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Jagiellonian University Medical College

Located in: Poland

  • Established in 1364, it is the oldest university in Poland and the second oldest in Central-Eastern Europe
  • It is affiliated with several prestigious university hospitals, ensuring students receive top-tier clinical training and exposure
  • The university is known for its pioneering medical research and has been at the forefront of medical innovations

Quick Facts

Krakow, Poland
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Medicine, Dentistry, Pre-med
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Graduate Entry
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Entrance Exam
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Living Costs
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Recognised by:

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The curricula for the academic year
2022/2023 are now available.

About Jagiellonian University Medical College

Jagiellonian University Medical College (JUMC) is a public university and the oldest university in Poland. It’s also the second oldest university in Central-Eastern Europe. JUMC is among the best universities to study medicine abroad. It was established in 1364 in Krakow. The notable scientist Nicolaus Copernicus was a student at JUMC.

Nicolaus Copernicus was an astronomer and mathematician who lived in the 15th and 16th centuries. During most of his life, he explored the solar system. His research stated the theory that the sun is stationary at the centre of the universe, and the planets revolve around it.

Krakow is the second-largest city in Poland, with a population of over 700,000 people. Krakow’s old town district was declared the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in the world and is also a UNESCO City of Literature. 

The university is teaching a 6-year medicine programme and a 5-year dentistry programme, both in English. Nowadays, JUMC hosts more than 6,500 students, of which more than 700 are international. The university has 3 libraries and a study room which are open every day of the week. 

А summer clerkship is necessary to be taken. During the summer break, it must be held in a healthcare unit like a teaching hospital, nursing home, clinic, etc. To get the credit for the clerkship, you will have to fulfil a certificate of Completion of the Summer Clerkship. 

The DDS (or DMD) programme requires summer clerkships for years 1-4 with 4 weeks (120 hours) duration. For the MD course, you need to be part of a 4-week clerkship every summer from year 1 to 5.

The university doesn't offer graduate entry pathways, and student transfers are not allowed here.

Jagiellonian University Medical College is located at Świętej Anny 12, 31-008 Kraków, Poland.

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Extracurricular and Leisure Activities

The Medical College at Jagiellonian University has access to the most advanced technologies, such as the Solaris linear accelerator for radiation treatment and the stem cell lab for biotech, to name a few. The university has numerous research groups and of particular note is the neuroimaging group that performs cognitive and clinical research on the brain.

Furthermore, students must participate in sports classes during their first year. However, athletic fans should not despair since they could continue to visit the university’s sports centre even after their first year.

Jagiellonian University Medical College Tuition Fees

The university offers medicine and dentistry courses in English. The MD programme lasts for 6 years. And the DMD programme’s duration is 5 years.

Tuition fees are:

  • Medicine course: per year during the whole study
  • Dentistry programme: annually for years 1-2, for the third year and for the last 2 years.
Jagiellonian University Medical College

Jagiellonian University Medical College Admission & Entry Requirements

Students with less-than-perfect secondary school grades have an extra reason to consider this school. The Jagiellonian University Medical College in Krakow admits students based only on their entrance exam results.

The entrance examination has 100 multiple-choice questions. It tests your reasoning and critical thinking as well as biology and chemistry knowledge. The exam verifies your analytical and logical thinking based on the provided information like text analyses, charts, graphs and reasoning skills.

admission process infographic

The competition to enrol at Jagiellonian University Medical College can be absolutely fierce, and the application journey can be confusing and exhausting. This medical university has a comprehensive list of application requirements and legal procedures that must be fulfilled, including the submission of specific documents that need to be translated, notarised, and legalised. Failure to meet these requirements may lead to the rejection of your application. However, you don’t need to do this on your own. Our team of admissions experts is widely regarded as the best in Europe and specialises in managing all legal aspects to the smallest detail. Moreover, we have established a strong relationship with Jagiellonian University Medical College and possess extensive knowledge about the entire application process and entrance exam. Throughout the process, we will diligently handle your application, making sure that you submit an S-tier application that will significantly improve your chances of getting accepted to this prestigious med school. Additionally, we will provide you with exceptional study materials that comprehensively prepare you for the demanding entrance exam, making it much more manageable to overcome. By choosing Medlink Students, you can avoid the stress of applying and focus on preparing for the entry examination.


JUMC is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools and is also recognised by the World Health Organisation. Graduating from Jagiellonian University Medical College will grant you access to continue to study or start practising anywhere around the world.


Jagiellonian University Medical College (JUMC) offers two student dormitories with single and double rooms. The first dormitory is closer to the faculties and the second dormitory is in the city centre.

The dormitory near the faculties is guarded by security services and is under a constant visual monitoring system. There is a shared kitchen with individual locked storage for each student. At your disposal are also laundry and dryer rooms and multi-function rooms. The price for a single room is €190 per month. Double rooms cost €100 per person.

In contrast, the dormitory near the city centre has only single rooms at the cost of €220 monthly.  Every 2 rooms share a shared kitchenette and a bathroom with a toilet. The building also has conference halls, a gym, an aerobics room, storage space, dryer and laundry rooms and a bicycle storage room. 

Yet, if you prefer to live on your own, in Krakow, the monthly rent will be between €400 and €550 based on how far from the city centre the apartment is. Living expenses, including utilities, will cost you around €500.

Jagiellonian University Medical College Accommodation

Life in Krakow, Poland

Krakow used to be the capital of Poland a few centuries ago, but just a week in the city will make it clear that locals haven’t received the memo yet that things changed. The amount of cultural and regular entertainment in the town can easily rival anything Warsaw has to offer. If it’s bigger in Warsaw, then it’s definitely better in Krakow, and vice versa.

The city offers many bars and restaurants for social gatherings, and international students are particularly fond of vintage Soviet-style bars. That’s if they have any time left from all the cultural trappings in the city.

Furthermore, if people ever get tired of the city, they can explore the local countryside during the weekend. There will be something for everyone’s taste. Zator’s Amusement Park, Lancorona’s historic village, and the home of Pope John Paul II at Wadowice are just a few of many attractions in the vicinity of Krakow.

Term Dates

The academic year is divided into winter and summer semesters. The winter semester starts at the beginning of October and lasts until the end of January, with a break between 22 December and 07 January.

The Summer semester starts in mid-February and ends on 30 September. 

At the end of each semester, there is a 2-week examination period.

Accommodation Costs

Our experience throughout the years has provided us with valuable insight in the real estate field with which we will help you find the best accommodation for you.

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Living & Studying In Jagiellonian University Medical College

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Jagiellonian University Medical College?

The university is in Krakow, Poland. The city straddles the Vistula river in the southern parts of the country. The school’s address is Świętej Anny 12, 31-008 Kraków, Poland.

Can you transfer to Jagiellonian University Medical College?

No. Transfers are not possible for medical students.

Can you study graduate entry medicine at Jagiellonian University Medical College?

No. Fast track medicine is not possible at this medical school.

How much do tuition fees cost at Jagiellonian University Medical College?

Tuition fees are as follows:
Medicine course: per year for 6 years

Dentistry programme:
The fees are annually for years 1-2, for year 3 and for the last 2 years.

Where is Jagiellonian University Medical College recognised?

The university's medical graduates get international recognition of their degrees. The World Health Organisation recognises it through its World Directory of Medical Schools. In addition, the UK General Medical Council also recognises the university.

Can you study medicine in English at Jagiellonian University Medical College?

Yes. You can study general medicine and dentistry in English.

Does Jagiellonian University Medical College have graduates registered with the GMC?

Yes. As of 2022, the university has almost 200 graduates registered with the UK General Medical Council.

Is there an entrance examination for Jagiellonian University Medical College?

Yes. The entrance examination covers Biology, Chemistry, and critical thinking.

What are the entry requirements for Jagiellonian University Medical College?

The university considers for admission only the score of their entrance examination.

When does the semester begin?

The school year starts at the beginning of October.

When is the application deadline for Jagiellonian University Medical College?

The application deadline is on the 9th of May.

Is Jagiellonian University good for medicine?

The Medical College of the Jagiellonian University is among the oldest in the world. Currently, the school is in the Top 20 of the EECA ranking. In addition, it offers cutting edge equipment for research and teaching, such as a linear accelerator for radiation treatment and stem cell lab for biotech.

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