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Scholarships for Bulgarian Medical Universities

The Ministry of Education of Bulgaria does not offer scholarships for international students although it may provide loans for under and postgraduates from the European Union. It also has bilateral agreements with some countries, which provide certain benefits. On the other hand, some countries offer scholarships for their own students that decide to study abroad.

Here is a complete list of all the types of support that are available for international students that decide to study Medicine or Dentistry in Bulgaria:

1. Students loans for EU applicants;

2. American students are eligible for Fulbright grants that offer substantial financial support here;

3. Canadian citizens can also apply for students’ loans here;

4. Students from many countries can receive financial support through the Erasmus Exchange Programs. You can check your desired university’s webpage to see with which countries it collaborates;

5. Support through bilateral agreements is available for students from the following countries:

  • Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, China;

6. Loans are given to Indian students from the Indian Government.

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