Living Costs in Slovakia

Living Costs Costs in Slovakia

Definitive Guide

Both tuition fees and living costs in Slovakia are about 2 times lower than in the UK. Overall, compared to all the European countries Slovakia is neither expensive nor cheap. Everything is in the golden mean in this country.

You can look to support yourself here with € 750 and cover all your needs including rent. By all means, prices do vary from city to city and generally living in the capital – Bratislava can be slightly more expensive. However, Slovakia provides some of the best medical programs in the whole of Europe and the higher costs are indeed worth it.

Here is a full break down of the living costs in Slovakia:

General costs:

Water €10 €120
Internet + TV €20 €240
Food (total) €250 €3,000
Student’s Books €300
Accommodation €350-400 €4,200-4,800
Electricity €80 €960
TOTAL  €710-760 €8,520-9,120

Have in mind that the yearly costs are for 12 months and you most presumably won’t spend them all there;

Most students decide to share accommodation with another student

Everything else broken down:

Milk (1l) €0.60
Bread €0.80
Eggs (12) €2.00
Rice (1kg) €1.00
Water (1.5l) €0.65
Beer (0.5l) €0.85
Bottle of Wine €4.00
Tomatoes (1kg) €1.20
Apples (1kg) €1.20
Bananas (1kg) €1.25
Potatoes (1kg) €0.80
Pack of Cigarettes €3.50
Chicken Breasts (1kg) €4.50
Bus Ticket €0.60
Taxi (1km) €0.80
Gas (1l) €1.30
Hourly Rate for Cleaning Help €5.00
Monthly Fitnes Card €30.00
Cinema €6.50
1 T-shirt (Mid-range) €20.00
1 Pair of Jeans (Mid-range) €50.00
1 Pair of Shoes (Mid-range) €55.00
1 Dress (Mid-range) €30.00
1 Pack of Antibiotics €5.00
1 Tube of Toothpaste €1.85
Hair Shampoo €3.50
1 Roll of Toilet Paper €0.45
1 Box of 32 Tampons €4.55
Meal at Restaurant (Mid-range) €5.00
Coffee at Cafe €1.50

This is the full list of all the things you’ll ever have to buy in Slovakia!

Tuition fees in Slovakia are fairly low, ranging between €2,000 and €10,000. This makes it one of the most affordable choices for studying medicine in Europe. For studying in Slovak, however, students don’t pay any tuition fees.

Here is a list of all the study programs that the Slovakian universities offer for foreign students.

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