Medicine. All degrees are recognised worldwide.

Does European University Cyprus offer dentistry courses?

Yes. The university offers a 5-year dentistry programme in English.

Does European University Cyprus offer graduate entry programme?

Unfortunately no.

What are the entrance exams?

There are no entrance exams!

Where is European University Cyprus?

The university is located in Nicosia, Cyprus. The city is located at the foot of the Kyrenia Mountains. The university’s address is Diogenis Str 6 Nicosia CY, 2404, Cyprus.

Can you transfer to European University Cyprus?

Yes. Transfers are possible for medical students.

How much do tuition fees cost at European University Cyprus?

Tuition fees are per year for Medicine and Dentistry.

Can you study medicine in English at European University Cyprus?

Yes. You can study general medicine and dentistry in English.

Does the University have graduates registered with the GMC?

Yes. The university has over 10 graduates registered with the UK General Medical Council.

What are the entry requirements for medicine at European University Cyprus?

The university requires a secondary school certificate with an average grade of 90%. Applicants should have passed Biology and one more course such as Chemistry, Maths, or Physics.

When does the semester begin?

The semester begins in late September.

Is European University Cyprus a good university?

European University Cyprus has multiple prizes for its education, and a couple of Nobel Laureates are lecturers there. In addition, the school organises daily events, such as exhibitions, guest lectures, conferences, and social and networking activities. Furthermore, students can participate in cutting-edge research at the university.

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