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Study Medicine in Armenia in English

In Armenia, you can study medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy in English. Tuition fees range between € 4300 - € 5250.

medical education in english in armenia

Living & Studying In Armenia

Medicine in Armenia in english

About Studying Medicine in Armenia

For the past 2 decades, Armenia has become a more and more popular destination for international students dreaming to become doctors. The capital Yerevan draws the most attention. The city hosts all 4 Armenian medical universities that teach medicine in English. Yerevan is a place where you can spend quality student years at low-cost living expenses. And also, the tuition fees don’t exceed €6,000 and don’t compromise the level of education.

Yerevan is an ancient city that dates back centuries BC. Nowadays, here you can see and acknowledge the life of our ancestors. But Yerevan also has a modern infrastructure. Here, you can enjoy various options for a different lifestyle. No matter if you prefer nightlife or walking in green areas, the capital has it all. Sports areas, shopping centres, and discos are just a small fragment of what you can find there.

What is even better than the quality of life here is the medical education you will receive. For the 6-year duration of your medical studies, you will gain knowledge and experience from a medical practitioner. People with many years of practice and a plethora of skills will be teaching you. 

Future dentists and pharmacists study for 5 years. In the clinical years of the DMD course, you will practice and treat patients under the supervision of a professional. Pharmacists are able to practise in drug stores and laboratories during the course.

Why Study Medicine in Armenia?

  • Worldwide recognised diploma
  • Reasonable tuition fees and living costs
  • Fast-developing and modern country 
  • World-class courses led by the best in their area
  • Modern hospitals and clinics where you can practice
  • Latest modern medical and teaching equipment
medical education in english in armenia

Complete List of Medical Universities in Armenia

Check out our price breakdown of medical schools in Armenia

Medical University
Annual Tuition Fee
English Courses
Saint Tereza Medical University
€ 3300
Medicine, Dentistry
Yerevan State Medical University
€ 5250
Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Pre-med
Yerevan Haybusak University
€ 4300
Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy

Quick Facts

Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Pre-Medical
€ 3300-5250
Graduate Entry
Entrance Exam
Depends on university
Living Costs
€ 500-650

Tuition Fees In Armenia

Average cost per year per course in Armenia
~€ 4000
~€ 4000
~€ 2600
~€ 1600

Medical Universities in Armenia That Teach Medicine in English

Armenian Medical schools, just like all the European medical universities, are recognised by the World Health Organisation and are listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools. After successfully graduating from medical school here, you will be able to practice everywhere around the world.

Unfortunately, there is no med school in Armenia that offers Veterinary courses in English but you can consider other countries like Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, etc. Also, no medical university here offers an advanced MD course. But if you are currently enrolled in a medical course elsewhere, you can transfer to an Armenian university, since they all accept transfers. Contact Medlink Students now to get a free consultation about Armenian medical schools. 

1. Yerevan State Medical University is located in the capital of Armenia and was established in 1920. The school has developed well throughout the years. Nowadays, it has a laboratory, a building for anatomical and dental clinics, and 2 hospitals under its jurisdiction.

Here, you can study Medicine, Dentistry, or Pharmacy in English. The annual tuition fees for Medicine and Dentistry are € 5250 and Pharmacy is €2,600 per year. The school also offers pre-medical courses in English.

To apply here, you need to pass an entrance exam in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. After successful graduation, you receive a globally recognised diploma and you will be able to practice all around the world.

Yerevan State Medical University

2. Yerevan Haybusak University is a private school situated in the capital and established in 1991. Starting with just 3 faculties, the school fastly grew up and developed enough to take place as one of the best medical schools in Europe.

This school offers Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy courses fully taught in English. The MD degree takes 6 years to complete, while Dentistry and Pharmacy are held for 5 years. All of the courses are at the cost of € 4300 per year.

Another good news for this school is that it doesn’t require an entrance exam. Your admission score is based only on your high school diploma grades. The degree you will receive is recognised worldwide and allows you to practice everywhere.

Yerevan Haybusak University

3. The University of Traditional Medicine is located in the capital of Armenia - Yerevan. It is a private medical school established in 1991 and it is completely devoted to health-related sciences.

The school offers Medicine and Dentistry courses fully taught in the English language. If you enrol in an MD course, you will study for 6 years, dentistry programme takes 5 years to complete. The annual tuition fee for both courses is € 3800.

All applicants here must pass an entrance exam in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, and be fluent in English as well. The school is recognised by the WHO and listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools. Their diplomas are globally recognised and you can start practising everywhere around the globe.

University of Traditional Medicine

4. Saint Tereza Medical University was established in 1992 in Yerevan. It is a private school that offers medicine and dentistry in English. It takes 6 years to complete the MD course and 5 years for the DMD course.

The price per year for both courses is around € 3300. They include summer clerkships in health-related institutions and practical training during the academic year. Being in real-life situations develops your medical mind and how to act when you are on your own.

What is more about this school is that it doesn’t require entrance exams for admission. The applicants need high grades in their high school diploma to achieve a good ranking score among other candidates.

Saint Tereza Medical University

Admission & Entry Requirements To Study Medicine in Armenia

Admission requirements in all Armenian medical universities are similar, with a few differences. Yerevan State Medical University and the University of Traditional Medicine require entrance exams in the main science subjects - Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

The remaining two medical schools require only good grades in your high school leaving certificate.

What is the same for all universities is that it’s mandatory for you to be fluent in English.

Study Medicine in English in Armenia

Tuition Fees in Armenia

Medical courses taught in English in Armenia are among the most affordable compared to Europe. An MD degree here costs between € 3300 and € 5250 per year. The Dentistry course is at the price of € 3300-€ 5250 per year and Pharmacy - €2,600-€3,200.

Study Medicine in Armenia in English

The medical course in Armenia takes 6 years to complete and is divided into parts - preclinical and clinical. Armenian medical universities hire the best professionals to teach their students. You will not only learn from attending lectures but you will be taught by real physicians and their personal experiences. 

But theory is not enough for a future doctor, practice and training are just as essential. During the clinical years, most of your classes will be held in hospitals. There you will learn in a real environment and tend to different patients’ needs. Another important part of your study is the summer clerkship. It’s obligatory for all students and improves your skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it expensive to study medicine in Armenia?

Quite the opposite. Compared to other European universities, Armenian ones are very affordable.

Can I study Veterinary in Armenia in English?

Unfortunately, no university in Armenia offers a veterinary course in English yet.

How many years does it take to become a doctor in Armenia?

Medical education in Armenia is 6 years. Dentistry and Pharmacy programmes are 5 years.

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