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Over the past several years the medical schools in Hungary have emerged on the European scene as one of the most popular choices for international students and for a reason. They make use of the latest interactive technologies and techniques to make studying more interesting and rewarding. Not only that but tuition fees are much more appealing in contrast to those of the UK universities. Living costs as you would probably guess are also on the low-end.

Here are the top medical schools in Hungary:


Debrecen is the 2nd largest city in the country after Budapest. The Faculty of Medicine of Debrecen university was founded just a month before the end of WW1 making it Central Europe’s first campus medical school. It became an independent medical university in 1951 and has a long-lasting reputation as one of the best medical universities in Hungary.

Length of course:

Medicine – 6 years;

Dentistry – 5 years. (one of the few dental schools in Hungary)

Tuition fees: €13,800 per year

Living costs: €400-600 per month


The Medical Faculty of Debrecen University


Another great English taught Hungary medical school is the Semmelweis University of Budapest. Founded in the far 1769, the Faculty of Medicine of Semmelweis University is it’s oldest and largest faculty with over 4,500 students and thus making it one of the most competitive on the continent. As you might have guessed already it is indeed considered to be the best medical university in Hungary.

Length of course:

These are the same as in the previous university and therefore:

Medicine – 6 years;

Dentistry – 5 years.

Tuition fees: €15,800 per year

Living costs: €500-700per month


Semmelweis University of Budapest

Course of studying

As the few English medical schools in Hungary, the aforementioned offer a flexible program so no other language qualifications are required. The exact procedure and formation of the study process are a little different from other universities to make it most effective.


  • The first 3 years consist of the so-called pre-clinical studies, which include anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, biophysics etc.
  • The next 2 years are therefore clinical subjects such as general surgery, cardiology, neurology etc.
  • The 6th and final year is a general internship covering all the clinical courses. It also consists of exams after which you are awarded a Medical degree that is recognized throughout the whole of Europe.

If you wish you can also come back to the UK and work as a well-respected doctor or complete your specialisation.

The Destination

Hungary is one of the oldest countries in Europe and was the world’s thirteenth most visited country back in 2002. The countless attractions and over 1300 thermal spring would definitely make your life a real adventure and a time well spent. Studying Medicine in Hungary will be a time well spent and greatly rewarded.


The Buda Castle in Budapest

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