Bulgaria – Living costs

Living costs in Bulgaria

Tuition fees and living costs in Bulgaria are extremely low compared to those of Central and Western European countries. Perhaps with a single salary from your home country, you can look to support yourself for 3 whole months in Bulgaria including accommodation. It is considered the cheapest country in the European Union and therefore you would easily be able to sustain yourself from a financial point of view.

With as little as € 500 you can cover all your needs, which we will break down below. Of course, the price can vary from a city to a city. Generally, it would be just a little bit more expensive in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia, as well as the other 2 biggest cities – Plovdiv and Varna. However, Bulgaria is not attracting international students solely for its low living costs and tuition fees. It offers Medical Education comparable to this of the universities of the countries from Western Europe.​

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Accommodation €150.00-220.00€1,800.00-2,640.00
Internet + TV€15.00€180.00
Students' Books-€250.00
TOTAL€ 380.00-450.00€ 4,560.00-5,400.00
  • Keep in mind that the yearly costs are for 12 months and you probably won’t spend them all there;

  • A lot of students decide to share accommodation with another roommate;

  • Bus transport costs just € 0,50, while a taxi drive normally is around € 1,50-3,00;

  • An average restaurant would cost you around € 10-15 for a salad and a regular meal.

Sofia Medical University€8,000.00
Plovdiv Medical University€8,000.00
Varna Medical University€8,000.00
Pleven Medical University€7,500.00
Trakia Medical University - Stara Zagora€7,000.00