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Study Pharmacy in Europe In English

Pharmacy courses fully taught in English
Recognised by the WHO and listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools
Wide range of opportunities after graduation
Low living costs and tuition fees
100% globally recognised diploma
Modern facilities and experienced teachers
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4.9 / 5 on Google
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Why Pursue Your Pharmacy Degree In Europe?

Recognised Courses
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Tuition Fees, Living Costs
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Study Pharmacy in Europe

No matter which area of medicine you choose to study, it will take you between 4 and 6 years. But what can you do after graduation? Are you one of those students who prefer to have a variety of career options? Congratulations, then, you’ve come to the right place. You didn’t choose to just study. You chose to help people, to have financial stability, and be part of innovations in medical treatment.

If you stay in your home country and study in your native language, you will be limited to practise only there (except for English-speaking countries). Or you will have to pass a series of exams to prove your skills in English so that you can practise pharmacy in English.

But why would you want this? Haven’t you passed enough exams until your graduation? Haven’t you proven yourself? We believe the answer is yes, you did. That’s why Medlink Students will help you find the best university that teaches pharmacy in English in Europe. We will be by your side throughout the process, from application to graduation.

Choosing to study abroad is hard, as well as the research you need to do on all the universities. You don’t need to trouble yourself with that. We have already researched for you. Contact us and speak to one of our advisors for FREE about your options to study pharmacy abroad.

Why Study Pharmacy in Europe

It’s not a surprise that you feel insecure about trying your hand at studying pharmacy abroad. It’s normal to have hesitations but considering all of the advantages you will get once you become a pharmacist, you won’t be questioning your decision anymore.

European universities are among the best medical schools in the world. They will prepare you for your future in the best possible way. Highly equipped with the most modern facilities of our times, you will dive in with both feet and become a pharmacist in a flash.

Maybe now you are asking, “Okay, I will get a high-quality education, but where can I go after that?”. Well, you can go anywhere you want! European pharmacy schools are recognised in every country you can call up. Constantly working hard on improving and being up to date, these universities have earned recognition from almost every medical institution worldwide.

What is more, most European countries don’t require high living expenses. It’s mostly up to you whether you need €500 or €1500 per month. Rent prices are also up to your preferences. And these places give you too many options.

You can live in a university dormitory where you will have all the needed facilities and even more at a low monthly cost, or you can live on your own. If you prefer a huge flat in the city centre, your rent might be a bit higher. But to be honest, all you need is a one-bedroom apartment close to your faculty. Because, in the end, this is the reason you went there in the first place, right?

After choosing the pharmacy course and where and how you will live, you need to know more about what your options are when you successfully graduate.

Taking the pharmacy journey will lead you to the medical version of Alice’s wonderland. You will take part in research and find something new daily. Who knows, one day, you may be among the scientists to find a cure for cancer.

Graduating as a pharmacist doesn’t mean working in a drugstore from 9 to 17:00. You can choose different industries and career options, such as becoming a medical science liaison, a toxicologist, going into the business, and building your own pharmacy.

What is also important about studying pharmacy in English in Europe is that the course’s tuition fees are not overpriced. They start from around €6,000 annually and are not likely to go over €11,000.

What matters when you choose where to study is global recognition. You better choose a worldwide recognised university like the Europeans, so your diploma will be accepted in every workplace around the world.

Study Pharmacy in English in Europe

Pharmacy courses in Europe

The average duration of a pharmacy course in English in Europe is 5 years, compared to dentistry and medicine, which are 6 years long. During this period, you will learn about the effect of different drugs on the human body. You will have modules focused on the process of creating medicines.

To practise as a pharmacist, you will also need to know about this industry's legal and ethical issues. You will be trained on how to work and treat patients. Studying pharmacy allows you to specialise in a particular role or field like medicine development, infectious diseases, or care of the elderly.

Like most universities worldwide, European pharmacy courses consist of lectures, seminars, and practical exercises. We know that reading lectures over and over again might be a bit boring, but this will prepare you for the best part.

At one point in your studies, the university will offer a work placement for you where you will practise and find out what it’s like to be a real pharmacist.

Why should i study pharmacy in Europe

Best places to study pharmacy in Europe

1. Cyprus - Near East University

If you want to study pharmacy in English and learn about a whole new and different culture, Near East University is the perfect place for you. Here, you can apply for a 5-year course in English, and you won’t even need to pass any entrance exams. The cost is €8,600 per year.  Also, you can live in the student dormitories, which are luxurious and close to the faculty.

2. Poland - Poznan University of Medical Sciences & Silesia Medical University

Two medical schools allow you to study pharmacy in Poland in English. Both universities require entrance exams and have a 5-year course.
Poznan University of Medical Sciences (PUMS) is located in Poznan, and the price per year is €8,700. Also, you can stay in the university’s dormitory at a very reasonable price - €80 - €140 per person for a double room.

The Medical University of Silesia is located in Katowice. Their pharmacy course has a similar cost of €8,600 annually. As well as the PUMS, this medical school has rooms at an affordable price of €160-€200 monthly for a single room.

3. Bulgaria - Sofia, Plovdiv, and Varna Medical Universities

Here, you have a good variety of universities to choose from. 3 universities teach pharmacy in English in Bulgaria. All of them require you to sit an entrance exam. But it’s nothing to worry about. Medlink Students will provide you with all the needed materials to prepare.

The course will take 5 years to complete, and you will receive a worldwide recognised degree. Tuition fees per year in the universities:

4. Hungary - Debrecen & Semmelweis Medical Schools

If you prefer to study pharmacy in English in Hungary, you can choose between going to Debrecen or Budapest. Both universities are globally recognised. They will offer you a high-class education and luxurious dormitories to live in. The course at the Medical School of Debrecen costs €6,800 annually. At the Semmelweis University of Medicine, you will pay  €10,700 per year. No matter which university you choose, you won’t make any compromises with the education standard.

5. Turkey - Acibadem University

Acibadem University offers pharmacy courses with a duration of 5 years at the cost of €10,700 annually. It is located in Istanbul. Many facts make the university preferred by international students, like no entrance exams, modern equipment, and well-developed partner hospitals.

6. Italy - University of Siena

There’s nothing more attractive for a medical student than a world-class education. That’s why Italy welcomes so many international students every year. Two universities offer a pharmacy programme in English. The course there lasts as usual for 5 years.

Can you Study Pharmacy in Europe without an entrance exam?

We are happy to inform you that you can. There are 3 universities in Europe where you need no entrance exam to apply.

All three universities require only good high school grades in Biology and Chemistry and an English language certificate. So you can start preparing for your course instead of worrying about exams.

Admission requirements to study pharmacy in Europe in English

Except for the three mentioned above universities, the admission requirements in Europe are similar. You will need a high school diploma with good grades in scientific subjects such as Biology and Chemistry. Some universities may require good grades in Maths or Physics as well.

English language certificate is obligatory to study pharmacy in English. But if you don’t have one, medical schools offer their own exam in English.

Lastly, you will need to sit an entrance exam in the scientific subject. There is no doubt that you will pass it since you have Medlink Students by your side. We will supply you with all the materials you will need to prepare for it.

Graduate Entry Pharmacy in Europe

Unfortunately, at this moment, there is no European university that offers graduate-entry pharmacy in English.

Medlink Students constantly update their information and will immediately inform you of any updates regarding this course.

Pharmacy University Transfer

If you are already enrolled in a pharmacy course, but it didn’t coincide with your expectations, don’t worry. There are enough European universities that will do it.
Here’s the list of medical schools that accept student transfers:

Contact us for FREE advice from our experts on your options to study pharmacy in English.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a pharmacist in Europe?

After completing your pharmacy education in Europe, you will be eligible to work everywhere around the world.

Can I study pharmacy in English in Germany?

No. There is no pharmacy course fully taught in English in Germany.

Can a pharmacy student become a doctor?

Yes, you can transfer to study medicine. If you have already completed your pharmacy education, you can apply for graduate entry medicine. For more information, contact one of our expert advisors.

What are the requirements to study pharmacy?

The entry requirements to study pharmacy in Europe include a high school diploma, good grades in Biology and Chemistry and/or Physics and Math, English language certificate (if you don't have one, you can sit a simple English-language exam offered by the university you apply to).

Can I do pharmacy without Maths?

Yes. Most European medical schools require only good grades in Biology and Chemistry, as well as an English language certificate.

How many years does it take to study Pharmacy?

In Europe, the average length of pharmacy education in English is 5 years.