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Semmelweis University of Medicine

Located in: Hungary

  • The university offers top-tier Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and pre-med courses taught in English
  • The university is a regional centre of excellence in research and innovation in the field of life sciences
  • Semmelweis University is among the top 250 universities in the world according to the 2023 Times Higher Education World University Rankings

Quick Facts

Budapest, Hungary
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Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Pre-med
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The curricula for the academic year
2022/2023 are now available.

About Semmelweis University of Medicine

Founded in 1769, Semmelweis University in Budapest is the oldest medical school in Hungary with an uninterrupted history. The medical school’s name derives from Ignaz Semmelweis, who discovered the cause of puerperal fever and helped introduce hand disinfection standards in obstetrics clinics.

However, Ignaz Semmelweis is not the only great physician associated with the university. For example, Ferenc Bene administered the first smallpox vaccine, and Janos Bokai contributed greatly to the decline of child mortality from diphtheria.

Nowadays, Semmelweis University continues to be at the forefront of medicine and health sciences with modern teaching methods, advanced research programmes, and exciting student life. Over 11,000 students gave a vote of confidence in the university, and international students are more than a third of them.

Courses Offered at Semmelweis University of Medicine

Semmelweis Medical University offers 6-year medicine courses and 5-year dentistry and pharmacy courses.

There is no graduate entry medicine in Hungary, but Semmelweis University transfers from a different medical programme are possible.

Semmelweis Medical University’s address is Budapest, Üllői út 26, 1085, Hungary.

Extracurricular and Leisure Activities at Semmelweis University

The Semmelweis University of Medicine boasts more than 3,000 international students, and there is plenty to attract them in terms of extracurricular and leisure activities. The school encourages students to participate in research, sports, and recreation.

The research programmes focus on life sciences and medicine. Semmelweis University aims to become a Top 5 university for health sciences in Europe, and it saves no expenses and effort in achieving this goal.

Local scientists publish research in international journals of great esteem. Therefore, academically gifted students have excellent opportunities to impact the medical science of the 21st century. Involved students can show their work at a couple of conferences, and they can also network their skills at career events at the university.

Furthermore, students may gain membership in a couple of clubs that organise activities and events. The Budapest Medical Students Association is very active in the local society. It organises charity events and preventative medicine lectures for high school students at English-learning institutions.

The other club of interest is the International Semmelweis Student Association. This organisation creates fun events for students to make friends and get familiar with Hungarian culture. The annual Multicultural Food Festival is a must-go for internationals to show off their national dishes and get a taste of the world.

In addition, Semmelweis University organises many other cultural events to enjoy themselves. Freshers’ Camp, Fresher’s Ball, Semmelweis Carnival, and Semmelweis Spring Festival are some of the most notable celebrations.

Last but not least, the university encourages students to participate in sports. Physical education classes are mandatory during the first two years, and team sports include water polo, volleyball, basketball, football, and handball. Students can participate on both competitive and amateur levels in these activities. There are also optional sports like judo, aerobics, yoga, tennis, frisbee, and Zumba.

Semmelweis University Tuition Fees

Here you have the opportunity to study medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy, all taught in English. The following tuition fees are for international students enrolled in English-taught programmes.

Semmelweis University’s tuition fees for medicine are approximately per year for 6 years.

Tuition fees for dentistry are per year for first 2 years and per year for last 3 years

Last but not least, pharmacy costs per year for 5 years.

Semmelweis University of Medicine

Semmelweis University’s Entry Requirements for Medicine and Dentistry

The deadline for application is 31 May each year. Students should apply as soon as possible to secure their seats!

The following entry requirements are for international students applying for general medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy at Semmelweis University.

To be admitted into Semmelweis university, you will need to pass the entrance exams, which are held in the medical school itself or worldwide at locations provided by officially appointed Semmelweis representatives. You will also have to attend a personal interview so your knowledge, skills, and motivation can be evaluated.

You must pass 4 multiple-choice tests, which consist of 20 questions for 20 minutes each. The subjects are Biology, Chemistry, General English, and Biomedical English.

Accepted students coming from EU and EEA countries do not need a student visa but have to apply for a residence permit within 90 days after their arrival in Hungary. Non-EU students have to apply for a student visa, and this is something that Medlink Students can help with as well.

Semmelweis University of Medicine is widely renowned for its exceptional medical education in Hungary, making the competition for applying to it absolutely fierce. On top of that, the admission process can be intricate and demanding, with strict prerequisites and legal procedures to adhere to. These requirements include the submission of specific documents that have to be translated, notarised, and legalised. Not meeting these criteria will lead to your application getting turned down. However, our top-notch admissions experts are here to help. Our team is widely recognised as the best throughout Europe, and we can manage the application process in its entirety, including all necessary legal procedures. We maintain a strong partnership with the university, and we know the ins and outs of their application system and entrance exam format. Applying with Medlink Students ensures that you will submit an outstanding application that will help you stand out amidst the competition. Moreover, we provide exceptional preparatory materials to help you excel in your entry examination and interview. With our professional support, we can guarantee your acceptance at Semmelweis University of Medicine. This way, you can concentrate on what’s really important– preparing for the entrance exam and interview.

We can also support you throughout your education, and help you practise as a doctor in Europe or the UK.

McDaniel College Preparatory Courses

McDaniel College is an American private college with a campus in Budapest. This institution specialises in preparing students who are determined to apply for a full-time medical course. The preparatory courses are not obligatory, but they are strongly recommended.

Why should you take a preparatory course? During the preparatory course, you will acquire knowledge in the basic science subjects necessary to apply for medical school. It prepares you for the entrance exams. Your high motivation to study and these world-class courses will grant you a competitive score.

McDaniel College offers pre-medical courses for Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Veterinary programmes taught in English. There is a two-semester course and an intense course. Please note that taking any of the college’s courses doesn’t exempt you from the entrance exams but gives you a competitive advantage over the other candidates.

The prices are as follows: 

  • Two-semester course: paid in two installments
  • Spring Semester intense course: one-time payment

Applying for a pre-medical course requires no entrance exam or so. The only thing you will need is a will to study and succeed in the medical field.

University Accreditation

You will get an international degree in medicinedentistry, and pharmacy when you complete your studies successfully. The degree is accepted in all European Union states, the European Economic Area, and, of course, by the General Medical Council (GMC), the World Health Organization, the State Education Department (NY, USA), and the Medical Board of California.

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Student Accommodation

The Semmelweis University of Medicine offers student accommodation in 5 dormitories with approximately 700 beds. Getting a room, however, might be hard because you will have to compete with Hungarian, German, and other international students who choose to study medicine in English. Acceptance is based on the applicant’s social/welfare status, community services, and scholastic records.

The living cost in Budapest is more than acceptable, so renting a flat will probably be a better option. Rent prices start from , and utilities average roughly per month. Combined with other living expenses such as food and entertainment, you can expect to spend from  to per month.

As one of the most populated capitals in Europe, Budapest has plenty of entertainment to offer. Probably those of you who are interested in culture and history would be the luckiest. Here you can visit many historical museums, monuments, and castles. We recommend you take a walk around the Danube river or in City Park to truly experience Budapest’s vibe.

As for nightlife activities, the city is nowhere near short of things to do. You can find all kinds of clubs, restaurants, pubs, and festivals here. If you like going to concerts and seeing your favorite performers live, there’s a good chance you might see them here in Budapest.

Life as a Medical Student in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is one of the jewel cities on the Danube, but it was not always a single city like Vienna and Bratislava. In fact, for most of its existence, Buda and Pest were separate towns on opposite banks of the river. While they united into a single entity in 1873, the common name did not remove the duality of Budapest.

Buda is on the western bank, and it holds the hilly high ground of the city. The historic castle district is here, and it contains many spectacular landmarks. Buda also has a better view, thanks to its elevation.

Pest is on the eastern bank, the livelier, more populated part of the city. Here are the Hungarian Parliament building, the malls, and the farmer’s markets. The local “ruin bars” are popular among tourists and international students. These venues occupy abandoned buildings, and they take the artistic charms of hipster culture to a new level.

Speaking of culture, Budapest has plenty to offer on its territory. The city has placed height limitations on new buildings to preserve their authenticity and history. Most spires above the rooftops are temples, public buildings, and bridges. Thus, a walk through the city has a certain time-traveling feel for pedestrians.

The temporal effect is further amplified by the many museums, art galleries, over 40 theatres, seven concert halls, and an opera house. The cultural life of Budapest includes many music and arts festivals that bring international stars to the local stages. One of them, the Sziget Festival, is a Top 5 festival in Europe, and it is held annually on an island in the city.

The islands on the Danube are quite landmarks as well. They serve as recreational areas where people can enjoy a walk in the park or engage in bench-partying, a popular leisure activity among local youth. In addition, water sports options include wakeboarding, jet-skiing, and rowing.

Last but not least, one form of recreation sets Budapest apart from any other capital city - caving or spelunking, as gamers love to call it. Budapest has over thirty thousand feet of explorable caves. Adventurers can explore the underworld with a guide, and there are different difficulty levels. The more accessible tours are through paved and lighted sections of the caves, while the more difficult ones include climbing and crawling.

Semmelweis University World Ranking

Semmelweis University has a long history of academic excellence, and it is recognised as a prestigious institution by many international ranking organisations.

Times Higher Education ranks Semmelweis Medical University in 41st place for European Teaching and 85th in the world for good health and well-being.

USNews ranks Semmelweis as the second-best university in Hungary, 31st for genetic research in Europe, and 45th for international collaboration in oncology in relation to medicine.

In addition, Top Universities considers Semmelweis in the Top 100 to 140 universities in the world.

Beyond Borders: A Multicultural Journey on Campus in Budapest

Welcome to the city of Budapest, where diversity and inclusion thrive in harmony. As students from diverse backgrounds converge, Semmelweis University takes great care in catering to their unique needs, fostering an environment that celebrates multiculturalism.

The cityscape is adorned with a symphony of mosques, churches, and synagogues, representing the coexistence of different faiths. Gastronomic adventures await, with a myriad of vegan, kosher, and halal restaurants catering to the diverse palates of students.

Hungarian culture weaves a tapestry of safety and respect, ensuring the well-being and cultural expression of all students, including hijabi women. Throughout the campus and the city, the faculty of medicine actively cultivates an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, rejoicing in the mosaic of diversity and honouring the richness of cultural backgrounds.

Terms Dates

The fall semester begins around 10 September and ends around 15 December. 16 December – 31 January is the exam period. The spring semester starts at the beginning of February and lasts until mid-May. The exam period follows immediately after and ends in early July.

Accommodation Costs

Our experience throughout the years has provided us with valuable insight in the real estate field with which we will help you find the best accommodation for you.

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Living & Studying In Semmelweis University of Medicine

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Semmelweis University?

The university is located in Budapest, Hungary. The city straddles the Danube river, and it is a spectacular cultural centre. Semmelweis Medical University’s address is Budapest, Üllői út 26, 1085, Hungary.

Can you transfer to Semmelweis University of Medicine?

Yes. Transfers are possible for medical students.

Can you study graduate entry medicine at Semmelweis University of Medicine?

No. Fast track medicine is not possible at this medical school.

How much do tuition fees cost at Semmelweis University?

International students pay around in tuition per year for medicine and  per year for first 2 years and per year for last 3 years. Pharmacy costs per year.

Is Semmelweis University accredited?

The university's medical graduates get international recognition of their degrees. The World Health Organisation recognises it through its World Directory of Medical Schools. In addition, the UK General Medical Council also recognises the university.

Is Semmelweis University teaching in English?

The university has several programmes taught in English. You can study medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy in English.

Does Semmelweis University of Medicine have graduates registered with the GMC?

Yes. The university has over 500 graduates registered with the UK General Medical Council.

Is there an entrance examination at Semmelweis University?

Yes. There are 4 multiple choice tests in Biology, Chemistry, General English, and Biomedical English.

What are the entry requirements for Semmelweis University of Medicine?

Students must pass an entrance exam and interview.

When does the semester begin?

The academic year begins around the 10th of September.

When is the application deadline for Semmelweis University?

The application deadline is on the 31st of May.

Is Semmelweis a good university?

Semmelweis is a leading authority in medicine and healthcare in Central Europe. The medical school aims to become the Top 5 university for health sciences in Europe, and it saves no expenses to achieve the goal. Students at Semmelweis benefit from a cutting-edge research programme, vibrant student community, and excellent education.

Is Semmelweis University public or private?

Semmelweis University is a public school.

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