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Study medicine year 1-3 completely online
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Clinical rotations can be organised in your home country
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Studying Medicine Online - Quick Overview

Why Study Medicine Online Courses
Entry Requirements
Where To Study Medicine Online Courses

Is Studying Online a Good Idea?

The world of technology is continuously evolving. And with it - the world of medicine.

The current global circumstances force us to seek alternative ways to study medicine or dentistry. Naturally, teaching quickly moved online.

But is it a good idea to apply to medical school right now? - Yes, it is.

Should you wait until the end of the global pandemic? - Definitely no.

Studying medicine online is now a viable option. There are courses specifically designed to be taught online. Digital learning is not an obstacle - it’s a privilege.

Are There Any Specific Requirements?

Entry requirements for studying medicine online are the same as studying at the university. The only difference is the entrance exams - they will also be online, either via communication apps like Skype, Zoom, or using a web platform like Google Classroom. Since it's a dedicated online course different from the regular one, you won't be competing for entry with regular programme applicants.

Who Offers this Course?

While medical universities worldwide consider online learning to be a temporary solution to the COVID-19 crisis, there’s one university that created a fully operational online course that will be here to stay.

Dnipro Medical Institute was the first university to introduce a course where years 1 to 3 will be studied entirely online.

Online Medical Courses for Medicine Year 1 to 3

Despite the current global pandemic, universities and medical education should continue functioning. Education plays a vital role in our lives, and medical schools will always look for ways to make studying possible, more efficient, and more effective for you as a student.

Thanks to the world’s continuous technological advancements, we have all the means to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on education. The solution is a fully operational study medicine online programme.

Medlink Students is partners with universities that have quickly adapted to the current circumstances. We work with some of the most technologically advanced and accommodating institutions for those who wish to study medicine online in English.

The first university in Europe to introduce a complete distance learning programme was Dnipro Medical Institute. Both graduate and undergraduate applicants can choose to study pre-clinical subjects of medicine from their home country.

Virtual classes allow students to study medicine or dentistry at their own pace alongside the university's own classes, and from the comfort of their homes. You can now learn medicine without having to set foot overseas for the first 3 years!

Note: Due to the increasing popularity and high demand, spaces are very limited. Enquire now to consult with an expert advisor on how suitable this course could be for you.

What Medical Degrees Can You Get Online?

At the moment, we can offer graduate and undergraduate medicine and dentistry courses in English. Tuition fees are around €6000 (£5000) per year and include all study materials and video recordings provided by the university.

The fees also cover the expenses for the creation and maintenance of an exclusive online portal. Its purpose is to store data such as documents, calendars, projects, study materials and more for access anytime, anywhere.

Study Medicine or Dentistry from the Comfort of Your Home

Take advantage of the fully operational online programme. Study anywhere, revise anytime.
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Can You Study Medicine Online? How Does it Work?

While this option, or should we say opportunity, is fairly new, some students are sceptical about studying medicine online and if it’s even possible. The short answer is “yes, it is possible, and it works perfectly fine”. But you are not here for the short answer, so let us explain.

Doctors and dentists will teach this flexible and full-time programme. It is designed specifically for online students, with schedules and curriculums to ensure the smoothest learning experience.

Students will have video seminars using Zoom or Google Classroom, where they will have the opportunity to cooperate and reach out to their tutors.

Attending the classes as scheduled is compulsory. Absences must be compensated with a lesson outside the regular schedule.

Live lectures will be recorded, so you can always go back and review the material. This is exactly where the online portal mentioned above comes in handy. The portal is loaded with all kinds of study materials to help you prepare and ace the exams.

The examination sessions will also be online, and you will need to have a web camera. Exams will be Multiple choice questions (MCQ) and oral discussions. This will help teachers assess your understanding of the subjects learned throughout the duration of the semester.

Online Medicine CoursesOnline Medical StudyStudy Medicine Online

What About the Clinical Years?

We’re all hoping to defeat Covid as soon as possible so our lives can go back to normal. Because we cannot predict when this will happen, you have two options for the clinical rotations:

  1. Travel to Ukraine and do them in the university hospitals, or
  2. Organise the clinical experience in your home country.

If you go for option 2, the university will recognise your rotationс if you provide the proper documentation from your hospital of choice.

Will My Online Degree Be Recognised?

Yes, your online medical/dental degree will be recognised. The only difference between a regular course and an online one is the way you attend – physically versus digitally. Simple as that.

Since the university is properly accredited and its degree is recognised all over the world, you won’t have to worry about finding a job as a doctor or a dentist. As long as you study hard and pass your exams, you will reap the fruits of your labour.

What Are The Benefits of Studying Medicine Online?

When you think about it, studying medicine online might even be better than traditional face-to-face learning at the university. Consider the following reasons:

  1. Flexibility – you can study wherever you want because lessons will be online. They will also be recorded and accessible at any time for you to revise.
  2. Affordability – tuition fees for online medicine courses are lower than usual. Also, studying from the comfort of your home will reduce your expenses for books, transportation, eating out and more.
  3. Ability to learn other skills – to succeed, you will learn to manage your time more efficiently and discipline in general. Don’t take distance learning for granted.

Our Successful Study Medicine Online Webinar

Not long ago, on the 5th of December 2020, we have gathered all your questions and decided to do a Virtual Open Day, where doctors, students advisors, and students discuss virtual learning in Dnipro Medical Institute. Here is the recording.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I study medicine online?

Yes. You can study medicine online for the first 3 years.

Can I study medicine through distance learning?

Absolutely, yes. Some of the universities we work with offer excellent video seminars using Zoom or Google Classroom to teach the pre-clinical subjects (years 1-3).

Can I get an MD degree online?

There isn't a full 6 years online medical course because the last 3 years of medical education are practical.

What are the tuition fees?

The annual tuition fees are about €5500.

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