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Study Dentistry In Spain In English

students overlooking the european unviersity of madrid

Living & Studying In Spain

dentistry in spain

About Studying Dentistry In Spain

Spain is an excellent destination for international students looking to study dentistry. There are several medical schools here, some of which offer 5-year Bachelor’s degree programmes in English.

Why Study Dentistry In Spain?

Apart from being an exotic destination for travel and leisure, Spain offers:

  • High-quality dental education with a strong focus on clinical training
  • English-taught programmes for international students
  • Cutting-edge teaching facilities and modern dormitories
  • International student communities in all major cities
  • Opportunity to practice anywhere in the world upon graduation
students overlooking the european unviersity of madrid
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Tuition Fees In Spain

Average cost per year per course in Spain

Best Dental Universities in Spain that Teach Dentistry in English

There are more than 40 medical schools in Spain. Most universities only teach in English during the first 2 years, and later on, continue in Spanish only. However, there are 2 of them that offer dentistry programmes that are fully taught in English.

1. The European University of Madrid (UEM) is a private university located in Madrid, Spain, founded in 1989. The university has 4 campuses in Spain, two of which, in Madrid and Valencia, offer English-taught dentistry courses, making it a great option for international students who wish to study in Spain but are not fluent in Spanish.

UEM has modern dental facilities and technology, including computer labs, libraries, and sports facilities. The university offers extracurricular activities and sports events for students to participate in outside of the classroom.

The tuition fees for the 5-year dentistry programme in English at UEM are £17,450 per year.

2. CEU San Pablo University is also a private university in Madrid, Spain, offering a 5-year Bachelor's degree in dentistry taught in English. The university has two campuses, modern facilities, and a polyclinic that offers hands-on training for students.

The tuition fees for dentistry in English are £18,000 per year, with additional reservation and enrollment fees. The degree is internationally recognised, but some countries, such as the UK, may require more clinical training to obtain a licence to practice dentistry. San Pablo University only offers a Bachelor's degree, and students cannot transfer from a Master's degree programme.

Entry Requirements to Study Dentistry in Spain

As part of their admission rankings:

  • UEM requires good high school grades, preferably in Biology and Chemistry, an online aptitude test, a written interview, and an English test for non-native speakers. Students can only apply for one campus, either Madrid or Valencia.
  • CEU San Pablo University requirements include an academic transcript, entrance exams, an aptitude test, and an English language test.

How Much Does it Cost to Study Dentistry in Spain?

In general, the tuition fees for 5-year dental degree programmes in English in Spain range between £17,400 - £18,250 per year and can be paid in several instalments throughout the year.

In terms of living costs, Spain is considered to be one of the most expensive European countries to live in. On average, renting a single-bedroom apartment costs around £900 in Madrid. Utilities may cost anywhere between £150 - £200 monthly. Adding in food and leisure, expect a total required budget of £1,750 per month.

Where Are Dentistry Degrees From Spain Recognised?

A dental degree from Spain will allow you to practise worldwide. However, it should be noted that since the degree is only a bachelor’s, students may need to study and practise an extra year in order to be eligible to work with patients independently.

For example, most dentistry courses in Spain offer 1000 practical hours in their curriculums, but the UK’s General Dental Council requires 1600 hours before issuing a dentist licence. So students from the UK should find ways to make up for the missing 600 hours, usually through additional courses and clinical training.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you study dentistry in English in Spain?

Yes, you can study dentistry in English at CEU San Pablo University and European University of Madrid.

How much does it cost to study dentistry in Spain in English?

Usually, tuition fees per year range between €20,000 - €21,000.

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