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Uzhhorod National University

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About the Uzhhorod National University in Uzhhorod, Ukraine

Uzhgorod National University is a state higher educational institution located in a small Ukrainian city named Uzhgorod. It was founded on July 19, 1945. On February 16, 1946, Uzhgorod State University accepted its first 168 students. The first faculties ever to be established here were History, Philology, Biology, and Medicine. Not long after, on July 1 1946, there were already 15 departments at the university. October 19, 2000, marks the date when Uzhgorod State University was renamed into Uzhgorod National University.

Uzhgorod National University is one of the classical universities in Ukraine, accredited according to

the IV (highest) level of accreditation in Ukraine (license of the Ministry of Education). The rector of UzhNU is Smolanka Vladimir Ivanovich, who is a doctor of medical sciences. This medical schools’ academic staff consists of 111 doctors of sciences, professors, 400 candidates of sciences and associate professors. More than 30 teachers have honorary titles of Ukraine, in particular – honoured workers of science and technology, corresponding members of the NAU, public education workers, doctors, inventors. The number of students is over 13 thousand. Most of the international students here are from countries in Asia, such as India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Syria, and Iran. The form of study includes full-time and part-time.

There are no graduate entry programmes, but student transfers are welcome.

The university is located at 88000 Uzhhorod, Universitу street 14, Apt. 225.

Uzhhorod National Medical University Tuition Fees

Here you have 2 options to study in English: a 6-year medicine course and a 5-year dentistry course. Tuition fees per year are around €3,180 for medicine and €2,920 for dentistry.

Uzhhorod National University Admission & Entry Requirements

The 2 biggest reasons why international students apply here are the admission requirements and the incredibly cheap tuition fees. The Uzhhorod National University doesn’t have an entrance exam, which brings you one step closed to admission. However, this automatically means that there are hundreds of applicants vying for a fixed number of seats, which makes entry a bit competitive.

Uzhhorod National University then ranks students based on their high school diplomas, science subjects grades, and English language proficiency.

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Student Accommodation

The university has 6 dormitories with a total capacity of around 3000 beds. All rooms are properly furnished. On-campus you can also find shops, cafes, sports facilities, and 2 student clinics. Each dormitory has libraries, reading rooms and free Wi-Fi.

If you prefer private accommodation instead of living in a student hostel, then renting a single bedroom apartment in Uzhhorod will cost you around €150 per month. Utilities will cost you around €70 per month. Finally, when you add expenses for food and entertainment, you can expect to pay a total of around €350 per month.

Uzhhorod is a relatively small city with a population of around 100,000. It’s not as well developed as other major cities in Ukraine, but you can still find plenty of activities to do. There is a bit of a language barrier that you can quickly deal with by using automatic translation apps.


The degree is recognised mostly in Ukraine and different parts of Asia, such as India and Bangladesh. There haven’t been any graduates from the UK yet, so it is difficult to tell if the GMC recognises the degree.

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