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Graduate Entry Medicine in Europe

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graduate entry medicine in europe

Why Study Graduate Entry Medicine in Europe?

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What is Graduate Entry Medicine?

The graduate entry medicine pathway (commonly referred to as "fast-track" and "accelerated MD") allows biomedical/life science graduates and healthcare professionals with similar academic qualifications to earn a Doctor of Medicine.

Using the recognition of previously studied subjects, graduate entry students can enter into a 6-year undergraduate course at a later stage, usually in year 2 or 3.

In European countries, such as Georgia, Poland, and Ukraine, the term "graduate entry" means entering as a graduate with a BSc degree to an undergraduate MD course. The standard medical courses in Europe are 6 years long. By entering as a graduate, you will have some subjects recognised, so you don’t have to study them again. The university will review your BSc transcript to estimate your semester of entry.

Admission teams will assess your subjects, study hours, and credits. These will then be equivalated to exempt you from the subjects you already studied in your Bachelor's degree. In turn, the university will allow you to shorten your study duration by reducing the number of subjects you must study to graduate.

The graduate entry route in Europe is popular among but not limited to Bachelor's degree holders such as nurses, biomedical and biochemical scientists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, and much more.

Medlink Students will guarantee your acceptance on the graduate medicine pathway long as you have a relevant degree. You will neither have to do an entrance exam nor attend an interview!

Why Study Graduate Entry Medicine in Europe?

The accelerated MD routes are highly sought-after because they allow you to skip a few years of a conventional medical course. You will be one step closer to fulfilling your dream of becoming a doctor by graduating sooner. Medical schools in Europe realise the importance of producing more doctors in a shorter period of time, so they have designed the graduate entry pathway to medicine.

The reasons why you should obtain a fast-track medical degree from Europe are:

  • Universities are recognised by Medical Councils from all around the world
  • European medical schools offer dedicated courses in English for international students
  • Admission requirements are flexible, as long as you have passed your higher education degree then you can gain entry
  • Tuition fees and living costs are highly affordable compared to Western countries
  • You can apply to as many universities as you like simultaneously, as there are no application limits
  • There's less competition for entry because you will only compete with other international applicants
  • European universities have modern medical facilities and use top-notch technology to perfect your educational experience

What are the Entry Requirements For Graduate Entry in Medicine Abroad?

To be eligible for a graduate entry medicine pathway, you have to:

  • present a copy of your previous university transcript
  • have a passport
  • be capable of speaking English

As part of their entry requirements, some medical universities in Poland may require you to pass an entrance exam, attend an interview, or take an English test. If you are looking to study graduate entry medicine in Europe without entrance exams, a medical school in Poland or Georgia will be your best option.

Medlink Students offers a FREE assessment of your documents and personalised consultation on your best options for studying medicine or dentistry abroad. Schedule a call with an experienced student advisor now and get instant insight on the most suitable accelerated medical pathway abroad for you.

study graduate entry medicine in europe

Graduate Entry Medicine Abroad

Graduate Entry Medicine in Europe?

The top universities for graduate entry into medicine are:

Graduate Entry Medicine Abroad in the Caribbean

Immerse yourself in the Caribbean Med School experience - Sun, Sea, & Studying Medicine, where tranquil beaches and a deep focus on your studies go hand in hand.

The Caribbean universities for graduate entry into medicine are:

Medlink Students has partnered with the above-listed Caribbean Universities and thus created a unique opportunity for prospective students to receive a scholarship based on their academic performance. The scholarship entails a significant reduction in the tuition fee.

Where are the Medicine Graduate Entry Pathways Recognised?

All medical universities we recommend are listed on the World Directory of Medical Schools by the World Health Organisation. In other words, these institutions are recognised worldwide.

To confirm that the accelerated route is recognised in your country or the country you wish to practise in, it's best to contact one of our expert student advisors. They will review your specific case and give you tailored options based on your previous qualifications and the potential year of entry.

3 year graduate entry medicine europe

Can You Study Graduate Entry Medicine Online?

Yes, with European universities you can choose to study medicine online for the first year of your accelerated medicine route. In fact, the online option is becoming more and more popular because of how convenient it is to study from the comfort of your home.

The universities we work with were some of the first in the world to adapt to the current circumstances of virtual medical teaching. They have prepared a unique distance learning option with special curriculums and timetables for the preclinical years of medicine. Furthermore, it includes exclusive seminars with world-renowned guest doctors and lecturers to teach you the practical side of medicine. All online classes are being recorded and available for you to rewatch anytime.

Doctors know what’s best for future doctors. That’s why Medlink Students is the leading agency for the most popular graduate-entry routes in Europe. Whether you’re a graduate or a transfer student, we will equivalate your previous qualifications and hours to get you exempted from the initial years of medical school.

You can schedule a call with our experienced student advisors at any time. We will assess your documents completely free of charge. What you will get in return is tailored advice based on any preferences you may have about countries, universities, tuition fees, accreditation, accommodation, leisure time, and much more.

We work very closely with the medical universities in Europe, so any promises we make will be definite. You will get 100% guaranteed admission into graduate entry medicine abroad. Our agreement with you states clearly that if you don’t get on your desired course, then you get your deposit fully refunded.

These fast-track pathways are extremely popular because an abundance of candidates meet the criteria to apply. "Guaranteed acceptance" is awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. We advise you to apply as soon as possible.

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738 Students Attended Our Graduate Entry Medicine In Europe Webinar. Check It Out!

738 Students Attended Our Graduate Entry Medicine In Europe Webinar. Check It Out!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to get into graduate entry medicine?

It's not difficult to get into a grad entry pathway in Europe. If you have a previous degree from a health-related field, you already qualify.

How many years is graduate entry medicine?

In most cases, the graduate entry medicine route allows you to enter into a 6-year course from year 2 or 3. The duration depends on your previous degree, credits earned, and work experience.

Which countries offer graduate entry medicine?

At the moment only Poland offers this option.

Are accelerated medical routes worth it?

Yes, they are absolutely worth it because they are recognised worldwide and allow you to graduate sooner and become a practising doctor faster.

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