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Medlink Students

    Table of contents

  1. Services Overview
  2. Free Consultation
  3. Full Admission Processing
  4. Help Settling In
  5. Ongoing Student Support
  6. Postgraduate Support
  7. Start Your Journey with Confidence
  8. Costs

Services Overview

Welcome to Medlink Students, where your dream of studying medicine and dentistry abroad becomes a reality.

We are a company that prides itself on helping students like yourself, first and foremost!

Applying to study abroad is no simple task. Navigating the strict application process with complicated paperwork and intricate legal requirements can be overwhelming. Especially when you also need to prepare for entrance exams and interviews.

This is where Medlink Students steps in. Our comprehensive support and application services are designed to guide you through every step of your educational journey. We’re here to make your application go as smoothly as possible so you can focus on what’s truly important - your future studies.

When you sign up with us, you don’t just get application assistance; you get a whole package of support services and up to 6 years of guidance. From personalised consultations to getting settled in your location and leading all the way up to postgraduate support, we provide comprehensive expert advice and assistance.

With us by your side, you can start studying abroad with confidence, knowing that you have a dedicated team supporting you at every turn.


Free Consultation

We understand that studying medicine or dentistry abroad comes with many questions and crucial decisions. That's why we offer a free and streamlined consultation with an experienced advisor who has guided thousands of students towards success.

Here's what you will get:

    • Expert insights: get professional guidance for students heading abroad to study from academic advisors with over a decade of experience.

    • Personalised approach: personal guidance based on where you want to work after your studies, how you plan to manage tuition costs, and identifying the schools where you'll thrive.

    • Lifestyle overview: understand the cultural, social, and practical aspects of student life in Europe and the Caribbean.

    • Future roadmap: discuss long-term prospects and how studying abroad can unlock opportunities for a successful career as a doctor or dentist.

    • Addressing your concerns: we understand that stepping into a new country for your education brings its set of questions, that's why our consultation is a safe space for you to voice any concerns you may have about moving and studying abroad

Our mission is to not only transform your concerns into confidence but to turn your educational journey into a roadmap for success. This consultation is the first step towards a promising future with boundless opportunities and constant support from Medlink Students.


Full Admission Processing

We transform the complicated process of applying abroad on your own into a simple 2-step process.

Step 1:

You will be assigned an expert student advisor to review your case, answer all your questions, and offer free guidance on the most suitable medical schools for you.

We work closely with 100+ of the best universities in Europe and the Caribbean, and together, with your input, we will narrow down your options until we find the ideal destination for you. Our current students, graduates, and university reps constantly provide us with feedback to ensure that we give up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive guidance.

You will get regular one-to-one consultations where you will learn everything you need to know in order to make an informed decision about your future.

Step 2:

Once we’ve found the perfect medical school for you, we will start building you a strong application that will let you stand out from your competition. This step takes between 6-8 weeks due to all the legal requirements and specific university admission criteria that need to be completed 100% correctly.

The application process is unique for each university, but we’ve got the best admission teams in Europe, which will take care of everything from start to finish. Your application will be handled by a specialist team that understands the ins and outs of your medical school’s requirements to guarantee that your file will be accepted.

This includes professional translation, notarisation and apostille of all your documents and getting your guaranteed acceptance letter from the Ministry of Education in the country you’ll be studying in.

All that will be left for you is to pass your interview and/or entrance exam to get in. While we’re building your application, we will provide you with the perfect university-specific materials to help you prepare and ace your entrance examinations.

With Medlink Students, you get a major advantage over your competitors thanks to our specialist help. With us by your side, you get a guarantee that your application will get accepted and that you will have the best chance to pass your entrance exam and/or interview.


Help Settling In

To ensure a smooth and worry-free transition to your new academic environment, we offer a comprehensive support programme that includes:

    • Assistance with visa application and processing if necessary

    • Planning ahead: assistance with planning your journey abroad and advice on transport methods and temporary accommodation.

    • Airport pick-up: to ensure that you are safe and to set you up with everything that you need.

    • On-campus support: introducing you to the team of students whom you’ll see on campus every day and will support you throughout your stay at the university.

    • Guidance with finding accommodation: we ensure you get the most affordable and ideal student housing available in safe and convenient areas.

    • Help setting up bills/internet/a local SIM card: we will do everything for you, so you do not have to lift a finger.

    • Setting up a local bank account: we advise you on the best banks to use with the best conversion rates and will help you set up an account.

    • Help with finding anything you need: such as restaurants with special dietary requirements, mosques, churches, etc.

    • Social events: we can help you network and make friends even before the course begins.


Ongoing Student Support

Our services don't just stop here. As you will be part of the Medlink Students family, know that we have your back whenever you need our help:

    • Assistance with applying for and legalising your residence permit.

    • Joining Facebook/WhatsApp groups for your respective university to interact with fellow students.

    • Academic support from older students studying at the same university, including free revision resources, notes, and past exam papers if needed.

    • Assistance with applying for medical insurance.

    • Help with revision and exam preparation from students who have excelled in their exams, if necessary.

    • Access to revision notes from older students on how to prepare for exams at some universities and for specific courses.

    • Guided tours of the city and university to familiarise you with the area.

    • Ongoing support throughout your stay in Europe or the Caribbean, with daily contact available from our team for guidance.


Postgraduate Support

As overseas-graduated doctors ourselves, we can give you access to a rich network of professionals in your future career.

    • Support when securing summer internships back in your home country.

    • Our doctors who have returned will help you register with your local Medical Council.

    • Assistance from doctors with choosing an appropriate postgraduate speciality.

    • Expert help in creating a competitive application that will give you an edge over your competition.

    • Guide for creating a strong cover letter and CV, along with help with applying for jobs and interviews.


Start Your Journey with Confidence

Ready to transform your dreams into reality?

Take the first step towards becoming a doctor or dentist with Medlink Students. Sign up for a free consultation to take advantage of our expert services to ensure that you get into the best medical school for you. Remember, you won’t just get professional guidance - you will also get expert admission help to guarantee that you are accepted to study medicine or dentistry abroad. This includes the whole package of support services for up to 6 years, leading all the way up to postgraduate assistance.

With us by your side, we can guarantee that you get accepted to a world-class medical school that will lead you to a promising career in healthcare.



We can guarantee you entry into many universities in Europe. The price for first-year entry and all of the above services is only £2500* (or the equivalent amount in $ or €) and covers numerous services. This is paid in two instalments. We request an initial deposit of £1000* upon application and sign a contract with you, promising your entry. Once we get your acceptance letter and registered for the course, we request the remaining £1500*. Medlink Students Ltd is a company created by doctors and students for the students. We ensure that you receive excellent value for your money by providing you with a wide range of affordable, competitive, and essential services for a smooth transition. We are a company that prides itself on helping students first and foremost! With Medlink Students you can trust us to take care of you and help you with everything you can think of, all as part of the agency fee you pay. We have no additional or hidden fees. Prices may increase for late applications. Costs for transfers and graduate medicine entry do vary as they depend on many factors.

* The service fees shown on this page have VAT included.

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