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Affordable tuition fees & cost of living
Full ongoing support by doctors and students overseas
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Study Dentistry or Medicine in a Reputable University in Europe

Join thousands of students just like you in the epic journey of becoming a dentist. Universities in your home country may be too expensive and may accept a limited number of students. But that’s not the end of the line!

We specialise in helping students find the perfect opportunity to pursue their dream and study dentistry in good quality, safe and affordable universities abroad. Choose from more than 100 prestigious universities in:

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Georgia
  • Serbia, and more

We Can Simplify Your Entire Admission Process

Pre-application process:

  • Consultation with a medical student or an expert advisor on the best medical schools
  • One-to-one to advise on life in the respective European country.
  • Advice on choosing between Medicine, Dentistry or any other speciality.
  • Liaising between you and the university regarding your admission.
  • Managing the paperwork for you

Application process:

  • Notarisation, apostilisation and legalisation of your documents (other agencies do not usually do this for you)
  • Translation of your documents.
  • Guaranteed acceptance letter from the ministry of education in the country you’ll be studying in.
  • Tutorials, revision material and help with the entrance exam and interview.
  • Personally handling your documents and submitting them to the university.
  • Assistance with visa application and processing, and tuition fee payments

Post care:

  • Access to a rich network of professionals in your future career.
  • Support when securing summer internships back in the UK.
  • Help with registering with the General Medical/Dental Council
  • Assistance from doctors with choosing an appropriate post-graduate speciality.
  • Assistance from doctors with creating a strong cover letter, CV and with applying for NHS jobs, and then with the interviews

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Why Apply with Medlink Students?

We guarantee your acceptance into a European medical university. We are a team of professional doctors and medical students who have been through the same process many times with many international students.

We will register you at the University of your choice. Our medical students and our team of professionals will provide you with ongoing support for 6 years.

We create a strong and competitive file for you that puts you ahead of others. We also provide you with the necessary material for the entrance exam that gives you a huge advantage compared to other applicants.

We have helped many students based on whatever qualifications they came to us with. Now it’s time we help you, give us 1% of your trust and will gain the remaining 99%.

4.7 / 5 Rating
4.5 / 5 Rating
5.0 / 5 Rating

Medlink Students in Numbers

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Years of combined professional experience


See what some of our students have to say about our unbeatable support and outstanding services.


Carol Davila University in Bucharest
«Medlink Students is an amazing agency, all their agents are medical students and they will do everything in their power to help you get into the med school of your choice. They are very caring that they will actually look after you even after getting you in. Every time I had a question, I would get a reply from them right away. Even after I arrived in Bucharest they had a [student] waiting for me who helped me register at university.»


Medical University of Craiova
«The most professional agency. Great value for money with round the clock personal communication which made life so much easier for me. I've tried in the past without the agency and I wasn't able to apply because it was so daunting. They will be able to find you a university whatever your circumstances and preferences. They have agents in every university (and two in mine) who are very friendly and who I can go to for help for the whole 6 years regarding settling in to the universirty and the city.»


Medical University in Romania
«Well where do I start... Students who go through Medlink Students must realise that a miracle is about to happen in their life journey. I was so confused and stressed about not making it to medicine until I came across the Medlink Students. Their team assured me that I should not worry about making my dream come to reality. The communication was excellent. You can literally get your questions answered 24/7.»

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my degree be accepted all over the world?

All the universities that we deal with are recognised by the World Directory of Medical Schools. We always encourage you to check for yourself with the General Medical Council or whichever organisation regulates doctors in your country for your peace of mind.

Why Choose Europe?

Because studying in Europe is a very enriching and eye-opening experience. Europe is the path considered by many students who dream of becoming doctors. Universities in Europe are very similar to universities in other countries with many international students from all over the world, including the UK. You can find students from different cultures, as well as usually British students with the same culture and background as you, so you can feel at home.

Is the whole course in English?

Yes! All lessons, all midterms, all exams will be in English.

Where do I do the Interview/Exam?

You may be provided with the opportunity to take the exam in your country or at the university that you wish to study. Ask your advisor about this for more details.

Can Graduates apply?

Yes. Most of the students who graduated from university consider applying to dentistry in Europe. We offer a 4-year program for Medicine, Dentistry, and also Pharmacy. Fill in an application on our website, and we will have an expert advisor take a look at your application and call you to discuss your options with you.

Can Mature students apply?

Yes, many mature students are studying dentistry in Europe. Most universities don’t care about age. After all, it’s never too late to study and start to pursue your dream! Fill in an application on our website, and we will have an expert advisor take a look at your application and call you to discuss your options with you. Read in detail about why age is not a problem at all at most universities.

Do you help with the visa process?

Medlink Students has previously brought many students to Europe, so we are experienced in working with many consulates and embassies. As part of our services, we will help you with the visa application.

When I complete my degree I want to work in the UK, will I need to take the PLAB/UKMLA exam or any other tests?

The U.K. recognises all E.U. medical courses currently because they are GMC/GDC approved. Students who study in non-EEA countries will be registered in top universities that meet the current criteria of acceptance set by GMC/GDC. If you studied in a non-EEA country then you will have to take the PLAB exam if you graduate before 2023, however, you will receive lots of support with this clinical registration exam via Medlink Students. After 2023, the UK will be introducing the UKMLA registration exam which will be sat by graduates from the UK and non-EEA countries.

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