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Study Medicine in Estonia in English

Studying medicine in Estonia is one of the best ways to earn your degree and start your career. It can be difficult to get accepted in the country, but with the right help, you can study medicine in English in Estonia.

education in estonia

Living & Studying In Estonia

estonia medicine in english

About Studying Medicine in Estonia

Estonia has always been a famous tourist destination, but in recent years, it has also become popular among international students seeking medical education. The country is located in Northern Europe and is bordered by the Baltic sea. Estonian territory includes the mainland and exactly 2,222 islands around. Many facts put the country as one of the best places to study medicine in English. Hundreds of years in their higher education have developed strong and strict rules and regulations for world-class teaching. 

Estonia ranks 8th place in the index of Economic Freedom which makes it a stable county to live and work in. Also, as a member of the European Union, access to this country is easy for the candidates who apply. Studying medicine in English medium here will open many international doors for you from opportunities to train while study up to developing a medical career. 

Here, you can study General medicine and Veterinary medicine fully taught in English. Both courses take 6 years to complete. The veterinary curriculum includes theoretical lectures but also practical training. During your studies, you will get the chance to meet and treat all kind of animals from puppies and cats to rare exotic species. 

Unfortunately, no university offers dentistry and pharmacy courses yet.

Why Study Medicine in Estonia?

  • Dynamic and modern country with quality living standards
  • Part of the European Union and the Schengen Area which ensures easy access to all of the students
  • High-level education and internationally recognised diplomas
  • All universities use the ECTS credit system which eases the international credit transfer
  • Access to the best hospitals and clinics around the country
  • Rich culture and historical heritage, Estonia is a place where you can spend your leisure time in the best way possible
  • Medicine courses led by the best professionals in the country
education in estonia

The Best Medical Universities In Estonia

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Tuition fee

Tuition fee


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Estonian University of Life Sciences

Established in 1951, the Estonian University of Life Sciences is considered one of the top universities in Europe. Located in the second biggest city in Estonia, it currently has five institutes, one of which for veterinary science. International students can partake in the program in English and earn a license that is recognised globally.

University of Tartu

The University of Tartu was established back in 1632, making it one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions in Estonia. Currently, it's home to more than 13,000 students, about 10% of which are international. That is because many of its programmes, including its 6-year MD course, are offered entirely in English.

Quick Facts

Medicine, Veterinary
Graduate Entry
Entrance Exam
Living Costs

Tuition Fees In Estonia

Average cost per year per course in Estonia

The Best Medical Universities in Estonia

  1. The University of Tartu is among the oldest Estonian universities with 5 centuries of experience and its historical buildings are part of the European Heritage Label list. The school is located in Tallinn - famous for being a student city. More than 13,000 students and around 10% of whom are international attend the school nowadays.

    Applicants must sit an SAT entrance exam or national state exam. Prospective students who decide to take the SAT exam don’t need to prove English proficiency, but students taking national exams need to provide an English certificate. Also, it’s obligatory to attach a motivational letter that is considered in your ranking score.

    The curriculum includes training affiliated with university hospitals and clinics. Also, students must take summer clerkships to be allowed to graduate. Graduating from the University of Tartu will provide you with an internationally recognised diploma. You will be able to start practising everywhere around the world.
University of Tartu

2. Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMU) ranks as one of the top 100 universities in the world for agriculture and forestry. The school was established in 1951 and has 5 institutes now. It is located in the second-largest Estonian city Tartu. In this school, you can enrol for a 6-year veterinary course entirely in English.

All applicants must provide a motivational letter and an English proficiency certificate. Also, you need to sit an SAT entrance examination in Biology. The veterinary course is divided into 2 parts. The first part is where you study essential theoretical subjects. The second part includes practising. EMU has several affiliated animal clinics and hospitals that provide free access for students.

Graduating from this university, you will receive an internationally recognised diploma which will allow you to practise everywhere around the world. But what you also receive from this school is knowledge and abilities. After your graduation, you will be able to treat your fluffy patients or even open your own clinic.

Estonian University of Life Sciences

Admission & Entry Requirements in Estonian Universities

Both of the medical schools accept SAT exam results as an admission score. Since the examination is held in English, the University of Tartu doesn’t require an English language certificate but EMU does. Also, a common criterion between both schools is a motivational letter which is considered in your ranking score. Candidates taking the SAT exam have 60 minutes to answer 80 Biology multiple-choice questions. 

At the University of Tartu, you can apply with a national state exam instead of SAT exam. But applicants who prefer this choice instead of SAT must also prove their English language proficiency with a certificate. Contact Medlink Students to start your application here today. 

How much does it cost to study medicine in Estonia?

The medical course in Estonia costs per year at the University of Tartu. And the veterinary medicine at the Estonian University of Life Sciences costs per year. 

That is an average price for medical studies in Europe when compared to other options a student might have.

Living in Estonia

When you choose Estonia for your study destination, you choose an infinite adventure among lakes, the Baltic sea, and uncrowded green areas. But if you prefer the nightlife, don’t worry, there is plenty of activities. Estonia has a place of entertainment for everyone. 

The city of Tartu offers a huge variety of accommodation options. You can rent a private flat or share a 3-bedroom flat with friends. Also, both universities have dormitories, which is a great opportunity to meet people with your interests, coming from all around the world. The prices vary based on the area and type of accommodation. For example, living in the dorms will cost you around €150, but a 1-bedroom flat - around €350.

Around the city, you will find many entertainment facilities like sports areas, cinemas, parks, etc. During your breaks, and leisure time here, you will be able to do your favourite hobbies or find new interests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is medicine taught in English in Estonia?

Yes, every university we work with in Estonia which offers a medical programme also has it available in English for international students.

Can I study dentistry in English in Estonia?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Estonian universities have only medicine and veterinary courses.

How long is medical school in Estonia?

The medicine programme takes 6 years to complete.

How much does it cost to study medicine in Estonia?

The tuition fees for medicine are around € 12000 per year and for veterinary - € 9400. The living costs are between €700 and €1000 per month.

Is Estonia cheaper than UK?

Estonia is significantly cheaper than the UK. Living expenses for students are only about €700-1000 per month, including rent and bills/utilities. 

Is studying medicine in Estonia worth it?

Yes, Estonia is a good choice for medical students who wish to study abroad. Its medical programmes in English are esteemed internationally, and its living expenses are very low.

Is graduate entry offered in Estonian medical schools?

No, at the moment no medical school in Estonia offers a graduate pathway.

Are transfers accepted in medical schools in Estonia?

Yes, transfers for medical students are accepted at some Estonian universities. Those who wish to transfer into an Estonian medical university will be able to do so.

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