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Dnipro Medical Institute – All Your Questions Answered

Dnipro Medical Institute of Alternative and Non-alternative Medicine in Ukraine has quickly become one of the most popular universities for studying medicine and dentistry in Europe. One of the biggest reasons for this is the graduate entry medicine program that the university provides. It is the only medical school in Europe to offer a 3-year [...]
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Why Are UK Students Flocking to Study Medicine in Europe?

More and more students nowadays choose to do their Medical or Dental degree in Europe. We all know how keen on immigrating the British are but it’s the devastating requirements that force them to take matters into their own hands. Nevertheless, European education has always had a substantial reputation and it’s constantly implementing new technologies […]

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Study 4-year Advanced MD in Europe in English

It has become increasingly popular for students to pursue 4-year medicine programs in Europe in English. In Europe, these are usually referred to as the advanced medicine (MD) program, fast track medicine, accelerated medicine program, graduate entry medicine, or graduate entry program, or graduate medical program abroad. Ehsaan’s story Ehsaan could not gain entry into […]

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Studying Medicine in Europe: What We Mean by Guaranteed Entry

Be wary of agents who guarantee you entry because, almost all of the time, that’s false. We have noticed that other agencies seem to be run by secretaries whose power only goes as far as handing in your application to the admissions team. They do not have any influence over the decisions taken by admissions. […]