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Study Dentistry in Serbia in English

Serbia is home to some of the best medical universities in the world, making it an increasingly popular choice for international students studying dentistry in Europe. The country has a rich historical and medicinal heritage dating back to the 8th century, and its excellent higher education establishments are held to a high standard.

Studying dentistry in Serbia in English allows students to gain an internationally recognised dental medicine degree and become successful practitioners of dentistry. Additionally, the tuition fees and cost of living are significantly lower than in many other European countries, making it an ideal choice for many prospective students.

Here, we will give you the best reasons to choose Serbia as your destination to study dentistry abroad and give examples of excellent medical universities to apply to. We will also provide a price breakdown of the costs of learning in the country, including tuition fees.

medical education in serbia

Living & Studying In Serbia

study medicine serbia

About Studying Dentistry in Serbia

Serbia is a European country situated on the Balkan Peninsula with a population of roughly 7 million people. It is a member state of the United Nations, the Council of Europe, and the World Health Organisation. The country was first established in 780 and has a rich history and cultural heritage, with evidence of human settlements from prehistoric times.

The country also boasts an impressive medical history. The first written records of medicinal practices in Serbia date back to the 12th century when they were taught in monasteries. In the late 13th century, the court physicians of king Stefan Dushan combined Byzantine and Western doctrines to create modern therapeutic procedures, including advancements in the treatment of conditions like leprosy, psoriasis, and venereal diseases.

In the 19th century, Serbia became a medical education and research leader. The University of Belgrade was founded in 1808, one of the first higher education establishments to offer medical programmes, introduced in 1828. To this day, this medical school remains one of the largest and most prestigious in Serbia.

In modern times, the country continues to be a leader in medical education and research, with significant recent contributions in the fields of dentistry, oncology, neuroscience, and more. Serbia boasts 3 of the largest European universities with a proven track record of producing excellent medical practitioners, making the republic an ideal place to study abroad in English.

Education In Serbia

  • World-class education from global leaders
  • Serbian universities are ranked among the top European dental schools.
  • Internationally recognised dentistry degrees
  • Access to modern dental equipment and technologies
  • Affordable tuition fees
  • High quality of life at reasonable living costs
  • Strong emphasis on research and innovation in the field of dentistry
  • Beautiful and scenic natural landscapes
  • Friendly and welcoming locals
medical education in serbia

The Best Universities Offering Dentistry Courses in English in Serbia

Summarised price breakdown of the top medical schools that offer dentistry in English in Serbia.



Tuition fee

Tuition fee


  • Medicine (1)
  • Pre-Med (1)


  • September / October (1)

University of Novi Sad

Founded in 1960, today the University of Novi Sad has grown to 14 faculties in 4 different cities, making it the second largest in Serbia. It hosts 40,000 students, many of which international, due to many of its programmes being available in English, such as medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry.

Quick Facts

Graduate Entry
Entrance Exam
Living Costs

Tuition Fees In Serbia

Average cost per year per course in Serbia

Medical Schools With Dentistry Courses in Serbia for International Students

1. The University of Belgrade is one of the largest and oldest higher education institutes in the Balkans. It was founded in 1808 and has a long history of producing excellent alums, including Nobel laureates, world leaders, and prominent scholars. The dental school has a long tradition in the natural sciences, medicine, and dentistry and has an outstanding international reputation. It is accredited and collaborates with several institutions and organisations worldwide. 

The dentistry programme in English lasts for 5 years at the University of Belgrade. The academic year starts in October, and the tuition fee is per year. The criteria for assessing prospective students consist of several factors: your previous academic record, namely your grades in high school, your English proficiency, and your performance in the entrance examinations.

The entry tests consist of questions in Biology and Chemistry and an interview. The spots for the course are limited to only 20 students, making it crucial to perform well on your entrance exams. The University of Belgrade offers online preparatory courses in Biology and Chemistry costing each, designed to prepare students for their respective studies.

If you want to be one of the 20 successfully admitted students at this prestigious establishment, our expert advisors at Medlink Students can significantly increase your chances of entry into year 1. Don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation, where we will tell you everything you need to know to get admitted to the University of Belgrade's dental course in English.

University of Belgrade medicine in english

2. The University of Novi Sad - is one of Serbia's largest and most respected higher education establishments. It was founded in 1960 and is known for its commitment to research and innovation, with strong ties to government and industry institutions. The university's research centre places emphasis on a wide range of fields, including biomedicine and technologies, making it an ideal place to study dentistry.

The dental programme at the University of Novi Sad lasts for 6 years and costs per year. The academic year starts in October, and the spots are limited to only 20 students. Prospective students will be assessed based on their high school grades, their performance in the entrance exams and an interview, as well as their English language proficiency. 

The dental school offers three types of preparatory courses:

  1. An intensive 2-week on-site course consisting of a total of 90 hours of lectures in Biology and Chemistry.
  2. A similar online course in one of the subjects or both.
  3. A complete foundation year.

If the University of Novi Sad is the right choice for you, our expert advisors at Medlink Students can assist you in getting admitted.

University of Novi Sad

Admission Requirements To Study Dentistry in Serbia

The admission process and entry requirements to study dentistry in Serbia are similar for both respective dental universities that offer a dentistry programme in English. The criteria to get admitted are:

  • A good academic record
  • A strong performance on the entrance examination
  • Suitable personal qualities to study dentistry expressed through the interview
  • English language proficiency

Contact us through the form below to assess whether you're eligible. We will answer any questions you might have and will help you take the first step at becoming a successful dental practitioner.

Check If You Meet The Requirements


Our experts at Medlink Students have written a fantastic blog on passing your medical school entrance exams in Serbia. The guide will prove helpful when preparing for your entrance exams to study dentistry in Serbia in English. 

How Much Does it Cost to Study Dentistry in Serbia?

One of the contributing factors that make Serbia such an attractive destination to study dentistry is that the tuition fees and living costs are both relatively cheap, especially compared to their European counterparts.

Tuition Fees to Study Dentistry in Serbia

Currently, the tuition fees to dental schools in Serbia in English are between and per year.

Furthermore, some universities offer preparatory entrance exam courses in Biology and Chemistry for €500 per subject. You can even enrol for a full pre-med year for around €2,750.

Living Costs in Serbia for International Students


Apart from the affordable tuition fees, the living costs in Serbia are also relatively cheap. Students studying dentistry in Serbia can maintain a high quality of life without worrying about paying large amounts of money for living expenses. This makes the country an attractive option for international students seeking a quality English dental school. Of course, the amount of money each student pays can vary depending on their lifestyle and the city they are studying in. Nevertheless, we have prepared a price breakdown of the average monthly living costs you should expect to pay while studying abroad in Serbia:

 Please keep in mind that the average rent price is based on living in a studio/apartment and that there are cheaper options available, such as student dormitories or hostels. 

Medicine in English in Serbia

Graduate Entry Dentistry in Serbia

Graduate entry to study dentistry is an accelerated pathway that lets you become a dentist 1 or 2 years earlier, depending on your qualification and knowledge. The only things you need are a previous biomedical or life science degree, your university transcript, a passport, and English language proficiency.

Currently, no universities in Serbia offer graduate entry dental courses in English. However, if you are interested in studying via a graduate entry route, contact our expert advisors at Medlink Students to get help in finding the right course for you.

Why Study Dentistry in Serbia in English?

By deciding to study dentistry in Serbia in English, prospective students can expect to receive a world-class education while getting ample opportunities to practise their skills in a controlled environment. The dentistry degrees from Serbian medical universities are recognised internationally, allowing alums to become successful practitioners. Serbia is a powerhouse for dental medicine, which gives students and practising professionals access to the latest developments in techniques and technology, further elevating their knowledge and skills.

Practical Reasons to Study Dentistry in Serbia

Here's our list of just some of the beneficial practical reasons to study dentistry in Serbia:

  • High-quality education from global leaders
  • Strong emphasis on research and innovation in the field of dentistry
  • Internationally recognised dental degrees
  • Dental schools ranked among the top in Europe
  • Access to modern equipment and technologies
  • Fantastic networking, research and career opportunities
  • Affordable tuition fees
  • Member of the United Nations, the Council of Europe, and the World Health Organisation
  • High quality of life at reasonable living costs
  • Beautiful and scenic natural landscapes
  • Rich culture and historical heritage
  • Friendly and welcoming locals

Lifestyle Reasons to Study Dentistry Abroad in Serbia

Apart from the impeccable reputation of Serbian dental schools, the excellent dentistry programmes and the affordable costs of studying in the country, there is a myriad of other benefits associated with studying dentistry abroad in Serbia:

  • Diverse and beautiful nature. Serbia is abundant with scenic landscapes, including one of the biggest natural parks in the Balkans, breathtaking mountains, and clean rivers and lakes. 
  • Rich history and heritage. The country's past is impressive and impactful for the whole region, especially in the field of dental medicine. Serbia has several notable ancient architectural sites and landmarks that are well worth the visit.
  • Beautiful cities with a vibrant nightlife. The country is known for its picturesque ethnic towns, historic buildings and fantastic nightlife. Big cities like Belgrade and Novi Sad have especially well-developed entertainment scenes that offer many recreational activities.
  • Well-connected and easy to travel. Serbia is situated close to some of the most beautiful countries in the world, like Italy, Greece, and Hungary. This gives dental school students the opportunity to travel to many popular tourist destinations in Europe.
  • Culture and cuisine. Studying dentistry in Serbia gives students the opportunity to experience a rich and diverse culture. The local traditional cuisine is also noteworthy, with several must-try dishes like cevapi, burek, ajvar and more.
  • Friendly and welcoming people. Serbians are known to be warm and inviting, more than willing to share their way of life with international dental students. You can expect to make irreplaceable lifelong friends by studying in Serbia in English.

Study Dentistry in Serbia in English

Studying abroad in Serbia can be an enriching experience, both academically and personally. You can expect to receive a first-rate education from experienced professionals and gain the skills necessary to become an outstanding dentist. The diploma from Serbian universities is recognised worldwide and allows students to become successful dental practitioners. 

With a long and rich history in medicine, high educational standards and an emphasis on research and development, you can be confident that Serbia is an ideal place to study dentistry in Europe. In addition, students get to experience a rich and vibrant culture, along with delicious local cuisine and lively nightlife. The best part is that the tuition and living costs are among the most affordable on the continent.

If you are ready to take your first step to kickstart your successful career as a dentist, our expert advisors at Medlink Students can guide you toward getting admitted to the dental programme of your choice. Sign up for a free consultation by using the form below, and we will help you achieve your dreams of becoming a sought-after dental practitioner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to study dentistry in Serbia?

Dental English courses in Serbia are affordable - between and per year.

How long is dental school in Serbia?

The dentistry courses take 5 or 6 years, depending on the University.

Can you study dentistry in Serbia in English?

Yes. Every Serbian university we work with offers programmes in dentistry entirely in English. They’re suitable for international students who don’t speak the local language.

Is Serbia a good country to study dental medicine in?

Serbia is one of the best countries for international medical students. The tuition fees and living expenses alike are extremely low, allowing students to receive a world-class medical education that is significantly more affordable than it would be in the West.

Which is the best medical university in Serbia?

Both, University Of Belgrade and University Of Novi Sad are considered to be among the best medical schools in Serbia. They all provide high-quality education, rank very well among European universities, and have affordable fees.

Is living in Serbia expensive?

No. Living expenses in Serbia range around - per month, depending on the city, accommodations (rented apartment vs dorms) and personal expenses.

Will a dentistry degree from a Serbian university be recognised in my country?

Yes. Dental medicine degrees obtained from Serbian medical universities are internationally recognised and will allow you to practise dentistry around the globe.

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