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Medicine in Ukraine

Ukraine is a great option for students whose dream is to study medicine, but want the most affordable option abroad. Ukraine offers the same quality of education as countries like Bulgaria, Poland, and Romania for a lower tuition fee. One of the most popular choice for European students is Dnipro Medical Institute located in the city of Dnipropetrovsk, otherwise known as Dnipro Medical Institute of Traditional and Nontraditional Medicine.


Dnipro Medical Institute

Dnipro city is a student-city due to the high number of universities present, including two medical universities teaching in English. The medicine program is 6 years long and can be shortened depending on previous qualifications. The qualification earned afterwards is MD (Doctor of Medicine) which is Masters (MSc) equivalent. The faculty is focused on the specialisation of Medicine or Dentistry only. All resources and funding go towards these medical specialities to provide you with an improved quality of education. No resources are wasted on other specialities so you know your tuition is being directly invested back into teaching you. This is why it is called an “Institute.” A “university” would have a range of courses such as architecture, art, engineering, medicine and so on, however in Ukraine, the words “institute” or “academy” are for higher institutions offering courses in one field, Medicine & Dental Medicine. A university and institute in Ukraine grant the same Diplomas and the same level of higher education award.

The program has been established for many years and is known all over Ukraine. Many European doctors have graduated from the English medical course already, registered with the GMC and returned to work back in their home countries in Europe.


4-Year Graduate Medicine Course in Europe

The university offers a 6-year course and a 4-year medicine program teaching style is in the form of lectures, seminars and practical clinics at the hospitals. You have lectures in the main university building then you go to the hospital and practice what you learned. The exam structure is written, oral and practical. You will be tested on what you learned throughout the year in the format of written essay exams. Sometimes you’ll be tested on what you wrote down via an oral exam with your professor. The Prof will ask you questions to check that what you wrote is your own knowledge. Of course, medical school also involves clinical knowledge. When it comes to clinics in the later years, you are examined by performing a diagnosis or procedure on a patient in the hospital. The regular practicals carried out immensely build up the student’s confidence in clinical settings.


Studying in Dnipro City

The city life is vibrant and safe. The city centre contains many new shopping malls, trendy coffee shops, and restaurants. Students can enjoy a long walk in the peaceful and tranquil Dnipro river, or take part in the many water sports carried out. The city centre is lively and vibrant with activities for all types of people, with regular tourists visiting the many museums, parks, and nightclubs.

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