Graduate Entry Medicine in Europe

Graduate Entry Medicine in Europe, in English

Study Medicine Abroad in 4-Years or Less

The graduate-entry medicine and dentistry courses abroad allow biomedical/life science graduates and healthcare professionals with similar academic qualifications to study via a fast-track medicine or accelerated medicine course. The graduate programs in Eastern Europe enable you to skip the first few years of a conventional medical or dental degree to achieve an MD qualification in fewer years, rather than the traditional six years. The graduate-entry Medicine course allows you entry into the second, third, or fourth year of medicine or dentistry depending on your qualifications.

Many students already have degrees that are very closely related to Medicine or Dentistry. We accept a variety of degrees; the majority of applicants have a health-related degree. Medlink Students will guarantee your acceptance on the graduate medicine course or graduate dentistry course in Europe, as long as you have a relevant degree. You will neither have to do an entrance exam nor attend an interview!

Medlink Students is the main and leading recruitment agency for guaranteed entry into graduate medicine in Europe courses. We offer the best courses and routes into fast-track medicine and promise to price match any other similar offer made to you. We are a team of doctors & medical students here to help you study medicine in Europe and achieve your dream in the fastest and most affordable way, while still getting a high-quality education.

Apply so we can assess your qualifications and inform you about your options in Europe.

Whether you’re a graduate or a transfer student, we will equivalate your previous qualifications and hours to get you exempted from the initial years of medical school.

Why “Medlink Students” agency?

We work very closely with the medical universities in Europe, so any promises we make will be definite. The graduate Medicine course we offer you will be guaranteed. We sign a contract clearly stating that if you don’t get on the graduate medicine course, then you get your deposit fully refunded. We’re that confident that we can help you. Read more about why Medlink Students is the most suitable agency for you.

Is the graduate medicine degree in Europe, accepted by the GMC?

The medical universities meet the criteria of acceptance set by the GMC as they meet the requirements, such as the minimum number of hours, credits, and years of study required. We are British doctors and medical students who have pursued the same course that you’re about to embark on, with the prospect of returning home after graduation. We’ll be studying alongside you. We’ll support you while you’re in Europe, and once you return to the UK. Have a look at our services page to see what we’ll do for you.


graduate entry medicine europe

Disclaimer: These are EXTREMELY popular medical courses. Lots of candidates who meet the criteria apply, so guaranteed acceptance is awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. We have only 20 places per course. We advise you to apply as soon as possible.

Tuition Fees: starts from £3000 (€3400)/year

Living Costs: £350/month

Sounds too good to be true, right? 
Doctors know what’s best for future doctors. That’s why we’re the leading agency for graduate medicine courses, and that’s why we offer the most popular graduate-entry programs in Europe.

How does it work?

Send us a free non-obligatory application that takes a minute to fill in. Based on your answers, our advisors will email you requesting your documents. Meanwhile, our telephone advisors will text you to arrange for a phone call appointment so you can discuss the most suitable course for you.

Is there a graduate medicine course in Sumy or Kiev?

We’ve been working in Ukraine for several years and we’ve never heard of this! The courses are 6-years long there.

  • Fatimah graduated with a health related degree. She spent 3 years attending university with many hours under her belt

  • Fatimah was unsuccessful earning a place on any of the graduate entry medical courses in the UK, but she was committed to fullfilling her dream.

  • She was left with the decision to start medical school in the UK from year one, and pay £9000 per year for 5 years, or find an alternative

  • She contacted Medlink Students, who got her an acceptance for graduate entry medicine & got her previous studies' credits fully equivelated at medical school.

  • The agency helped her get the visa, met & greeted her at the airport, showed her around & enrolled her.

  • Our Team helped her settle in by finding her affordable accommodation, opened a bank account for her, got her a simcard, and residence permit.

  • Fatimah was admitted into 3rd year Medicine in Europe and is looking forward to graduating with a GMC accepted MD degree, and returning to work in the UK!

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