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Study Dentistry in Czech Republic in English

There are several benefits to studying dentistry in English in the Czech Republic. It will allow you to live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The educational system is excellent, and the country has a fascinating history. Its dental programmes are accepted in the EU and the US. Furthermore, the cost of living is also affordable, and the city's infrastructure will provide you with everything that you need.

Study Dentistry in Czech Republic in English

Living & Studying In Czech Republic

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About Studying Dentistry in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is located in Central Europe and has a long and rich history with many contributions to the field of medicine. In fact, one of the first European universities with a medical faculty was founded here in the 14th century by Charles IV.

The country has produced many notable figures throughout the centuries, including the physician Jan Janský, who developed the first blood-typing system in the world, and Antonín Holý, who discovered tenofovir, which is used for the treatment of HIV and hepatitis B, among many others.

The Czech Republic has a strong tradition of medical education and research with many renowned higher education institutions and research centres. To this day, the country continues to provide valuable insight into the fields of psychotherapy, biotechnology, pharmacology, and genetics. 

Additionally, the republic has a high-quality healthcare system, which provides universal coverage to citizens and residents alike. It also has a high number of doctors per capita, ensuring that every person is well taken care of.

Education in the Czech Republic

  • Excellent education system
  • Internationally recognised dentistry degrees
  • Member of the European Union and Schengen
  • Modern dental facilities and equipment
  • Affordable tuition fees and living costs
  • High quality of life
  • Great career, networking, and research opportunities
  • Rich culture and history
  • Warm and welcoming people
Study Dentistry in Czech Republic in English

The Best Universities Offering Dentistry Courses in English in the Czech Republic

Summarised price breakdown of the top medical schools that offer dentistry in English in the Czech Republic.

Medical University
Annual Tuition Fee
English Courses

Quick Facts

Czech Republic
Graduate Entry
Entrance Exam
Living Costs

Tuition Fees In Czech Republic

Average cost per year per course in Czech Republic

Universities in the Czech Republic that teach in English

The Czech Republic has a renowned world-class higher education system with exceptional academic, research, and career opportunities. It is among the most popular destinations for international students due to its long tradition of excellence and availability of Enlight-taught dental programmes. The decision to study dentistry in the Czech Republic comes with many essential benefits and prospects, which makes it an attractive option.

For instance, the country is part of the European Union and Schengen, which has many essential advantages. The curricula are designed in accordance with the strict standards of the EU, ensuring that graduates have both the theoretical and practical skills to become successful practitioners in many countries around the world.

Medical Schools With Dentistry Courses in the Czech Republic for International Students

The universities in the Czech Republic have a long-lasting reputation for academic excellence and are known for producing excellent alumni. Graduates from higher education establishments in the country receive internationally recognised diplomas, allowing them to become successful dental practitioners.

All the medical and dental schools have passed the strict requirements of the European Union, ensuring that each student receives both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to become sought-after professionals. The English dentistry courses last for 5 years in the country, and the academic year generally starts at the beginning of October.

Our expert advisors at Medlink Students can give you all the information you need in order to significantly increase your chance of acceptance at each respective university in the Czech Republic. Schedule a quick and free consultation to kickstart your successful career in dentistry.

Without further ado, here are the 3 best universities with undergraduate dentistry courses in English:

1. Charles University

Study Dentistry in the Czech Republic in English - the Charles University

Charles University was founded in 1348 in Prague and is one of the oldest and largest higher education establishments in Europe. It is highly accredited and consistently ranks as one of the top universities in the Czech Republic.

Although Charles University is almost 7 centuries old, it is renowned as a modern, dynamic and cosmopolitan institution with an emphasis on research programmes. It has a well-established international network with partnerships and collaborations with prestigious institutes from around the world. There are 17 faculties under its name, two of which offer dentistry courses in English.

1.1. The Charles University First Faculty of Medicine

The First Faculty of Medicine is located in Prague and has an annual tuition fee of €21000. To get admitted, prospective students need to submit their wholly legalised high school diploma and sit an entrance exam, which consists of two main parts. The first is a written multiple-choice test with questions in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. If you successfully pass the exam, you will be invited to multiple mini-interviews, where you will be presented with questions and topics to discuss with various interviewers.

For the current academic year, English proficiency certificates will not be necessary; instead, only your results from the entrance exam will be taken into consideration. Additionally, you must submit a personal statement, which will contribute to your final score.

1.2. The Charles University Medical Faculty in Pilsen

It is situated in the beautiful city of Pilsen, the 4th largest in the country. The tuition fee for the dental school is €15500 per year, and the admission process consists of submitting your high school diploma and sitting an entrance exam. The examination consists of 75 multiple-choice questions in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, with each section being equally divided. An online interview is possible, but only if approved by the dean of the faculty. 

2. Masaryk University

Study Dentistry in English in the Czech Republic - the Masaryk University

Masaryk is one of the country's largest and most prestigious higher education establishments. It was founded in 1919 and is named after the first president of the Czech Republic - Tomas Masaryk. The medical school is located in the scenic city of Brno, widely regarded as a university town due to its high student population of around 90000.

The university is known for its exceptional quality of education and strong research programmes, especially in the areas of life sciences, molecular medicine, and materials research. Additionally, it has a robust international presence, with a large number of partnerships with universities and research institutes from around the globe. This makes it an especially attractive choice for international students due to the fantastic opportunity to develop their own personal network.

The tuition fee for the dental school is about €16500 per year. To get admitted, prospective students must submit their high school diploma and sit an entrance exam, which consists of multiple-choice questions in Biology, Chemistry and either Physics or Mathematics. Additionally, in certain countries, an oral interview in English can be required as part of the admission process.

3. The Palacky University Olomouc

Palacky University in Olomouc medicine

This university was established in 1573, making it one of the oldest higher education establishments in Central Europe. It is widely regarded as a leading research institution on the continent with an outstanding reputation for academic excellence. The university is located in the scenic city of Olomouc, which features beautiful architecture with many aesthetically pleasing modern and classical buildings.

The tuition fees for the dental programme in English are €14000 annually. The admission process asks prospective students to submit their high school diplomas, sit an entrance exam, and prove their English proficiency. The written examination consists of a test with questions in Biology, Chemistry and either Mathematics or Physics. Non-native English speakers are required to take an English test or produce a language certificate like Cambridge FCE, IELTS, TOEFL, etc. 

If you need help in deciding which of these fantastic establishments to apply to, our advisors are professionally trained to assess each student's circumstances and guide them towards suitable options. Medlink Students are experts in assisting students with their application and getting them accepted to the university of their dreams. Use the contact form below to sign up for a free consultation.

Admission Requirements To Study Dentistry in the Czech Republic

The entry requirements to study at a dental medical school in the Czech Republic depend on each respective university. The common criteria are that prospective students need to submit their high school diploma and sit an entrance examination. In some cases, you may be invited to an interview and be asked to prove your English language proficiency. Do you wish to know if you're qualifiable and what your chances are to get admitted? Do you want to raise your chances to be accepted? We know how to help you:

Check If You Meet The Requirements


How Much Does it Cost to Study Dentistry in the Czech Republic?

One reason the Czech Republic is a popular choice among international students is that the tuition fees are affordable, and the living costs are reasonable, especially compared to other European countries. 

Tuition Fees to Study Dentistry in the Czech Republic

The annual fees for the English-taught dental courses in the country cost between €14000 and €21000, placing the Czech Republic in the middle price range in Europe.

Living Costs in the Czech Republic for International Students

A benefit of studying dentistry in the Czech Republic is that students can maintain a high quality of life on a budget, which makes the nation an attractive option for international students seeking a high-quality dental education in English. Naturally, the cost of living varies based on the city and lifestyle of each student; nevertheless, we have compiled an estimate of the average monthly living expenses in the country:


Please keep in mind that the average rent is based on living in a studio or flat, and that there are cheaper options, such as student dormitories, shared rooms and hostels.

Graduate Entry Dentistry in the Czech Republic

Currently, no universities offer graduate entry for English-taught dental programmes in the Czech Republic. However, if you are interested in studying via a graduate entry route, contact our expert advisors at Medlink Students, and we’ll help you find the right course for you.

Why Study Dentistry in the Czech Republic in English?

Overall, studying at a dental school in the Czech Republic gives international students a fantastic opportunity to receive a first-rate education and gain essential practical experience. Additionally, the universities in the country offer exceptional networking, research and career opportunities. Upon graduating, your diploma will be internationally recognised, allowing you to become a sought-after dentist in any country around the globe. Furthermore, as a member of the European Union and Schengen, the Czech Republic offers dental students many benefits.

Practical Reasons to Study Dentistry in the Czech Republic

  • Exceptional dental education
  • International recognition of your dental diploma
  • Valuable practical experience at modern dental facilities and clinics
  • Member of the European Union and Schengen
  • Excellent career, networking, and research prospects
  • Experienced faculty consisting of seasoned professionals
  • Affordable tuition costs
  • Superb quality of life with affordable living expenses
  • Warm and welcoming people
  • Safe country with a low crime rate

Lifestyle Reasons to Study Dentistry Abroad in the Czech Republic

Apart from the essential practical benefits, studying dentistry abroad in the Czech Republic comes with a myriad of lifestyle perks:

  1. The country has a rich cultural heritage with many historical landmarks to visit. International students can learn about the Czech Republic’s history through museums, galleries and tours of castles and palaces.
  2. The republic has a strategic central location right in the heart of Europe. This gives students the opportunity to visit many of the most iconic countries on the continent and experience their iconic cultures.
  3. The Czech Republic is known for its beautiful natural landscapes, which include tranquil forests, picturesque mountains, and beautiful rivers and lakes. People who love exploring the great outdoors will have a fantastic time while studying in the country.
  4. A welcoming student-friendly environment is crucial, and the Czech Republic does not disappoint. There are a number of services, facilities and discounts that are designed to support students and be easily accessible.
  5. The locals are warm and welcoming, so making lifelong friends is a guarantee. Additionally, the country has a low crime rate, ensuring that students feel safe and can devote themselves to their studies.
  6. The republic is famous for its beautiful cities and vibrant nightlife. Students can enjoy a lively local scene with many available leisure activities while being surrounded by aesthetically pleasing architecture.

Final Thoughts on Studying Dentistry in the Czech Republic in English

In addition to essential practical benefits, studying dentistry in the Czech Republic in English offers students the chance to experience a rich cultural heritage, beautiful cities, exciting nightlife, and a wholesome environment.

While enrolled in their respective dentistry programme, international students will receive an affordable education of the highest calibre. Czech universities offer a world-class education that meets the strict requirements of the European Union, thanks to their state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and modern curricula.

Studying dentistry in the Czech Republic can prepare students for a successful career in the field by giving them a chance to gain all the necessary theoretical knowledge, along with valuable clinical experience under expert supervision. In conclusion, studying dentistry in the country is a solid and attractive option for those seeking a high-quality education, a unique cultural heritage, and excellent practical training.

If you are ready to take your first step toward becoming a successful dental practitioner by studying dentistry in the Czech Republic in English, our expert advisors at Medlink Students are prepared to answer any questions you may have. Don't hesitate to contact us through the form below to sign up for free consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for a graduate entry in Czech Republic?

Unfortunately, you can't. There is no graduate entry here. But you can contact our advisor for free to speak about your options in Poland.

Is there a premedical course in Czech Republic?

Yes, there is. Charles University in Prague and Masaryk University offer a 5-month premedical programme.

How much does it cost to study dentistry in Czech Republic?

The tuition fees for dentistry are around €14000 per year.

Where is the degree from Czech Republic recognised?

The degrees are recognised worldwide!

Is Czech Republic good to study dentistry?

Yes, the Czech Republic is a very good choice for those who wish to study dentistry abroad. The tuition fees are more affordable than they are in many Western countres, such as the US or the UK, and the level of education is very high.

How long is dental school in Czech Republic?

Dental school in Czech Republic lasts 5 years, as it does everywhere. The first two years are theoretical, and mostly focused on pre-med subjects. The next two are clinical, and then an internship in the final year.

Can I study dentistry in English in the Czech Republic?

Yes. Every medical university in Czech Republic that we work with offers a dentistry programme entirely in English to both local and international students.

Which university can I study dentistry in Czech Republic?

The best medical universities for studying dentistry in Czech Republic are Charles University Prague, Masaryk University, and Palacky University. However, every medical school has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the right one for you may not necessarily be the best one overall.

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