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University of Szeged

Located in: Hungary

  • The University of Szeged is recognised globally and has been consistently placed among the best universities in the world
  • The Faculty of Medicine has a rich history of training outstanding healthcare professionals for more than 250 years
  • Offers a diverse community with over 21,000 students, many of whom are international students from around the globe

Quick Facts

Szeged, Hungary
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Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Pre-med
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Graduate Entry
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Entrance Exam
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Recognised by:

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The curricula for the academic year
2022/2023 are now available.

About the University of Szeged

Szeged University is a public higher education institution located in Szeged, Hungary. Originally, it was founded in 1872 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, but due to historical obstacles, in 1921, it was moved and restarted in Szeged, Hungary. Nowadays, it is a research university and one of the most important in the country. The university is the most distinguished Hungarian university and also ranks among the top universities in Europe.

Szeged is the third-largest city in Hungary, with a population of over 160,000 inhabitants. The city attracts not only international students willing to study medicine in English but also many tourists willing to explore its history. All around the city, you can see many ancient theatres, monuments, and museums.

The Faculty of Medicine at Szeged University offers Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy courses, all entirely taught in English. What is more, for the students who don’t feel prepared enough, the university offers an 8-month foundation year

To enter this pre-medical course, you don’t have to take any exams, all you need is an English proficiency certificate. Prospective students who achieve outstanding results have a high chance of being admitted automatically to their desired course.

All of the courses include theoretical lectures to acquire proper basic medical knowledge. But practical training and bedside teaching in hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies are obligatory. For each training and clerkship, you will gain credits necessary for your graduation.

The university doesn’t offer graduate-entry routes, but student transfers are accepted in all the medical programmes after evaluation of your previous results.

University of Szeged address is Dugonics tér 13, 6720, Szeged, Hungary.

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Extracurricular and Leisure Activities

The University of Szeged has several research groups within the Faculty of Medicine. They focus on dermatology, neuroscience, and cardiovascular pharmacology. Students can participate in scientific projects that include the causes of psoriasis and acne.

In addition, the University of Szeged promotes sports activities and a healthy lifestyle on campus. Furthermore, they have several competitive teams in basketball, futsal, water polo, and kayaking.

University of Szeged Tuition fees

The annual tuition fees at Szeged University for the English-taught medicine-related programmes are as follows:

Medicine, 6-year course:

  • Year 1-5
  • Year 6 -

Dentistry, 5-year programme, including material fees and summer practices’ costs:

  • Year 1:
  • Year 2-5:

Pharmacy, 5-year course

  • Year 1:
  • Year 2-5:

Foundation Year: one-time payment

Szeged University

Szeged University Admission & Entry requirements

An entrance exam is mandatory to apply to Szeged University. The test consists of written and oral parts based on your high-school knowledge of Biology and Chemistry. It also aims to evaluate your English language proficiency. The questions are in 3 sections - 20 multiple-choice Biology questions, 20 multiple-choice Chemistry questions, and 60 English language questions.  Applicants have 120 minutes to complete the test. 

You can take the written part of the test at the university’s venue or from home at the decision of the university. Online exams are monitored via a video conferencing platform. 

The oral examination is held online for around 20 minutes with a university professor.

Applying to the University Of Szeged for medical education is a highly competitive task, given the popularity and exceptional medical education that Hungarian universities provide. The admission process can be intricate and demanding, with strict prerequisites and legal procedures. This includes submitting specific documents that require translation, notarisation, and legalisation. Failure to meet these requirements will lead to application rejection. Luckily, our outstanding team of admissions experts, which is renowned as the best throughout Europe, can handle your entire application process and take care of all the necessary legalities. We have established a robust connection with the university, granting us a thorough understanding of their application system and entrance exam format. By choosing Medlink Students, you can be assured that your application will stand out, guaranteeing your acceptance. Additionally, we provide exceptional preparatory materials to help you excel in your entry examination and interview. With our support, you can navigate the complexities of applying to a medical school abroad and focus on what truly matters – preparing for the entrance exam and interview at the University Of Szeged.

First-year entry options can be found here for students looking to begin their medical studies directly. This guide could enhance your understanding of what to prepare for when considering Szeged University and other universities in Europe and the Caribbean.


The university’s programmes are fully compatible with the GMC standards and regulations. Receiving a diploma from Szeged University means you can apply to continue your study for a PhD degree or start practicing immediately. 

The university is recognised by the World Health Organisation and is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools.


The university has 10 dormitories with a total capacity of about 3,000 students. The dorms consist of single, double, and triple rooms with private lavatories and Internet access. Each room is equipped with beds, desks, and built-in cupboards. 

The buildings have different shared facilities and social and sports events areas. There are shared kitchens, laundry and dryer rooms, study rooms, and pitches. The monthly rent of for a bed in the dormitory includes utilities and the usage of all shared areas.

However, some students may prefer to live in a private flat. A one-bedroom apartment in Szeged costs between and monthly, based on the location. Other expenses and utilities are all up to your spending habits, but on average, you will need around .

Life as a Medical Student in Szeged, Hungary

Szeged is a medium-sized town with a friendly vibe and welcoming locals. It's nestled alongside the Tisza River, with the Belvarosi bridge spanning it as a significant city landmark. This bridge leads directly into the Old Town, where you can stroll amongst a myriad of cultural monuments.

Szeged is often called the “City of Sunshine” due to its pleasant weather. However, there are a couple of reasons people consider it a hot spot: paprika and witch trials. Szeged is the original home of paprika, a spice that remains a key product of the city today. On the other hand, the history of witch-burning is long past, existing only as the source of local urban myths.

For those who love sports, Szeged has loads to offer. The river Tisza is perfect for water sports like boating, canoeing, dragon boat racing, kayaking, and sup surfing. The city also has lots of pools for those who enjoy a swim. There are loads of fitness centres, football, basketball, and volleyball courts, parks for jogging, outdoor gyms, skate-parks, an ice rink, and much more.

For those who love shopping, Szeged Plaza or ÁRKÁD Szeged Shopping Centre are the places to be. You can pass some free time browsing through loads of fashion shops, or take a break in the restaurants and cafes. You could also watch a movie at 'The Plaza', or enjoy an exhibition or a family event at the ÁRKÁD.

Term Dates

The fall semester starts in early September and lasts until mid-December. The exam period begins right after the end of the term and finishes before Christmas.

The Spring term starts in the first week of February and continues until the end of May. A 1-month examination session follows it.

Accommodation Costs

Our experience throughout the years has provided us with valuable insight in the real estate field with which we will help you find the best accommodation for you.

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Living & Studying In University of Szeged

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is University of Szeged?

The Szeged University was established in 1872.

Can I study dentistry at Szeged University?

Yes, the university offers a 5-year dentistry programme.

Does Szeged University offer graduate entry programme?

Currently, the university doesn't have an accelerated medicine option.

Is there a foundation year at Szeged University?

Yes, there is. The university offers an 8-month pre-med course. The price is .

Where is the University of Szeged?

The university is in Szeged, Hungary. The city straddles the Tisza river in the Southern Great Plain. The school’s address is Szeged, Dugonics tér 13, 6720 Hungary.

Can you transfer to the University of Szeged?

Yes. Transfers are possible for medical students.

How much do tuition fees cost at the University of Szeged?

The tuition fees are as follows:
Medicine, 6-year course:

Year 1-5:
Year 6:

Dentistry, 5-year programme, including material fees and summer practices’ costs:
Year 1:
Year 2-5:

Pharmacy, 5-year course
Year 1:
Year 2-5:

Foundation Year: one-time payment

Is the University of Szeged accredited?

The university's medical graduates get international recognition of their degrees. The World Health Organisation recognises it through its World Directory of Medical Schools. In addition, the UK General Medical Council also recognises the university.

Can you study medicine in English at the University of Szeged?

Yes. You can study general medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy in English. There is also a foundation year.

Does the University of Szeged have graduates registered with the GMC?

Yes. As of 2022, the university has almost 100 graduates registered with the UK General Medical Council.

Is there an entrance examination for the University of Szeged?

Yes. There is a written and oral exam in Biology, Chemistry, and English.

What are the entry requirements for the University of Szeged?

Students need a high school diploma. In addition, they should take the university entrance exam in Biology, Chemistry, and English.

When does the semester begin?

The school year starts in early September.

Is Szeged University good?

The University of Szeged is a top research school in Southern Hungary. Medical students here can engage in scientific studies of acne and psoriasis. In addition, there are several competitive sports teams on campus.

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