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Written by  Medlink Students  on 02/04/2019

Study Dentistry in Romania, in English

Studying Dentistry in Romania

Many students opt to study dentistry in Romania. It’s becoming a more and more popular choice thanks to the cheaper fees as well as the high standard of education offered by the English-teaching dental schools in Europe. The university diplomas that they offer are enforced by European regulations for medical universities in Europe and are recognised by the GDC in the UK, USA, the European Union and worldwide.

The Best Dental Schools in Romania

Romania prides itself in its education system, the universities that are on offer ensure that the education that’s provided is modern, easily accessible, and integrated. Here is a list of universities that offer dentistry in the English language:

How Long is a Dentistry Degree and Course Structure

Dentistry in Romania generally lasts for six years, at the end of your course you will be awarded a DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) Masters Degree diploma. The course structure can vary from university to university but they generally follow the same stomatological disciplines such as Orthodontics, Maxillofacial Surgery, Periodontology, Odontology and Prosthetics.

The six years are sectioned into two categories:

• 62% Stomatological disciplines • 38% Medical, Surgical and Fundamental disciplines

Similar to medical schools in Europe the course is split into three years of pre-clinical studies and three years of clinical training. Dental students also have to take modules in general medicine so as to provide the basic and fundamental knowledge of human physiology and biochemistry.

In accordance with European standards and practice as well as West-European educational systems, new updates are regularly added and updated as necessary. For example, modules that were recently added are Biomaterials, Bioequipment, Implantology, Management and Dental Aesthetics.

Students are given the chance to test their theoretical and practical knowledge in university-affiliated dental hospitals and clinics as part of their training during the summer practice period, this is normally a minimum of 4-weeks per year and is mandatory up to the sixth year of study.

After the final examination session and dissertation, the student has the choice for optional specialisation either within Romania or abroad. The student is then awarded the title of Dentist and given their diploma.

Submit a free application for assessment and an expert adviser will get in touch to help you find the best options for you.

Article written by Medlink Students
Medlink Students is a company that was inspired by students for the students. We have been operating successfully from the United Kingdom, and thanks to our exceptional service, we have rapidly grown and expanded to several other countries since. Medlink Students’ work has expanded to the UK, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, the Middle East, and Israel.

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