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Medlink Students

Transfer into Medical Universities in Europe

We carry out a medical university transfer for you into the first, second, third, fourth or fifth year of Medicine (MD) or Dental Medicine (DMD) in Europe.

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Transfer Into Medical Universities In Europe

Transferring from one medical university to another is not uncommon. In fact, in the past several years, we’ve received thousands of enquiries from students looking to switch to a medical school in Europe. When asked about the reasons why they wanted to move to a European university, students mostly pointed out that they:

- Failed some modules or subjects and they’re being held back;
- Are not happy with their current university’s teaching system;
- Realised that tuition fees were too high compared to medical schools in Europe providing the same quality of education;
- Had other personal, financial, and rarely political issues.

In order to help the students who need to transfer medical schools, we’ve personally contacted numerous European universities and created
a list of medical schools that accept transfer students in Europe.

Transferring medical schools has just been made easier with Medlink Students! We can help you transfer into the next year of a medical program in English and not lose out on a whole year.

We can help you graduate with a European degree and equivalate the subjects you have previously studied.

Guaranteed Medical Degree Transfer in Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Italy, Cyprus, Hungary, and more

  • Find out about medical schools in Europe that accept transfer students.
  • No entrance exam required for a successful transfer in Europe.
  • Guaranteed successful transfer or a full refund back.
  • Lots of services and full support throughout the transfer process and while studying at your new university.
  • Transfer to medical universities with lower tuition.
  • Get an instant answer on your year of entry by simply submitting an application.
  • We count every ECTS credit you have and transfer that to your new medical program.
  • Full recognition and equivalence of academic studies in previous medical university.
  • Entry into a higher course, so you do not have to start from year one. Skip the years that you have already studied.
  • Guaranteed medical university transfer from Biomedical Science to Medicine or Dentistry.

How Do Medical School Transfers work?

All universities have lists of subjects that they teach from year 1 to the final year. The subjects are taught in a different order and at different hours in each country.

When a student wants to transfer to a new university, the destination university will compare their previous coursework with their own curriculum. They will exempt the student from courses they have already taken and mark off the ones they haven't. However, there may be some differences in the curriculums of the two universities, which means the student will have to make up for any missing courses. This can usually be done by taking an additional semester or two at the new university.

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