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Medlink Students

About us

Medlink Students is a company that was inspired by doctors for medical students. We have been operating successfully from the United Kingdom, and thanks to our exceptional service, we have rapidly grown and expanded to several other countries.

Medlink Students’ work has expanded to the UK, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland,  Georgia, and the Middle East.

Why Choose Medlink Students?

We are passionate about alleviating the route into healthcare professions for students.

We aim to ensure that our students receive professional teaching in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
We offer a wide selection of English-taught Medical, Dental, and other related courses in the EU, which guarantee a steady, yet fun, progression.

Choosing to study with us means you can expect great teaching, clear progress, and excellent service. You will get to experience  European culture while you learn in an authentic but modern environment and make friendships that last a lifetime.

Medlink Students is a popular and reputable British student consultancy firm, listed by the UK Government Companies House as a legal company for guiding students in choosing suitable medical courses in Europe.

You're One Of Us

Every one of our students is the most important student. Hence we are committed to helping you in every single way we can, based on what suits you best.

Our student representatives have many years of combined experience helping students from all over the world to get accepted into top medical universities. We are knowledgeable, student-oriented, and skilled enough to provide you with the best advice and guidance to follow your dream.

About Our Founder

Every year thousands of applicants do not receive offers to study Medicine or Dentistry in the UK. One of those applicants was our founder and current CEO, who did not give up on his dream of becoming a doctor.

Sam decided to go on a wild European adventure and explore his options of studying Medicine in Romania. Even though Sam’s love for Eastern Europe has been steadily growing, he can never forget the confusion and stress he faced throughout the whole application process.


This is when Sam, Osman, and a few other students got together and decided to form Medlink Students. They turned the complicated application procedures into an easy and smooth process to give you the chance to fulfil your dreams of becoming Doctors and Dentists. Medlink Students’ affordable prices, exceptional customer service, and reputation all over social media have allowed us to expand and reach out to all of you hopeful medics and dentists!


We have gone from operating only in the UK to helping students from all over the world follow their dreams of studying medicine or dentistry in Europe. We have also introduced 4-year graduate entry medicine and dentistry programs.

We've been through the stress and uncertainty that accompanies great undertakings. We've learnt how to navigate the positives and negatives of studying medicine in Europe. We created Medlink Students to help you.

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing our students throughout their years in Europe on the path of becoming doctors and dentists.
At Medlink Students, our core values of diversity, inclusion, equality, and belonging are at the heart of everything we do, directly impacting the success and experience of our prospective students. We are dedicated to providing an educational environment where every student feels valued, supported, and empowered to achieve their full potential. Through embracing a wide range of perspectives and backgrounds, we enrich the learning experience for all, fostering a culture of mutual respect and understanding. Join us in our mission to cultivate future doctors, dentists and healthcare professionals who are not only skilled but also deeply compassionate and culturally competent, ready to make a difference in an ever-diverse world.

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