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Study Medicine in Czech Republic in English

There are several benefits to studying medicine in the Czech Republic in English. First of all, it will give you the opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The educational system here is excellent and the country has excellent standards and fascinating history. Its medical programmes are accepted in the EU and the US. Furthermore, the cost of living is also affordable, and the city's infrastructure will provide you with everything that you need.

medical education in czech republic

Living & Studying In Czech Republic


About Studying Medicine in Czech Republic

The ever-so-charming Czech Republic, especially Prague, is one of the most popular destinations for international students to study medicine abroad.

The country is home to one of the oldest universities in Europe - Charles University, founded in 1348.

One of the most popular Czech scientists is Johann Evangelist Purkinje. He was an anatomist and physiologist who made many discoveries, such as the Purkinje effect of the eyes and the term “protoplasm” -  the fluid substance of a cell.

Every year, thousands of international students choose Czech universities to pursue their medical education in English.

Offering a high-quality education and excellent living conditions, it’s no wonder that the Czech Republic is one of the top destinations for studying medicine abroad.

Being part of the European Union, the Czech Republic, gives you a unique opportunity to study medicine in English in Europe.

Receiving a medical degree from a university here grants you the right to become a practising doctor anywhere in the world.

With more than 5 medical universities here that teach medicine in English, many international students decide to take advantage of the country’s well-developed educational system.

Why study medicine in the Czech Republic

  • The country is a fast-developing, modern country, part of the European Union.
  • It is listed in 26th place in the world’s most developed economies.
  • Some of their universities accept student transfers.
  • Graduating in the Czech Republic allows you to practise worldwide.
  • Czech’s education system offers high quality and is well-developed.
  • Some of the universities offer premedical courses in English.
  • They grant you access to modern, completely developed hospitals, laboratories and libraries.
  • You can take advantage of reduced fees.
  • The Czech Republic will make your student life memorable.
medical education in czech republic

The Best Medical Universities in Czech Republic

Check out our price breakdown of medical schools in the Czech Republic

Quick Facts

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Living Costs

Tuition Fees In Czech Republic

Average cost per year per course in Czech Republic

Medical Universities with English-Taught Programmes in the Czech Republic

1. Charles University in Prague is a public university established in 1348 in the capital. It is the largest medical school in Prague. It offers bachelor’s, master's and doctoral degrees. The university offers courses in English in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy. Yet, if you don’t feel prepared enough, you can enrol for their 5-month premedical programme. Here, you will be able to study medicine in a 6-year programme at the cost of .

If your choice is to study dentistry, then your course will last 5 years and will also cost around €21,050 per year. The pharmacy course also lasts 5 years, and it costs €7.600 per year.

No matter which path you take, you will receive a high-standard education and a diploma that will be recognised worldwide.

To apply to this university, you will need a secondary education and a school-leaving certificate.

The next step is attending an entry interview in English to assess your study motivation and English proficiency. The last step is passing the entrance exam in general Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

charles university prague medicine

2. Masaryk University was established in 1919 and is located in Brno, Czech Republic. It is the second-largest university in the country, with 10 faculties and around 400 study programmes. The university often invests in renovating historical buildings, modernising libraries and building new research centres. The university offers medicine, dentistry and pharmacy courses in English. The medicine course duration is 6 years at the cost of per year. Dentistry and pharmacy last 5 years. The prices are dentistry - €13,000 per year and pharmacy - €6,700 per year.

Also, before applying for a programme, you can enrol in their preparatory classes. Each course provides a high-level education preparing you for the true medicine world.

Applying for medicine and dentistry requires you to pass an entrance examination consisting of 3 separate tests in biology, chemistry, and physics or maths.

If pharmacy is your choice, then you will have to prepare a CV in English and a verified High School Leaving Certificate. Also, you will need to pass an entrance exam in biology and chemistry.

masaryk university medicine

3. Palacky University in Olomouc was established in 1573, making it the second-oldest university in the country. It is located in Olomouc, which used to be the historical capital of Moravia. The university is public and offers medicine and dentistry in English. The medicine course lasts 6 years, divided into pre-clinical and clinical. It costs around per year. The duration of the dentistry course is 5 years at the cost of around €11,800 per year.

The university uses the European Credit Transfer System, which makes international credit transfers easier.

To apply to this university, you will need a high school diploma and an English certificate.

Also, you must pass an exam in Biology, Chemistry, Physiology and Physics and a short interview.

The university offers its student accommodation at the cost of only €100. In Olomouc, your monthly living expenses will be around €450.

palacky university olomouc

4. Charles University Faculty Of Medicine In Pilsen was established in 1945. It is located in the fourth-largest city, called Pilsen. The university offers medicine and dentistry courses, both in English. The medicine course lasts 6 years with the price of around €11,500 per year. It is divided into 3 parts. The first and second years cover mostly medical theory. During the third and fourth years, you will be studying pre-clinical subjects, and you will have the opportunity of bedside teaching.

The last years are dedicated to clinical subjects. However, if your choice is to study dentistry in English, your course will last 5 years at the cost of around with a similar study organisation.

Applying for Pilsen University requires you to have a high school diploma and sit an exam in Biology, Chemistry, Physiology and Physics.

Being a student here, you can live in their hostels for just €135 per month. In Pilsen, your living expenses will be around €450, according to your needs.

faculty of medicine in pilsen

5. Charles University Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove is part of the big family of Charles University. It was established in 1945. It offers medicine and dentistry courses in English. The duration of the medicine course is 6 years and costs around . The pharmacy course costs around €7,600 and lasts 5 years. Both courses are well-balanced between theory and practice. To apply to this university, you will need a high school diploma. Also, you will need to pass an exam in Biology, Chemistry and Physics or Maths.

The last step is an interview to prove your personal motivation for choosing medicine.

This university offers accommodation for its students at the cost of  €100 monthly. Living in Hradec Kralove will cost you around  €450 per month, according to your needs.

kradec hralove medical faculty of charles university

6. University of Ostrava is a public university located in Ostrava. It was founded in 1991. Its medicine faculty was established in recent 2010. The university offers a master's degree programme in medicine in English. The course lasts 6 years at the cost of per year. It is divided into 3 parts - theoretical disciplines, pre-clinical and clinical years.

During the course, you will have the chance to study and attend hospitals and learn from the best in their area.

To apply to this university, you will need a high school diploma. Also, you will need to pass an exam based on Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

The required English level of the applicants is at least B2.

The university offers accommodation near the faculties. Living costs in Ostrava, including the hostel room, will be around €400 per month, according to your needs.

university of ostrava medicine

Entry Requirements to Study Medicine in the Czech Republic

All universities have very similar entry requirements. A diploma in secondary education is mandatory. There is also a requirement for an English proficiency certificate for non-native speakers.

Furthermore, applicants must pass an exam in several science subjects. Chemistry and Biology are standard for all universities. There is also an examination in Physics and/or mathematics for some universities.

Cost of Studying Medicine in the Czech Republic

Financially speaking, the Czech Republic is a good destination for medical studies. Tuition fees are in the middle range for European countries. Living costs are also average for the continent - somewhat affordable for Western Europeans and somewhat expensive for Eastern European countries.

Tuition Fees to Study Medicine in the Czech Republic

The tuition fees for medicine and dentistry are between €10,000 and €13,000, depending on the university. The tuition fees for pharmacy are around €7,000. Moreover, some of the universities offer scholarships.

These prices are considered average for the continent, and they are very characteristic of Central Europe and the Baltic states.

Living Costs in the Czech Republic for International Students


Living costs are around €815 per person in Prague, but this is the highest they get in the country. Regional cities like Brno and Pilsen have lower living costs around €690, and cities like Hradec Kralove require €720 on average. These expenses don’t include rent.

A single-bedroom apartment costs in the range of €550 to €750 in Prague, depending on the location. Rent outside the capital is much more affordable between €410 and €590.

Graduate Entry Medicine in the Czech Republic

At this point, the Czech Republic doesn’t offer graduate entry medicine in English. Instead, you can consider a university in Poland.

Medlink Students constantly update their information and will inform you about any news regarding graduate entry medicine in the Czech Republic.

Why Study Medicine in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has some of the oldest universities in Central Europe. The country believes in effective higher education since it was a Duchy in the Holy Roman Empire, and little has changed in this regard.

Practical Reasons to Study Medicine in the Czech Republic

These are the main incentives to consider the Czech Republic as an educational destination:

  • Worldwide recognition of the degree
  • Midrange tuition fees
  • Moderate living costs
  • Some universities offer transfers and pre-medical courses
  • 16th safest country according to the Global Peace Index
  • Available student dormitories
  • Czech Republic is an EU and Schengen member

Lifestyle Reasons to Study Medicine in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is famous for the quality of its beer, especially its pilsner. Czechs have more than 400 breweries on their territory, including the oldest one in the world. Thus, fans of the amber drink will be extremely satisfied to study in the country.

Furthermore, the Czech Republic is full of landmarks to discover. The country boasts castles, palaces, churches, and monuments in various architectural styles. Prague’s Castle, Sedlec Ossuary, and the Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc are just a few of the world-renowned landmarks in the country.

Study medicine in the Czech Republic in English

The M.D. programmes in the Czech Republic usually last 6 years. They are split into two parts - pre-clinical and clinical.

The first part is where you mostly study theory and get prepared for the clinical years. The second part is the one you are probably anticipating the most.

In the final years, you attend hospitals, work with real patients instead of dummies, and learn from the best doctors.

The dentistry and pharmacy courses usually last 5 years. They are well-balanced between theory and practice, so after graduating, you will be fully prepared to start practising.

If you choose to study dentistry in English in the Czech Republic, you will graduate with a D.M.D diploma.

Submit a free application to hear more about your options in the Czech Republic and Europe via Medlink Students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for a graduate entry in Czech Republic?

Unfortunately, you can't. There is no graduate entry here. But you can contact our advisor for free to speak about your options in Poland.

Is there a premedical course in Czech Republic?

Yes, there is. Charles University in Prague and Masaryk University offer a 5-month premedical programme.

How much does it cost to study medicine in Czech Republic?

The tuition fees for medicine are around €12000 per year.

Where is the degree from Czech Republic recognised?

The degrees are recognised worldwide!

Is Czech Republic good to study medicine?

Yes, the Czech Republic is a very good choice for those who wish to study medicine abroad. The tuition fees are more affordable than they are in many Western countres, such as the US or the UK, and the level of education is very high.

How long is medical school in Czech Republic?

Medical school in Czech Republic lasts 6 years, as it does everywhere. The first two years are theoretical, and mostly focused on pre-med subjects. The next two are clinical, and then an internship in the final year.

Can I study medicine in English in the Czech Republic?

Yes. Every medical university in Czech Republic that we work with offers a medical programme entirely in English to both local and international students.

Which university can I study medicine in Czech Republic?

The best medical universities in Czech Republic are Charles University Prague, Masaryk University and Palacky University. However, every medical school has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the right one for you may not necessarily be the best one overall.

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