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study medicine in Poland

Poland is fast becoming a popular destination for prospective students wishing to study medicine abroad. With over 650 years of higher education under its belt Poland has trained some of the most influential doctors and dentists which has benefited science and medicine all around the world. The most notable of laureates being Marie Curie who not only received the Nobel Prize in Physics for her contributions in discovering the effects of radioactivity in medicine but was also rewarded a Nobel Prize in Chemistry as well. She is one of only four people to have received the award twice throughout its history. Other notable scientific marvels include a Polish surgical team breaking headlines in 2013 after becoming the first to successfully accomplish a full face transplant on a patient.

In terms of the number of students enrolled in higher education Poland is in fourth place in the EU after the United Kingdom, France and Germany respectively. With its modern infrastructure and high standard of education it’s no wonder that this country is quickly proving to be one of the best places to study medicine abroad.

Poland recently joined the European Union in 2004 and the Schengen Area in 2007 which placed it on the map as a serious option for students wishing to enrol in higher education. A medical degree received by a Polish university will ensure that it is recognised worldwide, whether it’s in the UK, Europe or even the United States. The degree follows strict Polish and European standards of teaching with transferring from one medical institution to another becoming much easier with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

With more than 11 medical schools in Poland on offer that have their medical program in English, many international students around the world flock to Poland to reap the benefits of a Polish education. One of the most highly ranked and popular universities in Poland is Bialystok Medical University, boasting a world-class medical course taught by the best professors in their fields. The tuition fees in Bialystok are around 10,000 Euros per year. Whereas, Warsaw Medical University‘s tuition is 11,000 Euros per year and Poznan University of Medical Sciences costs 15,000 Euros per year. Medlink Students does not charge any agency fees for application management in Bialystok and for the a graduate-entry 4-year medicine course at the medical university in Poznan.

The living costs are also much cheaper; you can expect to find an apartment, have enough money for food, transport and leisure from €300 to €500 per month depending on your lifestyle.


Study medicine in Poland in English

The M.D. program is split into two parts which occupy 6 years of study in total. The first two years are pre-clinical in nature with a sole devotion to foundation subjects such as anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, histology and embryology et al. The second part starts in your third year and ends until you graduate, whereby you are required to take clinical subjects and test your knowledge of the theory you have learned up until that point. After you have passed your examinations you are then awarded an M.D. diploma. Students who study dentistry in English in Poland will graduate with a D.M.D. diploma.

With state of the art facilities, a long history of professionals excelling in the medical field and a low barrier for entry in terms of grades and finances, Poland is definitely the place to go for studying medicine abroad!

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