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New Vision University

Located in: Georgia

  • NVU has a unique identity and mission, aiming to expand human vision through the promotion of education, research, and innovation
  • The university promotes equal access to education for students globally and has students from over 87 countries
  • NVU boasts three state-of-the-art research laboratories, showcasing its emphasis on research opportunities

Quick Facts

Tbilisi, Georgia
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Medicine, Dentistry
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Graduate Entry
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Living Costs
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About New Vision University in Tbilisi, Georgia

New Vision University is located in Georgia, one of the best and most affordable destinations to study medicine or dentistry. It is a private university that was recently founded in 2013. The medical school is not so popular in the UK, but you can find a handful of British students here as well.

International students may or may not need to make a study visa before flying to Georgia, depending on their nationality. You do have to make a residence permit in Georgia. This can be checked with the university depending on your nationality.

New Vision University offers several English courses for international students. The English programme is a new programme aimed at foreign students. Students study 6-year medicine and 5-year dentistry here.

The university owns a hospital and is listed in The World Directory of Medical Schools. Students will be learning basic Georgian and Medicine during their years of study.

New Vision University Medicine Tuition Fees

Here you can study in a Medical Doctor Programme for 5 or 6 years, depending on your preference, and Dentistry Programme for 5 yearsTuition fees for the first year are around €6200 for medicine and €4500 for dental medicine. From the second year and beyond, prices automatically go down by 25% ( €4650 for medicine, €3375 for dentistry)

The fee covers teaching materials, language enhancement courses (if needed), acknowledgement of prior learning as well as remaining student services.

New Vision University

New Vision University Admission & Entry Requirements

Students must have a high school (or A-level) certificate confirming their grades for admission into the 6 or 5-year programme. Students with a university degree related to health science may be entered into the third year of medicine and study medicine in 4 years. You can get admission into the medical programme with no entrance exam.

The maximum year of entry for students from science-related degrees will be a 3rd-year entry (depending on qualifications), meaning the MD degree may be four years long. Students from Medicine (MBBS, MBS, MD) programmes may be able to transfer to higher than the 3rd year.

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New Vision University Recognition, World Ranking, & Accreditation

The university ranks in 21st position in Georgia, and it currently sits at rank 9,883 in world university rankings. The degree you get from New Vision University is an MD degree. We advise contacting the GMC or the medical council in your country to get accurate information on the recognition of the diploma from New Vision University or any overseas university.

Student Accommodation

The university offers a student hostel, but it might be hard to get in due to the high volume of requests and the low bed capacity. That’s why it’s better to rent an apartment in Tbilisi at your location of preference because prices are still cheap.

A single bedroom apartment here will cost you approx. €324-500 per month. Add up €300 worth of other expenses and you’ve got monthly living costs of approx. ~€634-800.

Accommodation Costs

Our experience throughout the years has provided us with valuable insight in the real estate field with which we will help you find the best accommodation for you.

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Living & Studying In New Vision University

Frequently Asked Questions

Is New Vision University recognised by the GMC?

General Medical Council (GMC) raised concerns about New Vision University's (NVU) courses not meeting their criteria of acceptance. NVU has unfortunately been added to the GMC list of overseas medical qualifications they MAY accept. Read more about the GMC's expressed concerns about NVU's courses not meeting their criteria of acceptance.

What is the GMC's "we may accept" list?

If a university falls into this category, the GMC states the "medical school offers courses that lead to qualifications that do not meet the criteria." This means that NVU degrees may be rejected by the GMC, because it does not meet the GMC criteria of acceptance.

What if I currently study medicine in New Vision University?

Students are strongly advised to email the GMC directly and verify the reason any specific university is listed in the GMC's list of qualifications that may be accepted.

Can I transfer from NVU to another university?

Yes, you can. Browse the most extensive list of hand-picked English-taught medical courses in Europe, or learn more about transferring to a different medical school.

Where is New Vision University?

The university is in Tbilisi, Georgia. The city straddles the Mtkvari River in the Lower Caucasus mountains. The school’s address is 11 Nodar Bokhua I Ln, Tbilisi 0159, Georgia.

Can you transfer to New Vision University?

Yes. Transfers are possible for medical students.

Can you study graduate entry medicine at New Vision University?

This option is not advised as the University is currently in the UK's GMC list of universities they not accept.

How much do tuition fees cost at New Vision University?

Tuition fees for medicine and dentistry cost around €6,700 per year.

Is New Vision University Recognised in the UK?

The General Medical Council (GMC) has raised a potential concern whether some New Vision University (NVU) courses are acceptable or not. NVU has been added to the GMC list of Overseas medical qualifications they "may" accept.

Can you study medicine in English at New Vision University?

Yes. You can study general medicine and dentistry in English.

Is there an entrance examination for New Vision University?

Yes. Students are required to take the MCAT and EMPE (English for Medical purposes Exam) exams.

What are the entry requirements for New Vision University?

Students are required to have a secondary school certificate for the regular entry and a bachelor degree for the fast track entry. In addition, they should pass the EMPE and MCAT examinations.

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